Astro and Angela’s Birthday Fundraiser!

| April 17, 2017

Hey humans, listen up! NMDOG Astro here, with a very exciting announcement!! May 2nd 2017 is my birthday I wouldn’t be having if NMDOG hadn’t saved me. I was sitting alone and afraid in the shelter, I was very, very sick but no one noticed….that is, not until NMDOG came along. They said I failed safer (I don’t know what that is but it sounded important) because I was sick, so they scooped me up and got me out of there right away. My first trip to the vet was scary and everyone seemed sad. I heard them say that I suffered from a nearly fatal toxicity that caused my kidneys to fail and I had neurological damage too. That sounded bad, was I going to be ok? I was so tired from my very lonely and hard first year of life, but the lady that got me out of the shelter took me home as soon as they let me leave the hospital and she took me under her care. She tended to my every need…she even fed me special food with a syringe for weeks because I couldn’t eat on my own. She told me she loved me. Nobody ever told me that before. The vet didn’t give me much time, but my Angel never gave up on me and she never ever told me how sick I really was…she just kept telling me I was going to be fine. I think that was because she didn’t want me to give up either!

After months and months of treatment, diagnostics and management care, I finally turned the corner! By then my Angel became my Mama…her name is Angela and she calls me a “HomeDog” (she’s silly and she calls my brothers and sisters HomeDogs too!). I love being a HomeDog because that means I am member of her Forever pack where I live a normal happy life as a Magical Unicorn Dog! I Love being a Unicorn! On my first birthday, we had a party at the hospital where I lived. Then last year I had another birthday and I turned TWO! That was when I decided I wanted to give back and we raised over $1600 in my birthday fundraiser for NMDOG! This year on my birthday, I am going to be THREE and I want to raise even more $$! I am going to continue to celebrate having everything I ever wanted and most of all, I am going to celebrate my Life with my Mom and my brothers and sisters in my HomeDog home!

I have decided that every year on my birthday, I am going to help raise money so my Mama can continue to make miracles happen for other Forgotten Dogs. She made a miracle happen for me…it’s a miracle I ever turned TWO and without the NMDOG Village, I wouldn’t have. My Mama is very busy. She gets up very early every morning and takes care of all of the Foster Dogs, then she takes care of us HomeDogs too! She’s always on the phone or the computer and she runs in and out of the house all day. But I know it is because she is trying to help other Forgotten Dogs, so it’s ok. I know at the end of the day we will all have time to snuggle and play. My fave thing to do is jump on her head and yell “Good Morning!!! It’s a great day to be a Unicorn!” That makes her laugh so it makes me laugh too…then we all jump on her and give her kisses.

Contribute to Angela and Astro’s Birthday Fundraiser online via CrowdRise.

In rescue one rarely knows the true birthday for a dog like me… one is automatically generated based on an educated guess (that’s what the vet calls it). When I was in the shelter, they gave me my very own birthday and it is the same one as my Mama, Angela. I think that is pretty special. You may know her as Angela Stell, the tireless Founder, President and Director of NMDOG…but we all just call her “Mom”. Now that I have everything I ever wanted, I want to help other dogs out there that are still hurting like I once was.

So, in celebration of our birthdays – both on May 2nd – Angela, that’s my Mama, and Astro, that’s me, are raising money for NMDOG! NMDOG is an all-volunteer, foster based 501(c)3 rescue organization that cares for the victims of some of the worst cases of abuse and neglect across the state. NMDOG is an in the trenches rescue like no other, working alongside Animal Control and Law Enforcement and in many cases, in the most rural areas that have no enforcement or assistance available. NMDOG depends solely on volunteers, donations and foster homes to do this very important work and will do whatever needs to be done with Fierce Determination to better the LIFE of a dog. Forming and running the daily operations of NMDOG is my Moms life calling. She is out there 24/7/365 days a year, as an unpaid volunteer…making life better for NMs Forgotten Dogs. As a result of this passion…100s of Dogs have been rescued off of their chains, rehabilitated and rehomed as true members of a family.

Additionally, through the Outreach work of NMDOG, which my Mom often says is “The foundation of our work,” 1000s of lives have been greatly improved. There is not a day that goes by that my Mom isn’t working her tail off and there isn’t much of anything else in the world that she wishes for, except more funding to do more of her work. These funds make all of the difference to many, many lives and for many (like me!) it is the difference between life and death. My Moms motto is “For the Love of Dog” and she lives it every single day. Just ask me, I should know! Let’s help make this birthday a great one for NMs Forgotten Dogs and DONATE to NMDOG….the rescue that has our hearts! Nothing would make me and my Mom happier than to be able to help more Dogs and to continue to provide the very best of care to the lucky dogs already in the NMDOG program. Thank you!!

With love, ASTRO the Magical Unicorn Dog Xo

PS: No amount is too small and Birthday checks can also be mailed to: NMDOG c/o ASTRO and ANGELA 9445 Coors Blvd NM #171 Albuquerque, NM 87114

Contribute to Angela and Astro’s Birthday Fundraiser online via CrowdRise.

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