Sarge's Original Shelter Picture

Sarge’s Original Shelter Picture

SARGE came to NMDOG from the Roswell animal shelter. We were notified of his need the day he was to be put to sleep as “unadoptable.” It was Sarge’s third time through the doors of the Roswell shelter and this time no one came for him. He was picked up as a stray and never reclaimed. Sarge is approximately five years old and appears to have had his eyes surgically removed some time ago. NMDOG rarely pulls a dog from any shelter without a chaining history, but something told us we needed to be there for this kid. ♥ With the help of an amazing local volunteer, the wheels were set in motion and Sarge safely left the building. The NMDOG TEAM then headed south to pick up the newest member of the pack…

SARGE is an incredible dog…one of the most calm, confident and social dogs I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He has a soul of “old” wisdom and the heart of a puppy! Oh and did I mention he his drop dead gorgeous? Wow! SARGE already the NMDOG rounds! We visited the crew at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic for his intake exam/vetting and got a full medical clearance for adoption. Then he was given the full spa treatment, courtesy of Paris Pups Salon & Pet Spa. He pranced out of the salon feeling amd looking like a million bucks!! Thanks Paris Pups! SARGE is settling in super with his NMDOG foster family and making many new friends! SARGE just has a way of melting hearts and that’s exactly what he’s done to many. SARGE has a very bright future ahead of him now! He will never be left alone again. He will never be abandoned and he will never want for anything. SARGE will now only know safety & devotion. Welcome to the NMDOG pack, sweet SARGE…we are honored to be your rescue ♥

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