Water Husky Axis has waited long enough!

| May 21, 2019

Axis has been with us for two years in search of the just right Axis Husky Home. He has the goofiest personality and a very sensitive, affectionate, snuggly side! He plays well with other dogs and has lots of pup pals, but it would be best for Axis to be placed as he only pet, with scheduled play dates and outings with his dog friends.

Axis looooves the water. He walks great on his leash + harness, rides perfect in the care, he sings and talks…and talks….and talks…he is the life of every party! Axis is more than ready for the next step of his NMDOG journey….to forever.

Axis demonstrating his snuggly side with Angela
Sunflower boy

Axis has many food allergies that have been discovered through testing. We have his feeding protocol all figured out for you. It’s totally manageable and affordable. And with his current protocol, Axis has been completely symptom-free!

Recently, Axis stole the show with his appearance on KRQE News 13 as the Pet of the Week!

Please submit a foster or adoption application for Axis today!

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