Adoption Fee

Our standard adoption fee is $250. Included in this fee are:

Spay or Neuter Surgery (includes nail trim, dew claw & umbilical hernia removal if neccesary)  $150 – $350
Full Vaccinations (including complete series of Parvo/Distemper & Rabies vaccination)  $30 – $100 (depending on age)
Deworming (Panacur broad spectrum dewormer)  $10
Heartworm Test (includes test for Lyme disease, Erlichea & Anaplasmosis)  $30
Microchip  $30
Six weeks of NMDOG-approved Obedience Training  $100
A lifetime of UNconditional LOVE that ONLY a DOG can give PRICELESS

Please understand that the majority of dogs in our program undergo some sort of medical and/or behavioral rehabilitation before they are ready for adoption and all of this costs money….a lot of it.

The amounts listed above are the bare minimum any of our dogs receive. The true cost of preparing any dog for adoption can easily reach the thousands. We are an all-volunteer, foster-based, non-profit dog rescue organization that extends our services to some of the most desperate situations across the state. We do what we do for the LOVE of DOG!! Charging an adoption fee allows us to offset a portion of our expenses so that we can continue to help those that need us the most!