Sheriff’s Story

Recently, NMDOG was invited by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department & Bernalillo County Animal Services to join them in their FIGHT against animal cruelty. A partnership was formed & NMDOG is now part of the Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force. BC ACT is made up of over 20 BCSD deputies, Lt. Andi Taylor, BCAS director Mathew Pepper, his team of animal welfare field officers, Angela Stell & Brittany Nelson of NMDOG & the VILLAGE that supports us. Together we emerge onto the streets of Albuquerque’s South Valley, on foot, in vehicles, door to door, backyard to backyard looking for animal welfare ordinance violations, animal cruelty & neglect of any kind, chaining violations & outstanding warrants. Citations are written, summons are issued & arrests are made on the spot. We are also there to provide education, resources, supplies & support to those that want to do better by thier animal companions. But often is the case that animals must be siezed immediately from a situation…..such was the case for SHERIFF!

On March 29, 2012 BC ACT we briefed for our first mission, later dubbed the “South Valley Sweep”. Spanning 6 hours, on foot we covered a mere 2 miles of our 10 mile target area. 70 violations were issued, 6 arrests were made for animal cruelty & SHERIFF was one of 14 dogs siezed. Apparent was the dog tethered in the front of the house, but what was not as obvious was the huddled little brown Pittie near the back of the house, hidden in the darkness of the shadows. I callled to him, expecting him to at least let me know he saw us. Nothing. More deputies & ACO’s began to gather to the front of the fence. We whistled, we jumped around, we gave it our best to ensue some sort of reaction. Still nothing. I began tossing treats as far as I could in his direction, he did’nt move. More treats, closer…finally he struggled to reach them, but he could’nt. Both of his back legs were broken. It was a swift decision made to gain entry onto the property & out came the bolt cutters. SHERIFF was immediately removed, loaded into the truck & taken to Albuquerque Animal Services where he would receive medical attention. NMDOG worked together with the shelter, BCSD (who will be handling all of the charges on SHERIFF’s behalf), BernCo Animal Services & took SHERIFF into our care under protective custody. It was imperative that SHERIFF receive the extensive medical treatment he required & in a timely manner.

SHERIFF is barely a year old & has suffered severe multiple fractures, as a result of trauma, in both of his rear legs. His injuries were weeks, if not months old, severe & extremely painful. He lay for who knows how long, waiting day in, day out…night after night. Did he cry out? Or was he just quietly praying for someone to find him, for someone to help him….or maybe just for the pain to go away 🙁 SHERIFF also suffers from a case of demodectic mange & once his legs are all healed, could really stand to gain a few pounds!!

I believe that from the moment SHERIFF saw us at that fence, from the moment I called out to him…he knew we were there to help him. He came with us so willingly, in the arms of his rescuer ACO. Not once did he struggle or object. He was ready! Now SHERIFF is recovering from the first of hopefully only two scheduled surgeries he will need to be fully mobile again. But we are confident he will make a complete recovery, pain free & finally able to have the LIFE he has always DESERVED! SHERIFF stands for something!! He speaks for the MANY that are forgotten, suffering, still out there waiting for THEIR task force to find them!! SHERRIF also speaks for the power of commitment, TEAMwork & a zero tolerance attitude towards animal cruelty! He tells a story of a how a TEAM of dedicated individuals CAN come together to make a difference. It is our hope that SHERIFF’s story will travel far & send a very clear message. IF YOU HARM, NEGLECT, VIOLATE OR REFUSE MEDICAL CARE TO an animal in your care, there will be consequences. I have the utmost respect for the combined departments that had a proactive vision for the community they serve & made it a reality. And I am honored that they invited us to join them on this journey.

SHERIFF’s journey to whole again will be a long one….but we will WALK with him, supporting him, each step of the way. He has a very bright future ahead as the official BC ACT spokesdog, teaching kids that cruelty & neglect is WRONG & should not be tolerated on any level. Serving as an example of punitive consequence & punishment…ultimately setting the stage for other dogs rescued on these missions. Promoting responsible canine guardianship, & A Positive Pit Bull image….bringing a SMILE to the faces of many along the way! He has a very important job ahead of him!!

for the LOVE of DOG….