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VALENTINO’S story is a true “From Rope to Riches” tale. We first met VALENTINO on a cold and rainy New Mexico day. The call came in about a dog running at large in my neighborhood…so I went to investigate. I found him hovering, shivering, skinny and wet with a rope tied around his whole body…a makeshift harness that appeared to have been attached at one time to a makeshift tether. VALENTINO backed up, he barked at me and fled…I retreated, he returned, I tempted him with treats and canned food. He would only eat when I walked away.
I did this for hours and over the next three (!) days. We set a trap, he eluded us (but still got the nums!) VALENTINO is as smart as he is handsome! On the fourth day, Valentine’s Day, he just lay down and surrendered (see first photo in slideshow). He was afraid…but he was Oh so brave. And that’s how the first day of the rest of his life started!

VALENTINO spent some time learning to trust us and we got to know the sweetness that is VALENTINO! It wasn’t long before his turn came to experience life in a real home. VALENTINO was welcomed into his foster home by four Greyhound foster siblings and the coolest of cool when it comes to humans! The whole house is situated around the dogs…and Valentino soon made himself right at home. So much so that when it was time for VALENTINO to attend his first big adoption event….foster became FoReVeR with the words “We just can’t imagine our home without him. Can he stay?” We are so blessed to have these most amazing stories of romance to tell and we are even more blessed to be a part of them! Congratulations to VALENTINO, his new (camera shy) Greyhound clan, his amazing Dad (and Mom not pictured) and many blessings upon you all. We know our boy is going to live a fairy tale LIFE!

A special paws high to VALENTINO’S new family for all they do for so many Greyhounds in need!!