Happy Tails

SPENCER (07/17/2022) “Little” NMDOG Puppy Spencer came to us from the Valencia County Animal Shelter with freshly embedded collar wounds, underweight and full of internal parasites. It didn’t take long for this sweet guy to make a full recovery and find his inner spirit puppy: so wondrous, full of curiosity, eager to make friends and play with all of the big dogs. Spencer also showed us how incredibly smart he is and in record time, he learned the basics—sit, down, “Spencer come!” and wait—our little guy was destined for great things!
Spencer was named after a special UT animal advocate friend of an NMDOG Villager, who passed away suddenly. It was this Villagers wish that this puppy, with his whole brand-new life ahead of him, carry her friend’s name in honor. We think Spencer has done a wonderful job and we want them to know that he will forever be Spencer in his new home and he will forever carry with him her strength and fortitude as he grows into the amazing dog he is destined to become. Spencer found an amazing family to welcome him into their lives with open arms: the “just right” for Spencer family. Active, fun, social, outdoorsy, kind and loyal…. just like him!
Just before Christmas, we finalized Spencer’s placement and he just couldn’t have picked a more perfect family!!! He loves to play, chase, wrestle, explore, nap and snuggle with his “big” dog sister and his “little” human sister. He loves Dads days off from being a firefighting hero because they get to hang out and do cool “Dad and Dogson” stuff. He adores his Mom too, especially the special way she coos to him. Spencer tells me it melts his heart. So far since being in his new home, Spencer has played host to birthday parties for kids, other family gatherings, started NMDOG obedience class, tripled in size and has learned what it means to be a treasured member of a family. Way to go Puppy Spencer and family! We are so thrilled you guys found each other and we are honored to be a part of your journey! Here’s to the best life has to offer you all…because you all deserve it.

SPENCER (01/29/2020) “Little” NMDOG Puppy Spencer came to us from the Valencia County Animal Shelter with freshly embedded collar wounds, underweight and full of internal parasites. It didn’t take long for this sweet guy to make a full recovery and find his inner spirit puppy: so wondrous, full of curiosity, eager to make friends and play with all of the big dogs. Spencer also showed us how incredibly smart he is and in record time, he learned the basics—sit, down, “Spencer come!” and wait—our little guy was destined for great things!
Spencer was named after a special UT animal advocate friend of an NMDOG Villager, who passed away suddenly. It was this Villagers wish that this puppy, with his whole brand-new life ahead of him, carry her friend’s name in honor. We think Spencer has done a wonderful job and we want them to know that he will forever be Spencer in his new home and he will forever carry with him her strength and fortitude as he grows into the amazing dog he is destined to become. Spencer found an amazing family to welcome him into their lives with open arms: the “just right” for Spencer family. Active, fun, social, outdoorsy, kind and loyal…. just like him!
Just before Christmas, we finalized Spencer’s placement and he just couldn’t have picked a more perfect family!!! He loves to play, chase, wrestle, explore, nap and snuggle with his “big” dog sister and his “little” human sister. He loves Dads days off from being a firefighting hero because they get to hang out and do cool “Dad and Dogson” stuff. He adores his Mom too, especially the special way she coos to him. Spencer tells me it melts his heart. So far since being in his new home, Spencer has played host to birthday parties for kids, other family gatherings, started NMDOG obedience class, tripled in size and has learned what it means to be a treasured member of a family. Way to go Puppy Spencer and family! We are so thrilled you guys found each other and we are honored to be a part of your journey! Here’s to the best life has to offer you all…because you all deserve it.

BULLITT (05/27/2019) Bullitt came to #NMDOG after he escaped his tether in Albuquerque and was hit by a car. His people took him to a 911 clinic, but could not afford to have him fixed, so they bandaged him up and took him home… back on his tether. It took four days of some of our best Pet Detective work, but I was able to track him down and convince his people to surrender him.When Bullitt was hit by a car, the bottom of his back leg was degloved (!) and by the time we located him, it was necrotic, infection was setting in and he had chewed off the bandage. I can only imagine the pain he was in. Once in our legal custody, we rushed him directly to our amazing medical TEAM at Petroglyph Animal Hospital, where once again, they performed a Miracle! Bullitt was just a year old and if there was something we could do to save his leg, we were 100% on board. So, the TEAM got to work prepping him for a skin graft procedure, then another. Weeks of post op care, bandage changes, laser therapy, gradual mobilization and Bullitt healed up as good as new.Soon, Bullitt began attending adoption events. He was featured as our #KRQE #PetOfTheWeek, graduated at the top of his NMDOG training class and made lots of friends in Husky play groups during his time in boarding at The Doggie Den. He even went on a couple of meet and greets with some very nice humans and dogs, but the fit was never *just right* until now. Bullitt met his new family at our HuskyPalooza2019 event last month and it’s safe to say it was love at first sight, for everyone.

But first Bullitt had to pass the NMDOG cat test to ensure he would be safe with is new kitty sister! Typically, Huskies aren’t the best fit for a cat, but there are exceptions to the rule and our amazing boy Bullitt is an exception!! He and his new kitty are doing great and we are confident that in no time, she will trust him completely. Bullitt is a very good boy!!
We are so thrilled at how far this kid has come and so pleased with the incredible physical recovery he made – almost as if nothing ever happened. We are so happy that he now has the Husky home of his dreams, with a family of his very own to love, cherish, protect and adore him!! He also has 2 girl Husky cousins that visit often to play. He loves to snuggle with his Dad in the recliner to watch TV and he follows his Mom everywhere around the house. His human brother and sister are great: they take him for walks twice a day and play with him in his wonderful new Husky proof yard! He loves going on family outings and I can’t imagine a better fit for our boy.
Thank you to everyone that played a part in Bullitt’s rescue, treatment and recovery: THIS is our reward!

WEBSTER (05/24/2019) Webster originally came to us on a very solemn day back in 2015: the day our City said “goodbye” to a Hero and friend to the Dogs, APD Officer Dan Webster. We couldn’t think of a stronger name to give him, or a better way to Honor such a brave, special man.
Webster was chained in an apple orchard in Chimayo, NM when we got the call during Dans memorial service. We knew right then what we needed to do, so we welcomed Webby into our program with open arms and we wrapped the love of The Village around him. His ears had been chopped and his sweet spirit was broken, but he was still willing to trust and open himself up to a brand-new life ahead. Webster made a lot of friends while he was with us: an NMDOG Volunteer favorite, and, before long, we found what we thought would be his happily ever after. Sadly, we were wrong. In 2018, Webster was discarded and left behind by his NMDOG adopter. And that’s all I will say about that. #OnceAnNMDOGAlwaysAnNMDOG!!
Webster was once again back right where he belonged and this time, you bet your bottom dollar, we would get it right. And we did. Webster is an amazing, smart, loving, loyal and grateful Dog. His new family is everything he ever wanted, everything he has always deserved, and we think Webster is everything they needed, also. A few months before Webster came back to NMDOG, his family lost their oldest, their long-time family friend. His name was Five-0, and his Dad is retired APD. Even though Five-0 was watching over his family from the Rainbow Bridge, the “man cave” was empty, and there was a hole in Dad’s heart. “Yes, ok…we can foster Webster, but we aren’t going to adopt him!” #FamousLastWords! So we took Webby over and well, the man cave isn’t empty anymore (I guess Dad is a real softy after all… Shhh, don’t tell anyone!)! At NMDOG, we believe that all things happen for very special reasons, just as they should.
Webster’s family adopted our sweet, shy little Emily a few years back and they have been part of our family, the NMDOG family, ever since. We are so happy she gets to be Webster’s little sister, they are ridiculous together, as you can imagine. He adores his three human sisters, too, and literally follows them everywhere they go. Webby’s Mom is the best and we are so grateful to her, for bringing everybody together and helping us make Webster’s dreams come true! Welcome home Webster!

SHORTY (05/24/2019) This little SnickerDoodle…my goodness! Sweet little Shorty (aka Stormy) came to NMDOG after the only Mom she had ever known, died unexpectedly. It was a traumatic event that took place in the home. Days passed before the body was discovered—just awful for everyone. The local Animal Control Officer in their very small Village scooped Shorty up and got her immediately to safety. They had come to be friends over the years, and he told us how much Shorty’s Mom truly loved her. Our hearts broke when we heard her story and because Shorty was considered a senior and needed to be the only dog in the home her options were very limited. We decided to waive our usual intake criteria (chained, cruelty case, severe medical, etc..) and make an exception so we could ensure Shorty’s story had a happy ending. She needed a soft place to land and someone to look out for her, so we welcomed her into the NMDOG program and wrapped our love around her.
We took Shorty in for a medical assessment and she checked out with a clean bill of health except for some needed dental work. It didn’t take long for anyone and everyone that met her to see what a special girl she is, but one human in particular stood out in the picture. She had recently lost her very own SoulDog֫, the baby she had been “Mom” to for all of her life. As much as Shorty needed a new Mom to treasure and adore her, Shorty’s new Mom needed the love of a Dog again. We didn’t want to keep either of them waiting, so we postponed her dental appointment, packed up Shorty’s things, and took her over for the home visit. It was true love at first sight: I saw them bond in an instant. The day was Mother’s Day of all days, and well, what else can I say here—again I will remind you: where there are Dogs, there is Magic. I’d like to believe that Shorty’s previous Mom and her new Mom’s SoulDog were working together to make sure they found each other…!
We are thrilled to report that Shorty’s trial adoption period has ended and we have made it official: Shorty is now the newest member of her NMDOG forever family!! She has a stay at home Mom that she doesn’t take her eyes off of, a Dad she adores kissing and two kitty sisters she snuggles and shares the bed with. Happy Mother’s Day to all…may your combined love last a lifetime!!

CHUBBS (05/22/2019) We first met Chubbs as an Outreach client in the Town of Bernalillo, in the Summer of 2018. He wore a giant tow chain around his neck that weighed more than half his own skinny 42lbs. Chubbs suffered from internal and external parasites, he was malnourished with a coat like straw. He had been attacked by free roaming dogs and had a large laceration to his front leg. His Husky Dad died on the chain next to him from an untreated obstruction. Chubbs’ life was far from great! But in the hope that we could educate our way to enlightenment with Chubbs Guardian, we got to work!!
NMDOG took Chubbs into our temporary care, his injuries were treated, he was neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, Heartworm tested and placed on monthly preventatives. He stayed with us at HQ while he recovered and learned to walk nicely on his leash, sit, play with others and we fell in love. While he was at HQ enjoying his first time ever off his chain, NMDOG Volunteers facilitated a fence-build at the Guardians residence to which Chubbs would return. We spent a lot of time working with his peeps, teaching them about Chubbs needs as a Husky, as a dog, educating on proper nutrition/feeding protocols, routine vet care, daily cleaning protocols, life-saving monthly preventatives, and more.
Two months passed with regular follow up visits in place when I got the call: Chubbs Guardian realized they were not able to provide Chubbs with daily care and the life he truly deserved. They asked us to take him into the NMDOG program and find Chubbs the Husky home of his dreams, so we did! We dismantled his fencing, collected the doghouse, Kuranda bed, doggie pool and other things we left to put to use for another deserving Outreach Dog. We are very grateful to Chubbs’ Guardian for realizing he deserved better and for considering Chubbs’ best interest above his own. It wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Chubbs was with us for nearly a year, attending adoption events, going on TV, staring as our Quality Mazda NMDOG of the Month, and all of the other things we do to promote our kiddos and enrich their lives during their stay with us. Then, the day came (the day we had all been waiting for) Chubbs forever family found him and were ready to give him all of their love!! We set up the meet and greet and met the whole family, including Chubbs’ resident Husky brother: a Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico Alumn! I love it when our NMDOG/SHRNM families blend!! Chubbs is the big black and white floof and he is now living the good life, as it should be #UNchained!

AMBER (04/21/2019)This family holds such a special place in our hearts here at NMDOG… They have fostered a handful of our super duper shy kiddos and helped them blossom and grow into the dogs they were always meant to be. Amber is one of those very lucky dogs.  She came to us from the Rez. She had been surviving on her own for a very long time when the good humans at The Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society stumbled upon her. She was sneaky and very Rez-smart, proving to be a bit of a challenge to catch, but with Fierce Determination they got her to safety. What they discovered upon intake was heartbreaking. Amber was suffering from one of the worst embedded wounds we have seen to date (and that’s saying a lot, unfortunately…). Her condition spoke volumes about her battle to live.Amber had a rope tightly bound around her neck, cutting so deeply into her throat, I can’t even explain the severity of her wound. Tt’s a miracle she was found in time to survive. The other end was chewed straight though. I can only imagine the struggle and the pain she went through to free herself. She was taken immediately into 911 surgery at the vet clinic in Gallup and that’s when we received the call.When Amber came to NMDOG she was completely shut down, but with kindness and with the daily wound care she required the bonding process took precedence. After a short stay at our own vet clinic, she came to NMDOG HQ where she continued to receive daily wound prep and bandaging. Amber never resisted, she never once complained, but it was clear she had received little to no previous handling. It is always so humbling to grow with them and watch them learn to trust us.

After Amber’s wounds healed and we felt she was able to transition to foster, we called up one of our absolute best! NMDOG Alum Yogi was their most recent foster kiddo and Yogi decided to adopt them a couple of years ago—he would make the perfect foster brother. Amber slowly settled into her new (and very first ever) home where she became an important part of the family. With love, patience, understanding and steady guidance from every member of the family Amber soon began to blossom. She attended adoption events, live TV shows, photo shoots, and the NMDOG training class (Graduated!!). She even went on a few meet and greets, but she was always the most relaxed with her family. Soon the obvious became clear: Amber was already home. She is now surrounded by safety and security, unconditional love and understanding. She is right where she needs to be. We are so grateful!

Please join us in congratulating Amber and thanking this amazing family who seem to have an endless supply of patience and love, as they have given so much to so many. We are so blessed to have them in our Village and Amber and Yogi are so blessed to call them their own.

LACEY (04/06/2019) Our sweet little Lady, NMDOG Lacey has found forever with a wonderful family she will call her very own for the rest of her days. After spending 10 long years at the end of her chain and bringing many litters of puppies into the world, Lacey’s dreams finally came true! Lacey was seized with her deceased chain-mate from the location (he was slowly starved to death), as part of a Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force case. Lacey was emaciated, suffered from an untreated wound on her back, and had obviously been bred many times.She was immediately treated by our friends at the Bernalillo County Animal Care and Resource Center where she won over the hearts of many, then transferred to NMDOG to continue her healing journey. We are so grateful for this longstanding partnership which enables us to help so many deserving dogs! Lacey spent a few months with us here at HQ where she learned what it meant to be loved and adored. Her wounds healed, she put on weight, her fur grew in like velvet. She blossomed into a silly, adventurous, loving senior gal who loved to take walks along the Bosque with her special NMDOG Volunteer. But after her previous so called “life” at the end of a chain Lacey was not fond of other dogs, and who could blame her. It was our job to find her the perfect home where she could spend her golden years as an only child!

Dreams do come true and a wonderful family fell in LoooVe with our sweet little lady the moment they laid eyes on her! They just knew she was the pup they had been waiting for! So we packed up her things and Lacey took the next step of her NMDOG journey… to forever. Lacey has settled in to her new life as a treasured member of her family, enjoying craft time with Mom, sniffing around her yard while Dad takes care of the “Honey Do List” and entertaining the grandkids when they visit! She is right where she’s meant to be and our hearts are full. We are so happy for Lacey, her special family and her brand new life #UNchained!!

IALA (08/12/2018) Once chained and bred, little Iala (just a baby herself at a little over a year old) was suffering from a prolapse when she entered the NMDOG program. We got her the immediate medical care she needed, spayed her, tended to her routine veterinary needs, found her an awesome NMDOG foster home, signed her up for NMDOG CLASS, and showed her what unconditional love is. Iala was then chosen as one of our featured Quality Mazda NMDOGs of the Month, attended a showroom meet & greet, and, as they say, the rest is history! During the first year of the NMDOG/Quality Mazda partnership many featured NMDOGs have found amazing forever homes as a result. Iala’s Dad is an employee at Quality, and not long before meeting Iala, lost his long time beloved Pittie companion. He had a hole in his heart that only the love of a Pibble could fill, and, coincidentally, little Iala had exactly that much love to give! So we set up an in-home meet & greet, and introduced Iala to her brand new life. Iala is now the spoiled Princess she was always meant to be. A “Daddys Girl” for sure! She has a wonderful, loving Mom, too, and she’s the apple of her eye. Together, this AdoraBull family has completed each other and together, ..they have all found love again. We are so grateful to Iala’s amazing new parents, her treasured NMDOG foster family, to all of you that enable us to do this very important work, and… to Iala’s former Guardian for allowing her to find true love with NMDOG. We cant wait to see what the future holds for our special PibbleCorn Iala. It’s going to be magical, that I can guarantee.

LANCE (08/12/2018) We first met NMDOG Lance Sweets in April 2016 during the wee hours of the morning. The call came in from BCSO Detectives (who also serve as part of our Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force) on scene with the FBI to serve a warrant on a federal homicide case. As they cleared the property (while searching for some very bad people) they came across little Lance chained up behind the trailer. No food, no water, very skinny, missing part of his lower jaw, with all of his teeth filed down. They knew they couldn’t leave him behind. His chain was cut by a secret FBI Agent and he was released immediately into our care. That is when he earned his own Secret Agent status! He would be known as Secret Agent Lance “Linus” Sweets and he would be placed into protective custody, for his safety as well as our own. Many months passed before we could share his story and during that time, Lance underwent a huge transformation!

He learned what love was, he learned how to trust, he learned he would not go hungry again or be left out in the elements, surrounded by the worst kind of “riff raff” you can imagine. How scary it must have been for him there all alone. He received the medical care he so desperately needed and he began to re-live the puppyhood that was robbed from him. He learned that we adored him even though he drooled and slobbered by the gallon and he learned that he loved squishy gel toys the best! He learned we would soften his food and give him raised feeders to make eating easier. He learned what it meant to be treasured and he learned that we had his back, for real.

Once Lance was released from protective custody, a very special NMDOG Villager and his beautiful girl Wanda, opened their hearts and home to him as a foster. Lance and Wanda took to each other right off the bat, but Lancey Pants challenged everything his foster Dad thought he knew about being a foster parent. Lance drooled and slobbered on everything, leaving a trail of “love bubbles” everywhere he went, and he peed all over his brand new house (Lance had never been inside a home before)—so he installed a doggie door. This afforded Lance he opportunity to dig under and jump over the walls when he was outside unattended, which led him to Allsups down the road, for Chimis. Sigh. It seemed like the harder his foster Dad tried to accommodate Lance, the more challenging Lance became.

Sadly, it was decided that Lance needed to return to NMDOG. Weeks passed, maybe it was a few months and we got the call: “Lance needs to come back, we miss him and I will do whatever he needs to keep him safe!” And he did! Foster Dad raised the fence and dug trenches to fill with concrete so Lance would no longer get out, and, since then, all has been well! He no longer pees inside (he uses the doggie door) and he and his girl Wanda are the very best of friends. It was clear that Lancey Pants was home for Forever and soon, the humans caught up! You know…sometimes it takes us a little longer, dogs are so stinkin’ smart!

We made a pledge with our partners at The Doggie Den to provide boarding when Dad needs to travel and to be there for them in the years to come. It is this kind of TEAMwork that enables us to provide the very best outcome to the dogs in our care. It is the support of many—from the FBI Agent that cut his chain, and the BCSO Detective on-scene that donated her whole tax refund to his medical care, to the amazing vets that provide that care. It is Foster Dads that don’t give up without a fight, and NMDOG volunteers that take our kids to training class even when they poop in the car. It is boarding partners that Love our kids like we do, and are willing to go above and beyond to make special adoptions possible. Without everyone that played a part in Lance’s journey, he would not be where he is today. And where he is today is right where he is meant to be, for always!!

Recently, Lance officially adopted his foster Dad and sister. Nothing in the whole wide world makes us happier than to see our kids get their sweet revenge. Oh and his previous people? They are in federal prison, for a verrrrrry long time. Way to go Secret Agent Lance “Linus” Sweets aka Lancey Pants! My heartfelt gratitude goes out to every single one of you who never gave up and continued to give of yourself so that Lance would know what Love is. Congratulations to Lance, his amazing Forever Dad and sister Wanda: you all have our hearts!

CASH (06/17/2018)Another beautiful NMDOG Father’s Day tale: Cash came to NMDOG as part of a cruelty case from our dear friends at the Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society. Cash and his lifelong chain-mate Patsy were rescued from the end of their chains, emaciated and injured after being used for illegal breeding. Patsy made a full recovery and was transferred to our friends at Lucky Huskies where she has since found a wonderful forever home. Thank you Lucky Huskies!
Cash stayed with us to continue treatment for his injury. We are grateful to Athletes for Animals for the generous grant awarded to NMDOG which enabled us to provide his quality care!! Cash was chained so tightly that one of his salivary glands was destroyed, filling his neck with infected fluid – requiring it to be surgically removed and drains placed. After weeks of post-op care and ongoing vet visits, his wounds healed. Cash also suffered skeletal and muscular damage from being chained. Treatment in this department is ongoing. This is where his amazing foster Dad came in. A wonderful new member of the NMDOG Village, he offered to foster Cash and provide him with his own therapeutic expertise as a certified massage therapist! It was truly a match made in heaven. Cash and his foster Dad embraced their new life together with wonder and joy, along with regular massage and laser therapy treatments. Soon, Cash got a spring in his step, the drains were removed from his neck and they enrolled in NMDOG training class (offered at no cost to all NMDOG fosters and adopters). Cash would accompany his foster Dad to work, providing another aspect of therapy to his clients: the love of a dog. It wasn’t long before Cash’s foster Dad realized that he wasn’t going to let him go, and asked the magical question: “How do I adopt him?” Eeeeeeee!!! So we made it official!! Cash is now in his forever home with his awesome forever Dad. They graduated from NMDOG class, they continue to provide Dog Therapy to their massage clients, they explore their East Mountain property and enjoy the peaceful mornings of their mountain home. Cash also has his very own leather recliner, one of his fave places to chill. Cash adores his new life and he adores his Dad. And that is what it’s all about!! Congratulations to these special guys, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

TASHA AND NOBEL (06/17/2018)A very special recent NMDOG double adoption, by a very special NMDOG Dog Dad. Nobel was chained to a tree in the E Mountains for 10 very long, brutal years. He was emaciated, frail and matted down with 31lbs of dirt and bug infested fur when he came to NMDOG. Sadly, Nobel’s lifelong chain-mate, Ladonna, did not make it. Her condition was too severe and by the time we found them, she was suffering. So, we did the kindest thing we could do for her.: we held her, we stroked her, we whispered words of love and comfort into her ears as we helped her cross peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Ladonna
Nobel was devastated, completely broken-hearted. We weren’t sure if he would find the will to continue on without her. It was touch and go in the beginning and in everything we did, we had to move very slowly. His shave and grooming was done over a two-week period as not to traumatize him. His bloodwork was stabilized and getting him to eat was another struggle all to its own. The amazing, dedicated and compassionate crew at The Doggie Den were instrumental in Nobel’s recovery and he quickly became “their” dog as they provided the sensitive daily care he required. They cooked for him, took him for gentle, strength building walks and made sure he was afforded every comfort possible. Then the wonderful day came when one of our caring supporters offered to provide Nobel with a real home as a forever Hospice foster. Nobel continued to improve physically but more than that: he began to heal emotionally!! He started opening up to his new foster Dad, seeking affection and displaying the desire to interact. He was now willing to allow his heart to be healed with love and companionship and we are so grateful. But there was still something missing. We all put our heads together and decided that Nobel needed another girl dog to love and share his life with. Enter NMDOG Tasha. Tasha was rescued as part of the #TEAMGallup search for Rasha (also a white Husky with blue eyes). One of NINE white fuzzy dogs recovered during our search, Tasha was in desperate need. Living alone out on the Rez, pregnant and suffering from gunshot wounds to both front legs, Tasha lost her babies and one of her legs. But she never lost her spirit or will to live, and becoming a Tripawd never slowed her down!! She moved in with Nobel and his foster Dad and began a brand new life, with purpose. Nobel and Tasha are two peas in a pod. Tasha has helped Nobel in so many ways. Their Dad has been amazing and our friends at The Doggie Den are still a big part of all of their lives: offering grooming pick up service and the special, loving care they are known for.
This is a true story of the power of The NMDOG Village and the love of a Dad. Recently both of these kids made it official and they adopted their special Dad. Nobel will remain in his care as an NMDOG “forever Foster” (NMDOG will continue to provide for all of his medical and grooming needs) and Tasha is now officially adopted!! We are so incredibly grateful for the love and security their Dad has given them and for the wonderful life they both live today!! Congratulations to them all!!

DEXTER (06/17/2018)NMDOG Dexter came to us from Moriarty Animal Control after he was picked up running at large dragging a big, giant chain. So giant, in fact, the local Police Department was called to cut it off of his neck 🙁 We scooped him up and got him the care he needed. Dexter was underweight, his coat was coarse and brittle, he needed to be neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, HW tested and placed on preventatives. Dexter was hand shy, unsure of himself and the world around him. Another Forgotten Dog at the end of a chain, existing only to exist, not knowing what it meant to be touched, to be treasured or adored. I’m always astounded by the sheer amount of untapped potential that wastes away at the end of these #*!@^% chains. Well, for Dexter that was all about to change, With a nutritious diet, his coat began to flourish and he began to fill out. With a Village of love around him, his heart learned to open and his true personality began to shine—very brightly! Dexter was an undiscovered SoulDog…one of those dogs that you just know…you just know! is going to change someone’s life. I always had a picture of what Dexter’s perfect person, perfect home and situation would look like and then there it was, right before our eyes. Dexter’s Dad needed a best friend, he needed a confidant, a loyal partner in life and a big goofy face to make him smile. He has served our country and currently serves to protect our City and its citizens, human and canine alike. He even donated his military/law enforcement adoption discount back to NMDOG for the next dog in need <3 We thank him for his service. The first couple of days were a little tough for Dexter. NMDOG was the only real home, the only real family he had ever known in his short, lonely life. So, leaving us made him a little nervous. But Dexter’s Dad did all of the right things and allowed Dexter to acclimate on his own terms. The result is a bond now that will never be broken. These two are as solid as they come! They do “guy stuff” together, they are best buds and they are there for each other through thick and thin. Dexter is a SoulDog who has found his SoulDad. Relationships like this change our lives, they make us better people and they are a gift, as precious as the air we breathe. We are all so grateful that Dexter and his Dad found each other and we cannot wait to see what their forever future holds. Dexter has a roommate sister Dog who he loves and they playyyyy nonstop! Their human roomie is awesome too and the love he has for his girl is apparent <3 We wish this house full of Dogs and their Dads the happiest of Father’s Days.

FABIO (11/11/2017) It was late one evening when we got the call from another rescue. One of their adopters were displaced due to a house fire. Thankfully everyone made it out ok. And, though they were able to accommodate their dog with temporary placement, there was a resident Husky in need of assistance. The good people at The Doggie Den generously offered to help us help this girl and her people. We completed her medical exam, vaccinations, HW test, deworming, and a full spa day took care of the dirt, matting and fleas she came in with. Sunday stayed with us for almost 8 weeks while her humans regrouped. They then came back for her, so we sent her home with lots of goodies and the promise to be there, should she ever need us for any reason. We checked in with them to see how she was doing and found out that Sunday was now chained and being sold on Facebook! It was decided that she would officially enter the NMDOG program, where she would find a home that Husky dreams are made of! Sunday soon caught the eye of an incredible family: one with 30 years of #HuskyLoVe and breed experience. They have shared their home and their hearts with many, but now they had just one lonely Wooly. She needed a friend, a Husky sister to romp with. So we packed Sunday’s bags and she took the next step of her journey. Sunday and her sister hit it off from the beginning: they wrestle, play chase, go for walks and sing the song of their people. Their parents take the girls out for hikes every morning and in the evenings. They are full of great adventure! Thank you to everyone that played a part in her rescue. Sunday will never be chained or sold again, she’s a Forever dog now, and we are so incredibly grateful! (Sunday is the beautiful cover-girl on our 2018 NMDOG Calendar.)

FABIO (11/09/2017) NMDOG Fabio came to us earlier this year, after being picked up running loose in Valencia County, dragging his tether. We were contacted and we welcomed this fluffy heartthrob into our hearts and our program. Upon intake, it was discovered that Fabio also suffered from heartworm disease, along with being very underweight, dirty and matted. We began treatment right away and our friends at The Doggie Den gave Fabio a full spa day! This is a good start for his beautiful locks, but it would be a long road through heartworm treatment and ongoing nutritional support was desperately needed. A wonderful Heartworm (+) Husky foster home was secured for sweet Fabio, and we are so grateful! Through months of activity restriction, painful injections, lots of love, patience and good nutrition Fabio was on his way to a full recovery. Last month, the day finally came that we had all been anticipating, and Fabio received a medical clearance! He was then neutered and placed up for adoption. Soon after, the most perfect application came in from a wonderful Husky family in Utah. We reached out to a dear friend to conduct the home visit and upon approval, began making plans for Fabio’s placement. Yesterday we met with this sweet family, did the introductions, and it couldn’t have gone better. He now has the family he always deserved and dreamed of, complete with his very own furry twin sister! His parents are amazing: they hike and camp and play Husky games all season! His mom works from home and Fabio has a huge secure Husky yard with grass and trees to play in. Fabio is one of the sweetest kids you can ever imagine and we are so thrilled for him and his new family! Thank you to everyone that helps us make outcomes like this possible: our volunteers, our fosters, adopters, donors and our medical teams…you are all part of the NMDOG Mission. Congratulations to Fabio and is amazing new family. We wish you many, many years of happiness together. We can’t wait to see what fun you have on your new journey!

GRAPE (7/10/2017) Big, giant NMDOG Grape came to us with his little girlfriend NMDOG Gremlin, after they were trapped while running at large, dragging tethers. They completed their mandatory stray hold with Animal Services and were transferred to NMDOG, where they would find new lives #UNchained!
Grape is not only one of the biggest LoVeMuffins we’ve ever met. He’s got one of the absolute best temperaments we’ve ever seen. Just as easy going and chill as they come, Grape makes friends wherever he goes. During his time with us, Grape stole the hearts of many NMDOG volunteers and he got a lot of interest. But soon after he was neutered and cleared for adoption, Grape stole the heart of one special person and one special dog, in particular. Grape began his trial adoption and everything went great! So, he decided to adopt them both! Now Grape has his very own Dad and a new sister! Grape and his Dad have already started **505 Pit Crew** with our friends at Animal Humane New Mexico, and if you frequent the neighborhood brew pubs, you might spot him relaxing on one of the dog-friendly patios. After work during the week, he does yoga with his Dad. What a wonderful addition Grape has made to this already awesome family who tell us how “Grapeful” they are to have him in their lives!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for Grape’s modeling debut in the soon to be released Babes and Bullies 2018 calendar! Thank you to everyone that helps us provide these amazing dogs with the lives they deserve…off the chain! We are all so very “Grapeful”! Congratulations to Grape and his new fantastic family, we couldn’t be any happier for you all!!
#BreedAmbassador #NeverJudgeABookByItsCover

GREMLIN (6/28/2017) Little NMDOG Gremlin came to us with her big boyfriend Grape, after they were trapped while running at large, dragging tethers. They completed their mandatory stray hold with Animal Services and were transferred to NMDOG, where they would find new lives #UNchained! Gremlin is one of the most adorable little Pocket Pitties there ever was, and soon, she landed in a wonderful NMDOG Foster home with NMDOG Alum Blaze. Here, she learned good manners and how to live inside a home. Also how to share her space and her toys. Our Foster Guardians are so important in the development of our kids on their journey to forever and we treasure them with all that we have! Shortly after being spayed and cleared for adoption a wonderful Villager saw Gremlin and shared her story with a friend. Turns out, that friend was just the right fit for our little munchkin and vice versa! So, Gremlin made her way up the mountain to meet her amazing new forever mom and it was love at first sight! These two girls are enjoying the retired life and not letting one opportunity to live life pass them by! Gremlin and her Mom do all sorts of fun stuff together: walks, hikes, training and they even plan on signing up for agility together. We know Gremlin will rock it, shes fast and smart! Gremlin is great with other dogs, so she’s also been participating in doggie-day-are and making new friends. We are so thrilled for this little lovebug, she got a brand new lease on life, and, this time, she scored the jackpot!!! Congratulations to Gremlin and her new Mom: we wish them many wonderful, happy, and adventurous years together!

YOGI (6/25/2017) Early in 2016 we received the call from Valencia County Animal Control about a cruelty case they had just taken on. The request was to provide 911 medical care to two dogs and protective custody holds through the custody hearing. Thankfully, we were able to answer that call and both kids were awarded to us permanently. Both also tested (+) for Heartworm disease and would need extensive long-term care to make a full recovery. Ellie, the Aussie was transferred to our friends at EnchantMutts Animal Rescue, delivered a litter of healthy pups despite being HW (+), was then treated, and ultimately found her perfect forever home. Thank you Enchantmutts! Yogi stayed with us. He had many physical and emotional wounds that he would need to overcome after his ordeal: life on a chain, complete starvation, being used as a bait dog to the best we can surmise from the telltale signs of the extensive dog attack wounds which spanned from scared to fresh and were left untreated, his extremely timid and fearful temperament and the scars from his muzzle being bound by bailing wire. When Yogi initially presented, it was clear that he was in need of 911 surgery to repair all of the lacerations to his face, head, ears, back legs, abdomen, and forearms. Surgery would be very risky for an emaciated, HW (+) kid but we had no other choice. We had to take this risk for any chance of saving him. Our incredible surgical team at Petroglyph Animal Hospital pulled off a miracle once again and Yogi pulled through! Now began his very long road to recovery. Yogi spent months with me here at NMDOG Headquarters undergoing HW treatment, learning how to trust, how to smile and how to be a 1 1/2 year old boy. So much suffering in his short little life.
Yogi began venturing out into the world, and, after some time, began to gain confidence and find joy. After completion of HW treatment and a clearance for foster/adoption one of our best shy dog foster families offered to take Yogi into their hearts and their home. Like the majority of our dogs, this would be the first time Yogi ever lived inside a home and the challenges he presented were met with unconditional love, devotion, and dedication from his foster family. With their support, Yogi soon excelled in all that was asked of him and he began attending training classes. Yogi started with our NMDOG in-house obedience class, which he graduated! Next came **505 Pit Crew** with our friends at Animal Humane New Mexico, which he graduated! Then… onto nose-work class at AHNM, which he LoooVed….and graduated! Way to go Yogi! Yogi attended all of our adoption events and made many wonderful friends along the way, but it became very clear that his foster family (humans and canines alike) truly had his heart—so he adopted all of them! Recently, they all bought a new house and now they have lots of room to run and play! From Forgotten, to Forever…this is just one of the many tales of the incredible ability to overcome, that we see in soooo many of our amazing dogs. Today Yogi prances around like he never had a care in the world. He holds his head high and he LoooVes to cuddle with his humans and doggie sisters. We are just so stinkin’ happy for Yogi and grateful to his foster to forever family for never giving up and for giving him all of the love he was previously denied at the end of his chain. Congratulations to everyone on a job very well done!
***though we were awarded permanent custody of the dogs in this case, the defendant was only given 60 days of community service and was ordered to pay an $800 fine to the court. Their probation period is now over and they are once again allowed to torture and abuse animals. #SomethingMustChange

fridahtfridainhouselifeguardFRIDA (10/9/2016) In late June of this year, we were called in on a multiple dog cruelty case out of Peralta – Valencia Co, NM. Six dogs had suffered extreme neglect at the hands of their people and by the time we were alerted, they had been at the Valencia County shelter under protective custody for a whole week without receiving any medical care… We are grateful for the changes being made and are hopeful that under new shelter direction this won’t ever be allowed to happen again. We jumped into action right away, but sadly, one of the little dogs passed away before we arrived to pick them up and his life-mate of at least 10 years had to be humanely euthanized immediately upon arrival at our 911 clinic. That is how bad it was! A third dog from the case passed away in her sleep four days later. We lost 3 out of 6 in this case due to the horrible suffering they endured prior to our intervention. RIP Daisy, Duke and Darcy. We worked closely with Peralta Animal Control and built a strong case against their abusers. Appearing in court on their behalf, we were awarded permanent custody of our survivors Frida, Gracie and Chewie. Their abusers didn’t show up for court. Multiple animal cruelty charges were upheld and arrest warrants were issued for those involved. To date, they have not been located. We got to work on the remaining 3 dogs and were able to ensure each of them a full recovery and a wonderful chance at a new life!! Once released from the hospital, all 3 of these lucky kiddos found safety, unconditional love, exceptional care and were given the opportunity to “just be dogs” during their stay with our friends at The Doggie Den. We also received a grant from the Southwest Animal Rescue Fund, Inc. – SWARF and additional support from The Verdes Foundation which helped us offset the cost of their medical care, boarding and many of the other expenses that come with a multi-dog protective custody cruelty case. We are so grateful to these wonderful folks for their support and their love of Dog! Frida was one of the lucky ones: she “only” suffered emaciation, internal/external parasite infestation and minor abrasions to her body. Once in our care, she began to blossom into the dog she was always meant to be. Frida was very shy and nervous around people at first, though she consistently remained one of the sweetest girls we have ever had to the pleasure to serve. We knew there was a special and very lucky family out there for her and our hearts soared when she found them! Frida now has the forever she always dreamed of with her new Mom, Dad and sister “littles”. She also has a job: she serves as the in-house lifeguard while her Mom does hydrotherapy and Frida is very attentive, monitoring every move she makes! She has settled into her new home wonderfully and today, she is loved, treasured and adored beyond measure. Frida is now at a healthy weight and thankfully, she doesn’t carry any physical scars from her ordeal. Every now and then, she still cowers and gets nervous, but she is making great progress and carries her head high more days than not. It’s amazing-their ability to overcome and forgive humans for the physical and emotional pain they have endured. That is the magic of Dogs… Today, Frida hangs out on her lush lawn, goes for walks twice a day with her Dad and little sisters, sleeps in the bed and helps Mom around the house. Frida is right where she belongs and we just couldn’t be any happier for her and her awesome new family. Enjoy, Frida…you deserve all of the good you now have and remember….”Living well is the best revenge.”

dreamerhtDREAMER (10/9/2016) We received a report of a dog being tied up in Bernalillo County. That is illegal… We visited the location and found a young little Husky girl tied to a fence with no shelter and very little water available. Upon making contact with the resident, we discovered that she was just picked up on the side of the road a few days earlier and the finder had all intentions of keeping her, never filed a found dog report with the proper agencies, never took her in for a chip scan and never made any attempt to find the legal guardian. This is also illegal and could constitute theft of “property.” With some encouragement on our part and explanation of the multiple laws being broken, we were able to secure an amicable “surrender” from the finder. We then scanned for a microchip with a negative result, filed a contained stray report with Bernalillo County Animal Care Services and the Animal Welfare Department, checked lost dog postings and completed the 72 hour stray hold required by state law. Once her stray hold was up, Dreamer was legally transferred to NMDOG for vetting and permanent placement. Though Dreamer’s original people never went looking for her and were never found, it is wrong to assume that all dogs running loose are neglected, abused, uncared for or are “yours for the keeping.” Dogs are dogs, accidents happen and often times a little education can go a long way in helping folks safely contain and properly manage their animals. One must not just assume and must always exercise due diligence when picking up a stray dog and adhere to legal responsibilities. I often hear folks say “I don’t want to take them to the shelter”….well, the shelter is usually the first place pet parents will go to find their kiddos when they are missing. If you are able to safely and securely maintain a contained stray hold while seeking out a dog’s legal guardian, then by all means do (I am sure the shelter will appreciate the help!) but please go through the proper channels. You never know what story a dog might carry with them or who might be looking for them! If a dog is found and not reclaimed, they will become legally available for adoption once all of those responsibilities are met. At that point you are free to adopt your found dog, but not before. If you are seeking a dog’s legal guardian independently, please steer clear of craigslist or social media sites unless you are prepared to take complete responsibility for where the dog ends up. Going through the shelter system offers many benefits to the dog that a private person often times cannot. This includes spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccinations, a microchip prior to placement and the opportunity for the dog to reunite with their original guardians. If you feel a found dog has in fact been neglected, abused or not cared for, again, it is your responsibility to communicate with animal control and/or the shelter so those trained in dealing with such situations can handle it. Most Animal Care Departments and shelters want what is best for the animals and will work with finders to ensure a good outcome, legally. Dreamer is all too happy to serve as the spokesdog in this PSA of sorts. Heck! Look at her! She is happy! I mean….what Husky doesn’t want to hang out on the kitchen table?! Dreamer is a wild spirit, one that would be a challenge to “tame” so we thought it best to find her a home that would appreciate her antics rather than try to curb them! And…we found it! Dreamer is free to be the dog her wild heart longs to be. She has found her Forever with a treasured NMDOG Villager and Mom to sweet NMDOG Alum Murffy. Dreamer also has an older brother and an older sister who lovingly tolerate her Husky ways. She joined this adored pack just a short time after their eldest member crossed the Rainbow Bridge and her gift of healing to their broken hearts has been greatly appreciated. Young Murffy now has a friend to rough house, tug, and play “catch me if you can” with, Moms sadness was replaced with joy and laughter and the two older kids are happy to watch from the sidelines. It is a match made in Heaven and we think maybe their older brother (RIP) might have had a little something to do with bringing Dreamer into their lives. I’m pretty sure that all of our Dogs want us to open our hearts to Love and care for another in need, after they are called home. Thank you to Dreamer’s awesome new family for opening their hearts, for being willing to Love again and for allowing Dreamer…to be Dreamer. She probably wouldn’t have had it any other way!

mrhigginshtmrhiggins1MR. HIGGINS (10/6/2016) Mr. Higgins came to us from Valencia County Animal Control in early April of this year. We got the call about a squiggly little Bull Terrier that had been abandoned in a yard, for who knows how long. He was skinny, suffered with severe hair loss and had lots of open wounds and old scars, but from the second we met him he was full of life!! We scooped him up out of the shelter, got him to the vet right away and this began his NMDOG journey. Higgins also received an almost immediate offer of foster from a wonderful Bull- loving Villager, who had lots of love to give to this once neglected kid. Good thing, because Mr. Higgins had a very long list of medical concerns that would need to be addressed and he absolutely required a soft, safe and attentive place to land. 5 year old Higgins presented with malnutrition, his blood-work was all over the place, he tested (+) for Heartworm disease, suffered from severe hair loss over the majority of his body with crazy little alien long patches scattered about. He had open wounds and old scaring all over, he was filthy, had tumors and cysts that needed to be removed, his nails were overgrown and… he was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Whew! You would never know any of this (except for the obvious external issues) because Higgins maintained his positive, Bully-liscious attitude through it all. We began treatment for his multiple conditions, one step at a time, careful not to overload his system. The exceptional care he would receive in his Bull Terrier foster home would be an integral part of his progress, eventual recovery and lifelong management. Higgins underwent Heartworm treatment with mandatory activity restriction (those of you that have had to restrict Bull Terrier activities can appreciate this challenge!), he had the tumors removed and biopsied (benign yay!), he began a strict nutrition protocol with appropriate supplements and began diagnostics, treatment and management for the Addison’s… all while simultaneously learning how to live inside of a multiple (Bull Terrier) dog home. We are pretty sure that Mr. Higgins had never stepped foot inside of a home before, much less behaved in one! All I can say is WAY TO GO FOSTER FAMILY!! Higgins soon realized what a treasure his foster Dad and foster siblings were, so, like any smart Dog, he decided to ADOPT them all!! We just could not be anymore thrilled! The commitment, devotion and unconditional love that Higgins foster, now forever, Dad has showed him from day one has been nothing short of outstanding and so incredibly appreciated. I just always get soooo excited when our kiddos hit the jackpot and this is definitely the case for our dear Mr Higgins. A once Forgotten backyard Dog from Valencia County, NM. Once again, the power of HUBBLE shines down for the dogs we serve and Mr. Higgins is most definitely #HUBBLEstrong. He will continue lifelong management for his Addison’s under the watchful eye of his Dad and it is with much gratitude to our Good Shepherd Animal Clinic family for appreciating this commitment and working with us and Higgins’ Dad to ensure they will always receive quality, affordable care. Higgins is lucky to have such an amazing Village looking out for him! Thank you to everyone that makes our important work for NMs Forgotten Dogs possible and thank you for always holding us up! We can’t do this thing without you. Congratulations to Mr. Higgins (you little rascal, you) and his AdoraBull new forever family…you will always be part of ours.

SteelHTSTEEL (7/27/2016) Sweet little Steel came to NMDOG from a horrific cruelty case out of Tularosa, NM in Otero County. It’s the kind of thing that infuriates us even more than our usual, run of the mill cruelty cases because those who were responsible for the suffering and the deaths of these animals were those that represented themselves as “rescue” and were entrusted with their care. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Steel was one of the lucky ones, even though he was starved nearly to death and chained to a boat trailer, in the middle of nowhere, next to a disgusting run down RV on a chain so short he wasn’t even able to lie down. He was surrounded by other suffering, neglected, abused and dying animals. But yes, he was lucky because Steel lived, made a full recovery and now has the most amazing life. The story of Steel’s rescue can only be told today because there were people that were brave enough to speak out, to relentlessly pursue authorities to take action and didn’t back down in the face of scrutiny. Those people are the true heroes. Then there are others that are as guilty as the accused abusers, they are: those that kept quiet yet knew animals were suffering; those that sent dog after dog to a “rescue” without doing their due diligence and knowing (or caring) where their animals ended up; and those that had the power to take action but did not. They should be on trial right along with the accused. But that will never be because there were never any animal cruelty charges filed against the accused, despite documentation of multiple counts of animal cruelty and death. Children were also removed from this “home.” It’s a sad state of affairs. What is to ever stop these people from once again collecting and torturing animals? I guess that is a question that would have to be brought to the attention of the Otero County officials in charge of this case. Shame on them, really—whoever they are. One of our hopes in all of this is that the deaths and suffering of these animal victims will not be in vain, by driving home the importance (as animal welfare professionals and those looking to “re-home”) of always knowing where your animals are going. Because, yes: many face euthanasia in shelters across the country every day and that sucks, but there are far, far worse things than humane euthanasia and I’m pretty confident these animals would agree. “Rescue” does not end when an animal walks out of the building alive—that is only just the beginning. Sadly, that is something that many seem to ignore and what happened in Tularosa is only just a glimpse into the “far, far worse” category of outcomes. If Steel’s story can save even one animal from carelessly being sent into a horrible situation, then his suffering was not in vain, and that is his hope. Steel came to us after spending almost two months in protective custody in the Otero County shelter as a victim of animal cruelty. Thanks to the good folks at Kayla’s Promise Dog Rescue we were able to pull him as soon as he was released. They temporarily secured him in a safe and loving foster home, gave him a bath, a soft place to sleep, nutritious meals and a ride 1/2 way to us here at NMDOG. Steel couldn’t have been any happier to begin the next chapter of his life and we couldn’t have been any happier to welcome him into the NMDOG program. Steel is an amazing dog: as sweet as can be and, although he is still a little shy, he is learning that not all people are cruel. He is especially learning that from his amazing new Mom. Steel is her very first dog, and what a thrill it has been to be a part of bringing them together! They are already so incredibly bonded, they go everywhere together and do really fun stuff! They go on forest adventures and swimming, they explore historical landmarks and have play dates with human and dog friends! Steel also has kitty brothers and sisters. He looooves kitties and they love him! Steel has found his soulmate, as has his Mom and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them together! Congratulations to you both. I think you were just waiting on each other. Thank you to everyone that rescues responsibly and those that speak up in bad situations: the world needs more of that! Pup Pup Hooray Steel you sweet, adorable, handsome, lovely little nugget of goodness. You deserve every bit of this awesomeness!

XenaHTXENA (7/24/2016) In the late part of last year, we were notified of a Forgotten Husky at the Valencia County shelter. She had been there for some time without receiving any vet care… And she was suffering… Open, oozing sores and wounds all over her head, face, forearms and body that were said to have been from a dog attack turned out to be a very severe case of mange. She was emaciated and tested (+) for Heartworm. This isn’t the first time we received a dog from this shelter that had been denied vet care. Sadly, the list is long and dates back to 2011. Some were strong enough to make it past their ordeal and others…— for others, the best we could do was release them from their suffering in the arms of those that truly loved them, even if only for a very short time. Thankfully Xena came to us in the nick of time and even though her entire body was riddled with infection, her spirit broken and her will fading, with the medical care she so desperately needed, the commitment of her rescue and the love of an amazing foster family she has made a full recovery. This is Xena’s story of resilience and that of a well-deserved second chance. Xena underwent months of mange and heartworm treatment. Vet trip after vet trip, a battery of medications and a real struggle to get her to eat coupled with patience and understanding for a dog that initially feared everything and everyone around her. Sweet Xena also struggled with an intense case of separation anxiety that risked personal injury anytime she was left alone, even in the company of her foster Husky siblings. Her story is a testament of her own bravery and willingness to trust again, TEAMwork and the determination to see her all the way through! Eventually, Xena began to turn the corner both physically and emotionally. Her wounds began to heal, she began to eat on her own, she began to put on some weight and most importantly, she began to truly enjoy life!! Learning to trust the company of her humans and other dogs taught her that not everyone was out to hurt her and that there was true love available for her in the world. Xena took baby steps out into this new world of hers. One paw in front of the other. And the pay-off has been enormous! While attending her very first adoption event after receiving a full medical clearance for mange and heartworm a beautiful family crossed her path. A Mom, a Dad and a Husky Sister that would one day soon be hers to call her very own. Xena remained in the care of her awesome foster home while summer vacation schedules were worked out and special time was set aside for her to completely acclimate into her new home. Then the big day came!! I was more nervous than anyone I think, I always am when a kiddo goes on their trial adoption, but with Xena maybe even more so. But by the time I left, I was confident we found just the right home for her! Relief!!! Dad wasn’t even one bit concerned that Xena initially didn’t want much to do with him (new people = still pretty scary) and he gave her exactly what she needed: space, gentle encouragement, kind whispers and acceptance. Way to go Dad!! Mom was just what Xena needed: she works from home so Xena’s alone time without her humans is very limited, she is kind and gentle, warm and inviting, and Xena bonded with her almost immediately. Way to go Mom!! Xena’s new Husky sister has provided Xena with just the right balance of “time to chill” and “time to play” and she shares all of her toys and her most fave sleeping spot: right on top of the A/C floor vent! Way to go Bella!! What an awesome family our sweet Xena has found and she has settled in beautifully. She still gets a little nervous when new people stop by but she recovers quickly and she knows this is her forever home and she knows how much she is treasured and adored! Xena begins NMDOG post adoption training class today with her new family (included in every NMDOG adoption) and we are so excited to see how far she comes on her continued journey in her new life of freedom and love. Thank you to her incredible foster family, for their commitment to Xena through the toughest of times. Fostering is sometimes challenging, especially with our special cases, but the rewards are returned 100-fold! All of the love and gratitude in the world goes to this wonderful family who met Xena, instantly fell in love and welcomed her into their hearts and their home, knowing that there may well be some bumps along the way. Xena loves going for early morning and evening walks with her pack, she spends relaxing time lying on her beautiful lawn with her awesome Dad and they are bonding now. Xena has even unleashed her hidden talent of mid-air bird catching and shows off with sister Bella watching in amazement. Enjoy, sweet Xena. This wonderful life made possible to you by your friends, your cheerleaders, your supporters, your medical team and our combined love of Dog. Go now sweet Husky girl, be happy, be adored and be yourself, because you have all of the unconditional love in the world at your paw-tips. Xena’s final rescue bill totaled right around $3000 and came directly out of our general fund. This Happy Tail was made possible by donations from those that support the lifesaving Mission of NMDOG—to serve and protect NM’s Forgotten Dogs. Thank you for making our work possible!! Valencia County residents are encouraged to continue to support positive change at the Valencia County Animal Shelter, please send an email to [email protected].

RoscoeHTRoscoeHT1ROSCOE (7/22/2016) Little Roscoe was picked up Running At Large by an NMDOG Volunteer in May of 2015. As with all of the strays found by NMDOG volunteers and TEAM members, we file a found report with the proper jurisdiction, keep the kiddo safe and try to locate their people. When a reunion is not possible, we get to work on transfer to a trusted rescue partner so we can remain focused and keep our resources available to our Mission, the chained Dogs of NM and the victims of cruelty and LE cases. Well, that was the plan for little Roscoe, but as we all know in rescue things don’t always go as planned. While we were waiting on Roscoe’s transfer date, we found him an awesome foster home and set up his vetting and neuter. Shortly after Roscoe had surgery, we noticed that something was terribly wrong: Roscoe was in a lot of pain and had great loss of mobility in his hind legs. We got him back in immediately and that is when the battery of diagnostics began. Needless to say, we cancelled Roscoe’s transfer appointment and decided to see him all the way through until we were sure he was healthy enough for adoption. The weeks turned into months while Roscoe underwent every kind of test and diagnostic tool you can imagine. When test after test came back (-) we sought the guidance of a local specialist. More tests, more diagnostics, including an MRI, and finally we got our answer. Roscoe was positively diagnosed with Diskospondylitis, a somewhat rare infection of the spinal cord caused by either a bacteria or fungus. Now we had to determine which, in order to find the right treatment = more tests. Roscoe’s source was found to be bacterial so after a short trial period of different abx we finally found the right combo that would heal little Roscoe. More months passed and while in the most amazing care of his foster family, Roscoe finally began to show great improvement. The pain meds were reduced, his mobility was increased and soon the day came when Roscoe was able to stop taking all medications with no decline. And what a wonderful day that was!! Post-treatment tests, additional X-rays, and a follow-up MRI confirmed that the infection was now gone. His problem areas (lower spine and neck) were cleared and all that remained was a slight fusion of the lower vertebrae. He continued with his physical therapy sessions and also began receiving acupuncture. Reports from his foster home were continually inspiring. He was running, he was chasing birds and he could now jump up on the bed all by himself!! Go Roscoe go!! Roscoe will always carry a little bit of an odd gait but that doesn’t stop him from doing all things any other young up can do. Roscoe was only 8 months old when he first entered our lives. We were all determined to see him live a normal, healthy, happy and totally pain free life. Mission accomplished! Our commitment to excellent care extends to any dog that enters the NMDOG program, either temporarily or long term.”Whatever needs to be done to better the life of a Dog, we will do with Fierce Determination” This determination is made possible by our immeasurable love of Dog, our partnerships with the most skilled medical providers, our incredible foster homes, our loyal and dedicated supporters and finally our outstanding adopters! Roscoe’s road to recovery was long and at times, extremely concerning, but together, we all pulled through for this truly special, one of a kind pup! Now the rest of his story begins! Roscoe attended his first NMDOG event after being cleared for adoption by his entire medical TEAM and that is when his amazing forever family met him and fell in love! These good folks are no strangers to us here at NMDOG. They are in fact, the awesome parents of one of Honor’s sweet boys: little Harvey Sputnik (transferred to our great friends at Animal Humane New Mexico with his brother Harry Sputnik both were adopted into the best homes!) When Harvey and Roscoe met, it was clear that they would be the very best of friends. Brothers for life! It was also clear that with all of the information we had to pass along regarding Roscoe’s medical journey, that his new family would and could make the lifetime commitment to him that he so greatly deserves. Prior to the beginning of Roscoe’s trial adoption, we joined his new family for a meeting with Roscoe’s specialist so they would have all of the info they needed to provide him with the very best of care, first hand, and guess what?! It didn’t scare them away! And that is just one of the things that makes them so amazing. They also saw in Roscoe, all that we saw: that he is a very special boy, with a heart as big as the sky and an ability to overcome all odds set before him with his fierce fighting spirit! He loves to play, he loves to snuggle, he loves to fetch and jump in the pool. He loves to learn, he loves to please and more than anything, he looooves those who stood by him along the way and those that have pledged to stand by him for always. Today, Roscoe is in his amazing forever home, completely pain free and living a totally normal life as a treasured and adored member of his family. He and his brother from another mother Harvey Sputnik are two peas in a pod. They do everything together. They are even starting NMDOG class together this weekend! We are so sooo happy for the beautiful outcome that awaited this very special boy and for all of the love he has in his life. My most sincere gratitude goes to his foster family that never once waivered in their commitment to him, making trip after trip to doctor after doctor. For comforting him during those first very painful weeks, for monitoring him so closely for any changes—good or bad and for administering enough meds to cure the entire state of NM of anything that ails us. Because in the end, without a doubt, this Happy Tail was worth every trip to the vet, every lost hour of sleep, every worry and every single cent (Roscoe’s final rescue bill totaled over $6000—which all came directly out of our general fund = your donations hard at work!) THANK YOU to each of you, from the bottom of my heart. Roscoe, you little munchkin you, you did it buddy! And you did it so very well. We are all so incredibly proud of you and we will love you with a very special piece of our hearts, for always. For a pup that at one point, we weren’t sure would ever even walk, it is such a thrill for me to say: “Run Roscoe run”!!! Congratulations to everyone involved….for a job so impeccably well done.

ZevaHTZEVA (7/14/2016) Every now and then, NMDOG is able to reach out beyond our typical realm of rescues—the chained, the abused, the Forgotten—and help in a situation that don’t meet those criteria. Such was the case with little Zeva. Zeva had a family for many, many years. She was loved, treasured and adored by her Mom and Dad. Sadly, he Dad became ill and Mom had to spend all of her time taking care of him. His illness also caused him to forget things, like who Zeva was and how much he loved her. These good folks were clients at Paris Pups Salon and Pet Spa, a business very close to our hearts. When Cathy from Paris reached out to us for help, we couldn’t say no. Little Zeva was secured in an awesome NMDOG foster home, received the additional vetting she needed and the search for a new wonderful forever home for her began. It wasn’t long until another awesome family found out about Zeva and opened their home and their hearts to her completely. The most amazing thing to me about dogs is always their ability to live in the moment, not hang onto the past and to remain open to love, despite the road they may travel to find it. Zeva knew her previous people loved her, but she also knew that something had changed and things weren’t like they were before. Rather than getting stuck there, she welcomed her new life like a brand new adventure and had faith and trust in us to know everything would be ok. During her time in foster, she played with her foster brother NMDOG Alum Shep and found playmates and snuggle buddies with the kitties in the home. She went for rides in the car with her awesome foster Mom and visited her good friend Cathy at Paris Pups often. In her new forever home she found true love in the arms of her new Mom. She also found treasured companionship with her new canine sister, her human Auntie and her cousin, the Pug. They go for walks every morning, then they spend quality time snuggling and reading books. Her new Mom says it’s like Zeva has always been a part of the family and always comments on how well she has fit in. We are so grateful that Zeva was never left behind and that she had good people looking out for her when her life took an unexpected turn. Because of TEAMwork and the love of a special little dog, everything has worked out for her just fine. Congratulations sweet Zeva, on your brand new, wonderful life.

Kayla and McKennaHTKayla and McKennaKAYLA and McKENNA (5/7/2016) On Feb 1st of this year, two beautiful Huskies had an “accidental litter” and the parents of these dogs thought it appropriate to sell the puppies on Craigslist at only two weeks old! Obviously, I don’t need to point out all that is wrong with that and in so many ways, but what I might add is that there really is no such thing as an “accidental litter.” Dogs mate and when they are not spayed and neutered puppies happen. It’s the law of the land, not an accident. But as rescue, we will keep picking up the “accidental pieces” and we will continue to find solutions to the problems created by the irresponsibility of others…for the Love of Dog . NMDOG was alerted of this reckless activity, we were provided with the info we needed to help and within hours, the remaining three puppies were safe in our care. Sadly, six of the pups had already been sold and we were refused buyers’ info. Citations to the guardians of the Huskies were issued and Mom and Dad were bumped up to the top of our Outreach Spay/Neuter list. There will be no more “accidents” in that house! We introduced the tiny pups to The Village as “Aloha, Maui and Hula” (named after the awesome Animal Control Officer who took action immediately on a Sunday night, thank you awesome ACO!) and they were immediately provided with the medical and neonatal care they required. They then spent the next three weeks in an amazing bottle baby foster home: drinking, sleeping, cooing, learning how to howl and drinking some more. Once they were eating on their own, fat and happy, they were then transferred to the wonderful care of our NMDOG Puppy Foster! THANK YOU foster providers: without you we would have been lost and the future of these precious babies would have been unclear. The girls grew up big and strong in their foster home, they received excellent care, nutrition, protection from communicable disease, socialization, vaccinations, microchips and were spayed. We even had top of the line pre-approved NMDOG forever homes waiting in the wings for them and let me just tell you, there is nothing like the anticipation of waiting for the day your Husky baby gets to come home. Thank you to their awesome parents for their trust and patience as we did all we needed to do to ensure them the best possible future. Was it worth the wait? Well…..see for yourself. Congratulations to NMDOG Husky Puppies Kayla and McKenna (formerly Hula and Maui) and their fantastic forever Mom and Dad! These two girls scored bigtime when they stole the hearts of their new family. Never, ever will they want for anything again and we just couldn’t be anymore thrilled! Pup Pup Hooray and baby Husky howls for everyone!! Woooowooo!

TrixieHTTRIXIE (5/7/2016) and little Trixie (formerly Aloha), makes three. Itty bitty Husky puppy Trixie was one of the sweet little babies being sold on Craigslist at only two weeks old. Luckily, we were notified and able to secure the pups into our care. You can read the whole story above in her sister’s happy tail post. Trixie is the newest and youngest member of the Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force and she has some very important work ahead of her! Trixie’s new Mom is one of our treasured BCACT Deputies and we couldn’t be any happier for both of them! Trixie also has a wonderful, awesome Dad, who has pledged to spoil his sweet little girl rotten! Just what the world needs, right?, more rotten Huskies? Yes….more please!! So far, I’m pretty sure that little Trixie has taken home half of Petsmart, nearly all of Pet Food Gone Wild and I think there was a trip also to Long Leash on Life and Three Dog Bakery! Obviously, when she is not out with her Mom fighting animal crime, they will be shopping! Oh the good life: loved, treasured, spoiled and adored—we couldn’t have asked for a better forever for this precious little girl. Because of the fast action of some very compassionate people, the intervention of an Animal Control Officer who went above and beyond, the wonderful care given by our foster parents and our medical TEAM at Petroglyph Animal Hospital and the lifelong commitment made by some of the best puppy parents around, these little fuzzybutt munchkins were provided the very best of possible outcomes. We are so grateful to everyone that played a part in their rescue. Congratulations to Trixie and her wonderful new family! We love love love you!! Rahoooo!!!

CaponeHT1CaponeHT2CAPONE (4/12/2016) A little over a year ago, NMDOG Capone came to us as a Forgotten throw-away dog from Valencia County. As his story was told: he was left abandoned in a yard when his people moved away and ultimately taken to the shelter. He was in pretty rough shape by the time we met him a few months later and by then, his time at the shelter had run out. Capone was filthy dirty, skinny skinny and he suffered from a severe recurring skin condition, which took us months to get cleared up. Thanks to a handful of dedicated volunteers, Capone soon landed in the arms of NMDOG and in the lap of an amazing foster home. It was here that he was likely able to just “be a dog” for the very first time. He didn’t have to worry about where his meals would come from or if he would be Forgotten and left to survive on his own. He was welcomed into this foster home as a member of the family; one of the pack. With only a few medical hurdles, he began to blossom and bloom into the most adorable, happy little dog! Present at all of our events and at every photo shoot we had it seemed as if he was overlooked, time and time again. We couldn’t figure out why, with not a care in the world, good manners, a graduation certificate from NMDOG class and the most precious face around, why no one had scooped him up. We just didn’t understand. But when this happens as it sometimes does, we always tell our kids here at NMDOG: “It’s taking a little longer for you to find your home, because yours is an extra special one and the seeds are being sown.” When Capone met his new Dad at the last adoption it was like they had always known each other and Capone greeted him with an extra special wag. Along with Capone’s foster parents we all had the perfect home in mind: one where he could be with his person almost all of the time. Well, as fate would have it, that’s just what he got! He gets to go everywhere and he goes a lot! Capone goes to work with his Dad every day of the week, they travel around town as distributors for (wait for it…) exactly the special kind of food that he can only eat! Because of his skin issues, he has to stick to a strict diet and his Dad totally gets that and says “well, that certainly not going to be a problem”. A more perfect match could not have been made. Capone’s got his whole life ahead of him and he says it was definitely worth the wait, because now he has his very own special human who for him, was tailor-made. Congratulations to Capone, his super special Dad and the Foster Family that made him feel like one of their own, giving him the very first family this little guy ever had. We are so happy for everyone and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for these 2 new best buddies! Pup Pup Hooray!!

CinderellaHT1CinderellaHT2CINDERELLA (4/8/2016) A Happy Tail we have all been waiting for! Little Cinderella came to us from a very heartbreaking, often frustrating and long drawn out case, which included the fate of 15 other dogs besides Cinderella herself. Read their full story on Facebook. So where do I even begin? Little Cinderella was named appropriately so: she was a slave to cruelty and neglect for too long. One day her person’s house caught on fire and that was the first day of the rest of her life! Though such an unfair and horribly painful price to pay for her freedom, I believe in the end she would agree it was all worth it. Until that fateful, fiery day Cinderella was forced to “live” in a small wire crate with other small dogs— outside, in all kinds of weather. She brought litter after litter of puppies into the world and was given no care at all. We don’t know what became of her many, many pups, but what we do know is that her last tiny litter all perished in the fire, along with Cinder’s crate-mates. RIP little ones. It was a miracle that Cinderella escaped with her life and even more of a miracle that she has now fully recovered from the severe burns that she suffered over a large part of her body! After approximately six long months of intensive treatment and care, she has left her painful and Forgotten past long behind her. I can’t quite find the words to describe the amazing support she received from her Fairy Foster parents and the top notch care of her medical TEAM at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. This intense work certainly takes a Village and sweet Cinder has the best around! Cinderella now has the Fairy Tale forever that all Dogs dream of and we couldn’t have done it alone! Our paws are high to everyone involved in this rescue…beginning with our sister group the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico. Their commitment never wavered and their determination was fierce! (and that is why they be our sistah!) We have seen some positive movement in a forward direction on behalf of San Miguel County since the onset of this case, but there is still lots and lots of work to be done. Together with the AWC, we will never stop fighting for humane treatment of animals and enforcement of the laws in this county! Today little Miss Cinder has all that her little heart could ever desire, including a doting Mom and Dad that adore her to pieces, along with her family of furry and feathered friends that play with her and make her smile! Not to mention a whole wardrobe closet of her very own that would make any fashionista green with envy! Cinderella is currently participating in training class with her Dad and she loves to go on family hikes! I just can’t say enough about their level of their commitment and how they stuck by her side through the whole ordeal. They were indeed the strength that got her through. We also can’t forget the sweet Angel that put this whole rescue Mission into motion: the next door neighbor to the “Firehouse”, Nichole. Sadly, Nichole passed away suddenly before the case came to a close, but we are sure she is looking down from Heaven with a proud smile on her face. RIP Nichole and all of our love to your family. If it were not for you, we would have no fairy tale story to tell. Today, Cinderella found her glass slipper and all is well in her world: she adopted the only real family she has ever known. She will never be left alone, she will never be cold or hungry, she will never be hurt again or cry. She is now truly treasured and adored for the rest of her life. Congratulations to Cinder and her amazing family—for dreaming big and fighting with all that you had to get here! You are such an incredible survivor! All of our paws are high!!

NovaHTNovaHT1NOVA (3/26/2016) NMDOG Nova came to us in April of last year. Along with her sweet sister Galaxy, they were discovered abandoned and picked up by Corrales Animal Control. Our friends at the Southwest Animal Rescue Fund (SWARF) sponsored their vetting and soon after, they were transferred to NMDOG (Our thanks to Corrales Animal Control and SWARF for looking out for these girls!) Initially we thought they needed to be placed together as a bonded pair. But the more time that passed and the more we got to know them, we began to see clearly that they would do fine with individual families of their own. When we have a truly bonded pair, we will go to the ends of the earth to place them together and will wait until that special home comes. But with Nova and Galaxy, this was not the case. We started socializing them with other dogs and taking them on outings on their own and we learned that they truly were independent of each other and would be fine on their own. With this, new doors began to open for them after months and months with no interest. Nova began staying with our friends at Beck ‘n Call Pet Services Albuquerque as their NMDOG foster kiddo and not long after one of their own staffers fell in love. (Galaxy is still with us but we are currently looking at some potentials of her own – all paws crossed!) Nova now has her very own Dad and she gets to go to work with him all of the time. On their days off, they go hiking and do other fun stuff like studying and snuggling and snuggling some more! Nova loves her roomie dog friend, they play and he steals her toys. She sleeps in bed right next to her Dad and he says that she snores (Nova can be kind of a lazy Husky). We are so happy that this sweet little snugglebutt’s dreams have finally come true: to be loved and adored and a “Daddy’s Girl” to boot! We know Galaxy will soon find her own forever and if fate has a hand…maybe they will be able to reunite and play silly Husky games. This is one happy Husky Tail for a boy and his Dog. A better match we couldn’t have made and we give a unanimous “Arhhoooooo”!

CosmicHT1CosmicHT2CosmicHT3COSMIC (3/26/2016) NMDOG Cosmic (formerly NMDOG Outreach Dog “Skywalker”) first came to our attention by way of a chained dog report via our website. We were told he was kept tethered, vulnerable to free roaming dogs and could often be heard fending them off with his cries at night. (Just one of the many dangers chained dogs face…) We made a beeline to the rural location to see how we could help! We did not observe any injuries but he was obviously in danger, with no protection of any kind. His guardians were not interested in surrender at the time, so we got to work building him a safe and secure fenced area. You can view his “NMDOG Outreach Rez Husky Skywalker” fence build album on Facebook. A few months later, we learned that the gate was not being kept shut and he was getting out and had been impounded by Valencia Animal Control. So we made another beeline and with the blessing of his former people, we busted him out!! That was last summer and he’s been with us ever since. H got a brand new name: Cosmic . Cosmic has a wild spirit, he is a Husky true to his breed. With a heart as big as the ocean and a sense of adventure as bold as the Moon. He was going to require a special kind of Husky person—one that would accept him, love him unconditionally and find the sense of humor in everything that he does. He found her!! With the help up some of Cosmic’s friends, the connection was made and as we progressed through the adoption process we discovered a very cool thing. Cosmic was going to have a sister dog, one maybe even as fun as him. Her name was Erin and she was adopted from Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico in 2011. Funny thing: she was actually rescued by NMDOG in the early beginnings, transferred to our SHRNM Husky friends and placed by them not long after. I often asked about Erin over the years and always heard she was happy and doing great. I was about to see her again for the first time in 5 years. Cosmic and Erin soon met and it was quite the sight to see: lots of “Rawwwrs”, “ArwwArwwArww’s” and “WoooWoooWooo’s”, followed by an explosion of airturns, butt bumps and dolphin spins! It was just awesome and obvious that Cosmic had met his match. This happy threesome is doing great. They regularly go on hikes and outings and Cosmic is currently participating in NMDOG Class. We love love love it when things just work out as if they were planned and we couldn’t be any happier for our special Husky boy. Cosmic now has the life he was always meant to have, as a treasured member of a family. I hope you enjoy my attempt at takinga good Happy Tail picture with 2 Huskies that have a mind of their own…! “ArwwArwwArww”


Bodhi and his sisters

Bodhi and his sisters

BODHI (3/26/2016) NMDOG Bodhi spent 10 loooong years on his chain… He was alone day in and day out, left to live on dirt, his food spilled onto the ground, barely enough water to survive, covered in ticks, no vet care, and, in our opinion, really no love in his life at all. When Bodhi first came to us, we spent hours and hours, enlisting the help of our groomer and even a veterinary visit to get rid of all the ticks! We lost count around 300 and by a miracle alone Bodhi’s blood work was good! But the many years at the end of a heavy chain had taken its toll. He suffered from atrophy in his rear end along with pain and weakness in his hips and other joints. We started on a consistent regimen of physical therapy, including range of motion, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, high nutrition and more. Not long after coming into our care Bodhi found safety, understanding, love, and soft place to land in a wonderful NMDOG Husky foster home. Lucky for Bodhi, as a special needs Husky, this wasn’t their first go ’round. It took months to get Bodhi’s GI tract settled down, to understand what he would eat and when. It also took some time before the emotional trauma of “living” his whole life on a chain began to fade. Little by little he began to interact, to seek human attention, and to find comfort in what his brand new life now had to offer. I can’t say enough thanks to his foster family for guiding him gently, for their due diligence with regard to his health, and for showing him what love truly is. Bodhi’s rescue was extra-special because it came just one day after we lost our beautiful King. Sadly, King was only with us for a few hours before the heart wrenching decision was made to end his suffering and send him home with love to the Rainbow Bridge. You can read King’s story on our Facebook page. Bodhi was about the same age as King from what we could tell, and the honor of giving another senior Husky the chance at the life King should have had, helped the hurt to heal. We like to think King had a paw in the whole thing…sending Bodhi our way. We know he is smiling down and we hope he is proud. Recently, together with Bodhi’s foster family, we decided to make it official: Bodhi’s fost family would be his forever. He will never be without a home again. We have agreed to continue providing Bodhi with his special needs care (PT, laser, anything ‘xtra’ he might need) and his amazing family will always provide him with the home and the daily care he deserves. TEAM Bodhi will continue in full swing and this kid will enjoy his golden years…never wanting for anything again. Bodhi adores his Husky sisters: they play and romp in the yard! They are teaching him how to howl and dance for his food. The 3 of them go for walks together and BODI takes the lead. It is like he’s saying: “Look at me! I’m living well and it IS the best revenge!” So, with gratitude in our hearts and thanks to our King….Bodhi is home… Today Bodhi sings the proud song of his people, with his pack….”WooWooWooWoo”!!!

EmberHTEMBER (3/22/2016) NMDOG Ember was one of our San Miguel County “Firehouse” dogs… She was chained to live contained in a metal wire crate just on the east side of the trailer. The fire started at the southwest corner and never made its way around. Ember existed this way for at least a couple of years. Many of the free roaming dogs would get a hold of her during season and she brought litter after litter of unwanted pups into the world. On all accounts, what we discovered was a very sad scene. We received pictures and reports on more than one occasion of her being covered in green paint. Despite contact with the so-called guardian, with offers of assistance and help our attempts were met with anger and dispute. Initially, we were aware of four chained dogs with a variety of others coming and going.There was no enforcement or ordinances in place to back these dogs up and the situation went on for months. Countless reports were filed, calls were made, but help never came. Until one day we received the call that the trailer on the property was up in flames. There were confirmed canine casualties, but the details at the time were fuzzy. After combined months of rescue efforts on site with our sister rescue the Animal Welfare Coalition, painful but promising progress with enforcement and transfer assistance from our friends at Animal Humane New Mexico, we counted 16 survivors and 3 confirmed deceased along with an unknown number of puppies. Ember was one of the lucky ones. She came to us in a very emaciated state, weighing in at only 33lbs. She was dirty, traumatized, hungry, and cold. Ember spent many weeks in our care, receiving nourishment, love and acceptance. With focus and determination, she has been able to work through some of her fear-based dog/dog issues (Yay Emmy!) and has shown much progress and success in the home. Things have been going so well that Ember recently adopted her doggie brother and sister, and her foster-to-forever mom as well. Currently, Ember is participating in our NMDOG post-adoption training class and they are all doing a fabulous job! This super sweet and very deserving girl landed right in the doggie lap of luxury. Her mom simply adores her. Honestly, she fell in love with her at first sight and a better Mom she could not have found. Ember has adjusted so incredibly well to living the treasured life in a home, we can’t imagine her ever having anything less. Both of these beautiful girls hit the jackpot when they found each other and we are absolutely, completely thrilled. These are the happy ending/beginnings that make all of the hard work and heartache worthwhile and we are so grateful for all of the amazing humans our dogs have in their lives. Our kids really do find the most incredible homes. Ember’s fairy tale dream has come true! Congratulations and an all paws high to everyone that played a part in Ember’s inspiring journey! Read the complete story of the Firehouse Dogs (warning: graphic images).

DixieJaneHTDixieJaneHT1DixieJaneHT2DIXY JANE AND HER PUPPIES (3/2/2016) Last November, an NMDOG TEAM member spotted an emaciated dog running down a busy street in Albuquerque’s South Valley, dragging a long, heavy chain. She jumped into action and secured the dog. Then we got her to our clinic right away. It was discovered that she was very pregnant, and 24 hours later, we were the proud rescue grandparents parents to 8 tiny Cattle Dog puppies! We commend Mama Dixie Jane for her bravery, survival skills and knowing she needed to get help right away. Somehow, Dixie broke free from her heavy chain. If she hadn’t, the babies and maybe even Dixie Jane herself, may not have made it. Dixie Jane weighed only 27lbs (even with 8 babies inside) and her chain weighed almost that much itself. We located a microchip and secured an immediate owner surrender over the phone. Then we called in the location for follow up with Animal Control. Dixie Jane’s previous guardian was cited for chaining Dixie and three male dogs on the property (we are keeping a close eye on the situation). Dixie and her pups spent the first 48 hours under close observation at the clinic and we got to work finding them a wonderful foster home where the pups would be safe and Dixie Jane would begin to know what love is. The weeks went by, and Dixie proved herself as an amazing new Mama Dog. The puppies began growing like little weeds. This special little family could not have been luckier and they could not have found a better place to heal and grow! They ate, they slept, they played, they ate some more and then they snuggled. Day after day after day. Thanks to Dixie Jane’s perfect instinct which told her to get the heck out of where she was and find help! Raising the puppies and taking care of sweet Dixie soon became a family affair for her awesome foster family and what an awesome experience it’s been for everyone involved. We are so grateful! Once the pups received age-appropriate vaccinations which would protect them along the way, we transferred 5 of the puppies to our Heeler Rescue partners in Colorado. Dixie Jane claimed her foster family as her own, as well as claiming permanent homes for three of her pups with immediate family! She is one super smart Heeler girl!! We are thrilled to announce the adoptions of sweet Dixie Jane and puppies Dollie, Rustie and Daisie! Thank you with all of that we have, to this entire family….for opening their homes and their hearts to Dixie Jane and hers when they absolutely needed them the most! Because good people took action and came together for the LoVe of Dog….all of these kids will now have the lives they deserve! Happy Tails and Puppy Power…we could not be anymore thrilled!!

HopeHTHOPE (2/28/2016) Sweet little Hope came to us from the most southern part of the state—just a few short miles from the Mexican border. She was rescued by some good folks after she was thrown across a yard at just 8 weeks old. Luckily she was not seriously injured and was whisked away to safety right away! As Hope grew bigger, her rescuers worried that she would be stolen and taken across the border for breeding or fighting. They say this is a sad reality for many dogs in the area. So they reached out to NMDOG and as part of our promise to Hubble, we opened our arms to this little Bully in need. Hope landed immediately in NMDOG Alum Rrramone’s home as his little foster sister and soon it was clear that he never intended on letting her go. Recently, little Hope became Rrramone’s lil sis, FOREVER! He protects her and adores her to pieces. Hope also has two big sisters who she follows around and steals their toys like only a little sister can, but they love her too! One of her fave things is trips with her new family to the river….one of her least fave things is the bath everyone gets when they get home! After completing treatment for a case of demodectic mange and putting on some weight, HOPE has come through with flying colors and we just couldn’t be any more thrilled! We are grateful to Rrramone’s Forever family for taking Hope in when she needed them the most and we are forever thankful to them for making theirs her home, for always. Pup Pup Hooray for this awesome Happy Tail…brought to you#withHOPEfromHUBBLE

AstroHTASTRO (12/27/2015) Ok, so I may as well share ALL of the good news today from here at NMDOG HQ. Six months ago we celebrated Astro’s 1st birthday (coincidentally, he and I share the same bday…) while he was hospitalized with a life threatening, yet unknown condition. He was in kidney failure and surviving on only 25% organ function. After weeks of hospitalization and doing all there that could be done, he was discharged to my home care. I remember like it was yesterday…the hopelessness and helplessness I felt the night that we got a hotel room together so I could spend at least one night snuggling with him before we had to say goodbye. I cried and cried and held him close, soaking up every bit of him that I could. The next day he acted like a new dog and though all of his clinicals told us he was dying he sure didn’t act like it and I couldn’t bring myself to let him go, so I took him back home. The next few weeks were a constant struggle getting him to eat and I was always afraid I would come home or wake up and he would be gone. So much so that I monitored him constantly from my phone on the Astro cam! (making my TEAM a little nuts I must say) But we forged on day by day: syringe feedings and lots of food trials; anything to get him to eat. This all happened at the old HQ: a space much smaller than we are in now. So in order to afford Astro the true home experience he needed and deserved, it was decided that he should go to live with a trusted and treasured NMDOG Board member. From that day on he truly began to thrive. Up in the mountains in Husky Heaven, he played, he began to eat on his own and he actually started to gain and maintain his weight! Astro stayed with this very special Angel for some time and with each passing day, he became whole again. Our arrangement with this special foster was that he would stay for as long as he had. Truth be told, we didn’t expect him to “stay” for very long and we just wanted him to totally enjoy what time he had left. Days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months and as apparent in Astro’s most recent follow up vet visit, a Miracle happened somewhere along the lines and his levels are now reading “normal.” There is no medical explanation for what was wrong in the first place, as there is no medical explanation for what now appears to be right. We are aware that Astro could easily take a turn for the worst again on any given day, but we are choosing to focus on the Miracle right in front of us! Since Astro’s stay was longer than expected in his foster home, we collectively decided to bring him down the mountain to join myself and the pack here at the new NMDOG HQ. Astro has been with me here now for a couple of months and things are going very well. Since we really don’t know what was ever wrong with him in the first place, what happened to make him “all better”, or what the future will bring for Astro’s health, it would be unfair for us to adopt him out as a “healthy” dog. It would also be difficult to ask a family to sign up for the uncertainty of what his future holds and the responsibility of his potentially very expensive care. Astro’s eating habits have us a little miffed: he requires home cooked meals 3x/day, placed in a very particular place in a very particular way and whether or not he will eat at these scheduled times is a whole other challenge unto itself. Along with regular and frequent vet visits to monitor his kidney function, bloodwork and the remaining neurological symptoms from initial onset and his overall condition, he also has strange sleeping habits as well as some other mysterious quirks. These kind of things tend to lessen a dog’s adoptability and scare folks away, but to me and to all of us that know and love him., they are endearing and they make Astro the magical Unicorn Dog that he is. He deserves to have a real home, with real family and a real pack that loves and accepts him just the way he is and he deserves to have all of his medical needs met for as long as they are required. Special circumstances require creative problem solving and though Astro is by no means any problem at all, the problem of where Astro will call forever, has now been solved. Astro has officially joined my pack and me here, for as long as he decides to stay. We will adore him, accept him, treasure him and love him with our whole hearts—we always have and we always will. Welcome home Rastro: thank you for bringing unmeasurable joy into our lives. Now go little Unicorn Dog…be happy, be you, and be secure in knowing you are home now, forever.

HonorHTHONOR (12/27/2015) An NMDOG Holiday Happy Tail you have all been waiting for. Sweet, sweet Honor came to us by way of the magic that is Hubble and a good Samaritan who picked her up with her two pups wandering along a desolate road in Valencia County. The day was September 23 and we were in the middle of a medical 911 with our dear boy Hubble. Just minutes before we got the call for Honor, Hubble’s medical TEAM called and said I needed to come…and fast…he didn’t have much time left. I secured arrangements for Honor and the pups to meet me at Petroglyph Animal Hospital where Hubble was being cared for by the amazing staff, and I went…as fast as I could to be by his side. I had only a short time with Hubble before he peacefully left for the Rainbow Bridge, and as he was leaving, Honor and her pups walked through the door. I dried my tears and we got to work. She was anemic, emaciated, flea infested, had scars and open wounds. Her teeth had been completely filed down, top and bottom, all the way around. It was obvious she had been terribly overbred, but her pups (other than the fleas) were as healthy as could be! She was a good, good Mama Dog and it was clear she put their needs before her own for however long they had been out there fending for themselves. It is my belief that this little family was sent directly to us from Hubble as his last heroic act while on this earth. Honor and her pups spent the next few days at the clinic under observation as we made arrangements to transfer her pups to our friends at Animal Humane New Mexico where they received their intake vetting and both found awesome and amazing homes right away! (I am in touch with both of their families) Honor would be discharged to my care soon after and home with me is where she would go. Little did I know, home with me is where she would stay! My pack accepted her as if she were one of their own, even allowing for her pushy Bully ways! I think they knew how special she was and how desperately she needed our love. The days turned into weeks as I worked on her nutrition and health, hoping that soon her bloodwork would stabilize and allow us to spay. Finally that day came. Yahoo! Honor was scheduled for routine spay, but the call I received was unexpected. During surgery it was discovered that Honor had mammary tumors. Lots of them of every shape and size. The location of the tumors were so that they weren’t detectable from the outside. My heart sank. After all of the progress she had made to find out she had cancer was heartbreaking to say the least. So her routine spay turned into to a mass tumor removal procedure and the incisions that were required were intense. Honor is all healed up from that surgery now, but the tumors are coming back, attacking the mammary glands she has left. This leaves us with the grim prospect of multiple surgeries to remove these tumors and the glands in which they exist. What this means is that Honor is a special needs dog: she will require multiple future surgical procedures and very close monitoring. We must also watch her condition closely as not to allow the tumors to metastasize which would cause even greater issues, possibly even her death. Honor is a very special dog who made herself right at home in my heart and in my house. My pack can be pretty picky and they never once hesitated in making her a member of our little family That alone spoke volumes to me. In short, it has been decided that Honor has found forever, for however long that might be. She will never have to want for a family, a spot under the covers nuzzled in the neck of her human, medical care or a nutritious meal…ever again. I have “adopted” Honor as sure as she has “adopted” me. Her medical care will be funded by NMDOG to ensure she gets the best of anything she might ever need. There are a handful of these special kiddos out there. We call them “forever Fosters” and they are adopted by special people that work closely with us in agreement to provide for their lifelong care. Village…it is a privilege for me to be chosen for this special job, to provide for Honor in my home for all of her days. She is part of my family and well, I honestly couldn’t imagine her going anywhere else. I dont think she could either. It’s safe to say that we are both pretty “attached.” My life has been changed by this pushy, demanding, stubborn and snuggle monster of a Bully in ways that I can’t quite explain. With NMDOG Mascot JoJo’s recent retirement and his need to stay close to home, Honor has stepped right up to the plate as the perfect NMDOG Ambassador. You will see her with me often, running errands, making personal appearances and spreading joy with her AdoraBull self. I hope you will all find as much pleasure as I have in knowing she is right where she is meant to be, doing right what she was meant to do. She and Hubble have touched so many lives. Honor is happy and she is content. She adores her brothers and sisters here at NMDOG HQ, and, Village, you have my promise that I will be the best Mom to her, for always. I am grateful to Hubble for bringing Honor into our lives and for all that he gave with his. He was a true warrior on this Earth and he carries on his good work with his spirit. Hubble is never far from my thoughts and he lives in my heart. Together we are #HUBBLEstrong! I hope this Happy Tail pleases Hubble, knowing his special girl won’t be going anywhere at all and I hope to have all of your support in our choice for Honor. She deserves the best! Honor is home and we are blessed. Xo ~ Angela

CodyHTCODY (11/24/2015) Sweet little Cody was blind from birth. He was part of a sensitive case we have been working for months in Valencia County—many dogs needing a new lease on life. NMDOG has been entrusted by their guardian enough to allow us to help and so far we have been able to successfully take in, provide medical/behavioral care to and re-home four of the dogs. We hope to be able to help more as things progress. Cody grew up with very little socialization or real life experience and he was scared of everything and everyone around him when we first met. Thankfully, a wonderful NMDOG foster home was waiting in the wings to accept Cody into their hearts and give him the kindness, understanding and gentle guidance he so desperately needed. Cody has come so so far in just about six months, learning about all of the good that life has to offer. He is still working through some things, but we know Cody will only continue to blossom with all of the awesomeness that surrounds him! Recently, we choose Cody to be our Santa Fe New Mexican NMDOG of the Week and we couldn’t have been anymore thrilled with the results! His Angel was reading the paper that day and when she saw Cody’s adorable, sweet little face she just knew he was meant to be with her and boy was she ever right! It was love at first “sight” and Cody took to her right away too. Cody has found the love of his life: a Mom who can give him all that he needs. Cody is making the transition from foster to forever like a pro, he has learned his way around his new yard, his whole house, he maneuvers the doggie door like its nothing and hasn’t had one single accident in the house. Cody discovered snow for the very first time and made his Mom giggle when he was “chasing” the snowflakes on his nose. Cody and his Mom are going to start working with a wonderful trainer right away and there is talk about nose-work classes too! Cody is already a whiz with a clicker and knows his basic commands, along with “left” and “right” to give his paw-shakes. Cody is a super smart boy! When I visited today to make it official, my heart was filled with comfort and joy! I’ve never seen his little self so stinkin’ happy and content with the whole world around him. This is absolutely what its all about ! Thank you to Cody’s original guardian, for allowing us to help. To Cody’s amazing foster Mom for all of her endless love and dedication to getting him started on the right paw, and thank you to his new forever Mom for the unconditional love and commitment she has already shown. We would also like to thank Tootsies Vision, https://www.facebook.com/groups/697746320354297/ a group that provides medical assistance and resources for the care of blind dogs, for their generous donation towards Cody’s care. Cody has an amazing TEAM all around him and we know there is nothing but wonderful ahead for him—forever. Pup pup hooray to our special boy and to his very special Mom! This is a day to truly be grateful . We love you Cody Bear!! Xo

BruceWayneHTBruceWayneHT1BRUCE WAYNE (10/15/2015) Sweet, sweet NMDOG Bruce Wayne (undercover Hero!) came to us by way of a sad Las Vegas, NM beginning. Brucie was a member of a pack of dogs who were allowed to roam free (as so many are) and one day when he returned to “home base” his people discovered he had been severely injured, maybe a “kick from a horse”. Fast forward 8 weeks…his people went MIA some time ago and did not return, leaving an injured, now very sick and frail Bruce and his pack mates behind. A “friend of the family” stepped in and legally surrendered all of the dogs to the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico at the Las Vegas, NM shelter. Bruce’s injury had gone untreated for so long, he eventually had to chew off what was remaining of his front leg in an attempt to escape the pain and infection. We are grateful that someone finally stepped in and took him to a good place where he would get the help he so desperately needed, and the other dogs too (all were transferred to partner groups of the AWC and have been adopted). We just wish it would’ve happened sooner so that not one of them felt such pain, dehydration, hunger and despair. We received Bruce Wayne on the same day we learned of the arrest in Cub’s case. The two accused of allowing him to suffer so greatly for so long. The similarities were uncanny. Brucie also suffered from blunt force trauma resulting in a crude amputation of a limb and was left to fend for himself in unspeakable pain for at least 8 weeks. I thought for sure that Cubby wouldn’t mind sharing a little of his justice, as we were pretty confident that Bruce’s abuser(s) would not be found. Brucie, like Cub, did a remarkable job of keeping his wound clean, of keeping himself mobile, his heart strong and his mind sharp out there all on his own. They are both such little warriors! Dogs are…amazing. Bruce underwent a 911 blood transfusion prior to his 911 surgery. Due to the long-term the nature of the injury, treatment required that everything be removed (muscle tissue, sacpula, etc). This resulted in a pretty painful procedure and therapy intensive recovery, unlike most standard amputations. Bruce also had to learn how to trust and not be afraid of men and other dogs. In true secret superhero fashion, our little Bruce Wayne overcame all of the odds! He has just about one of the sweetest hearts I’ve ever known and he’s one of the happiest little dogs I’ve ever met! After many, many weeks of hospitalization and foster care recovery/rehab with JoJo and friends, Bruce was ready to venture onto the next step of his journey. He absolutely nailed it and found himself his own secret superhero family!! Congratulations to Bruce Wayne and his new pack, including his vet tech Mom and his Dad who takes him for rides in the big truck, 2 little sister dogs and a brother dog that plays with him all of the time. But paws down, Bruce’s favorite is his very own little girl who he has adopted as his very own. They are nothing short of completely stinkin’ adorable and its clear that they belong to each other. These are the stories that are happening every day on the frontlines and behind the scenes at NMDOG. Partnerships with dedicated groups like the AWC, our amazing medical TEAMS and supporters like you make all of it possible. Because of this Village….kiddos like Brucie and his little girl get to experience the true love of Dog. For that we are so incredibly grateful and Im pretty sure they are too. Pup Pup Hooray a thousand times over! Living well IS the best revenge and “Cousin Brucie” just got his. Xo

MuppetHT1MuppetHT2MUPPET (10/9/2015) We first me little Muppet when she was just a wee pup. Saved during a Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force sweep we scooped her up, and found her a family. Fast forward two years, she needed us again, and we were there. Once an NMDOG…always an NMDOG! Muppet is one of the sweetest, most adorable, and loving dogs you would ever hope to meet. During her recent time with us, Muppet stayed with our friends at Beck ‘n Call Pet Services Albuquerque as their NMDOG foster kiddo, where she quickly became a staff fave and stole the hearts of everyone there. Paws high to the awesome crew at B ‘n C for always making room for and taking such great care of our dog-friendly kids. We are grateful! Muppet makes friends everywhere she goes and our Yappy Hour event sealed the deal! This is where she met her new best friend, and today, Muppet adopted her! Muppet has a canine nephew that lives next door. He is a Jack Russell Terrier, so he’s still trying to convince her that he’s the boss. Muppet just rolls with it, and I’m sure before long she will win him over. In the meantime, Muppet has two kitty sisters, and word is, they secretly love her! The three of them have been seen curled up together. (Of course, when they thought no one was watching.) Muppet and her Mom recently returned from a small family reunion during an extended trial adoption period, and they both had a fabulous time. She met her new cousin dogs and human Aunts & Uncles. Muppet adopted an entire awesome family that adores her and we just couldn’t be any happier for both of these sweet girls. It seems they may have found each other at just the right time! Today Muppet’s Mom said “I’m not sure who rescued who here”. This rescue thing…it tends to work both ways! Thank you to everyone who played a part in this journey and to the wonderful WIL volunteer that handmade her very own Muppet blankie for forever, with love.
Congratulations to Muppet and her new Mom. We love this happy tail with our whole hearts!!

VashtiHTVASHTI (9/9/2015) Months ago, we took custody of a sweet, scared Husky girl that was left at the Valencia County shelter with very few options. Vashti was picked up by Valencia County Animal Control as a stray and suffered a severe break to one of her rear legs, leaving their vet with no option but amputation. After the procedure, she was bandaged up and sent back to the shelter where she waited desperately for someone to save her. NMDOG was contacted and we went immediately to scoop her up. It was clear to us that there were still some residual effects from her injury. Upon intake, she presented with severe infection and a very high temp. We admitted Vashti to the care of our clinic where her infected amputation site was reclosed, she was placed on IV fluids, abx and pain meds. Her recovery was difficult as she struggled with the challenge of medical boarding. We worked very hard for weeks with clinic staff to keep Vashti’s mind occupied and to keep her as comfortable as possible through her ordeal until she was finally able to be discharged into the care of an amazing NMDOG foster home — one complete with an almost twin to Vashti: NMDOG Alum Falon (rescued from his chain last year). Bringing a scared, shy and escape-driven newly-amputated tripawd Husky into your home is no small feat and we are thrilled to say….it was a huge success!! Good job Falon and Dad! They welcomed sweet Vashti into their home and their hearts, monitoring her closely and working with her on trust. It didn’t take long for both of these awesome guys to fall completely in love with Vashti and in doing so they decided to never let her go. Vashti is now the official 2nd NMDOG kiddo of the household and well, we just couldn’t be any happier for all of them. Vashti is one of the many cases whose story we don’t get to post on the Facebook page for one reason or another, but mostly due to time constraints of being a very small, all-volunteer rescue. But you can rest assured, there are always cases being treated behind the scenes. NMDOG is so much more than what you see on Facebook and our website. Our work is constant, it is happening 24/7 and it is always challenging. But, it is, without a doubt, always worth it. Vashti is now completely healed and is getting around on three legs like a champ! She and brother Falon are two peas in a pod—spending their days at work at Explora! with their awesome Dad. When they are not at work, they enjoy their very own mountain hideaway, chasing squirrels, digging Husky holes, and Falon is even teaching Vashti how to howl! What a wonderful ending/beginning for this special girl and what a wonderful new addition to a very special NMDOG family. Thank you to everyone who donates, volunteers and supports the work we do. Without you, dogs like Vashti would fall through the cracks because we wouldn’t have the means to help them. Thankfully, we have the best Village on the planet and are able to answer these desperate calls for help!!! Congratulations to Vashti, Falon and their Dad. You kids are all stinkin’ adorable and we love you!! Xo Pup Pup Hooray!!

DreamHTDREAM (8/29/2015) On Martin Luther King Jr. day of this year, I was siting at my desk working. As I looked out of the window to give my eyes a break, I noticed a very distressed dog at the back gate of NMDOG Headquarters. Scrambling for leash, keys and phone, I secured Raina and Oso and rushed to the dogs aide. It was immediately clear that I had a 911 on my hands, so I loaded her up and on the way to the clinic she was named Dream. Almost unresponsive, severely dehydrated and weak she seemed unable to see or hear me. But she sure knew exactly where to go for help…dogs are funny that way. We administered fluids, drew blood and made her comfortable, learning quickly that she was Heartworm (+). Dream is also a senior girl, around 7 years old. I posted her story almost immediately and almost immediately, we were contacted by an Angel sent straight from Heaven…literally! One of our awesome Villagers saw Dream’s plea and sent it to her friend who was flying en route back to Albuquerque on the red eye. By morning we secured the most amazing foster home for Dream with retired medical field professionals. Once Dream was stable enough to leave the clinic, she began her journey as a beloved member of a family—a long journey that would require months of healing, both physically and emotionally. After getting to know Dream and documenting her condition we determined with confidence that she “lived” many years as a Forgotten backyard dog, likely chained. Despite our best efforts, we were never able to determine where she came from and our goal now was to make up for all of those lost years. After weeks of nutritional therapy and pre-Heartworm treatment protocol, Dream was finally well enough to begin treatment. Her foster family continually amazed us with every vet appointment, every week of crate and activity restriction, every bump along the way and with every incredible stride Dream made! Dream received full medical clearance for adoption and wouldn’t you know it, not long after that, she developed a serious condition in one of her eyes! Poor, sweet Dream. Back to the clinic she went and after unsuccessful topical treatment it was determined that surgery was needed. Recently, Dream underwent exploratory eye surgery and is making a full recovery. She also had a small mass removed from her hip. To celebrate once and for all she decided to adopt her very devoted and adored foster family and make them hers forever. We couldn’t be any more thankful or any more thrilled for this magical fairy tale Dream come true and we couldn’t imagine her anywhere else. This is truly a testament to the Power of The Village, where everyone plays an important part. “It only takes one person to throw a dog away, but it takes a Village to make them whole again”. Thank you to everyone who played a part in this girl’s miracle story and for making our Dream girl’s dreams come true. She is one of the happiest, most adored, most grateful Dogs I know. Congratulations to Dream and her beautiful family: you deserve all of the magic your life now holds.

StarskynewHT1StarskynewHT2STARSKY (8/27/2015) Sometimes we all have to stumble a little before we end up right where we are meant to be, and sometimes it takes the stars a little longer to line up just right. NMDOG Starsky came to us off his chain in early 2014 with his chainmate NMDOG Hutch. Starsky tested (+) for Heartworm disease and went immediately into a loving treatment foster home. NMDOG Hutch was cleared medically and soon found a wonderful forever home to call his very own. After months of intense medical treatment and lots of unconditional love Starsky was ready for adoption and found what we thought would be his home, for always. Things don’t always go as we hope, but the one thing that never fails is our promise and commitment to our kids: once an NMDOG, always an NMDOG. We take forever to heart. By no fault of his own, Starsky recently lost his home and was welcomed back to NMDOG with open arms. His original foster family was there for him without hesitation as well and to them, we are incredibly grateful! His stay wasn’t to be long though, when we received the uplifting call! Some awesome Villagers saw that sweet Starsky was back with us and once again in need. They had followed him from his original rescue in April of 2014 and even wrote in to inquire about adopting him once he was cleared medically, but Starsky was already on his previous trial adoption. They never did pursue adding another Husky to their pack until they saw him again just recently on the NMDOG page. Their girl and now Starsky’s new forever sister, Tatiana, is a little (uh um) persnickety about her doggie friends (silly Diva Husky!) and they have two kitties in the home as well. We knew Starsky would pass the kitty test and would tolerate Tatiana’s Diva ways, but we wanted more for him than that, we wanted her to fall in love and, well… she did!! Low and behold, Tatiana met her match in Starsky, and Starsky is loving all of the attention. I believe he looked at me and winked during the meet and greet, saying, “don’t worry, I’ll have her eating right out of my paw”. Starsky has won Tatiana over and his new Mom and Dad are amazed at the calming effect he has had on her. Some Huskies might act as if they want to be the only child, when really in their hearts, they want and need nothing more than another Husky. Starsky is enjoying his new parents’ retired life: long early morning walks and afternoon naps in the shade. He and his new little sister play silly Husky games and Tatiana no longer finds all the fun in chasing the cats. Starsky has shown her that there are better things to do! Like dig Husky holes in the manicured lawn, playing chase, and howling over the foothills in the evenings. We are so pleased that everyone is doing so well and we are blessed to have walked with Starsky along his journey. Sometimes the road to forever has detours—detours which we will always travel with them. Celebrate with us this wonderful detour which has taken our boy truly home, right where he was always meant to be! Congratulations to sweet Starsky, his new adorable little sister and his amazing, wonderful and devoted new parents. Pup Pup Hooray Starsky is home!! Read Starsky’s original rescue story on Facebook.

Rusty CarrHTRUSTY CARR (8/26/2015) We have been working for many months on a case in an area that is horrible beyond words. Our involvement is sensitive, so in the best interest of the dogs we are keeping the details to a minimum. Most of the time, we put weeks, months, sometimes years into building relationships with dog Guardians that are based on trust. To compromise that trust could be devastating to the outcome we seek, so, in the spirit of upholding the trust we have earned, sometimes less is more. Sweet, sweet NMDOG Rusty Carr came to us recently from this particular case, and we are thrilled to announce that he has already found the forever home of his dreams! His new mom has been very involved with German Shepherds since she was a little girl, and her heart has been lonely since the passing of her last beloved dog. She decided it was time to fill that hole with the love that only a dog can give, and we are grateful! Rusty Carr is a lucky kid for sure to have been placed directly in her path, and we think their meeting was absolutely meant to be! Mom is a super lucky too because Rusty has a heart of pure gold, the loyalty of a true best friend, and the joyful spirit of a puppy who wants only to please. Mom takes him to work with her every day during the week. She says he has a knack for practicing law! They are also practicing basic obedience which Rusty has picked up like a pro!! He is learning to play with his toys, and learning all about the brand new world around him. He walks great on his leash and loooves exploring their quiet neighborhood and making new friends. This is a match made in heaven—one that gives us assurance and faith that we are on the right track. Congratulations to this very special dog and his new super special mom!! We love you Rusty Carr with all that we have, and we are truly honored to be your rescue. Now you can go live your beautiful and special new life: completely carefree and with joy!!

BristolHTBristolHT1BRISTOL (8/16/2015) NMDOG Bristol came to us from the Las Cruces shelter, by way of our friends at Action Programs for Animals. They pulled her as part of a group of (6, I believe) Heartworm (+) dogs that were all on their very last days. We agreed to take the Husky and APA arranged for a wonderful temporary foster home to keep her safe. We just happened to be driving one little NMDOG Puppy Smalls to his Forever home in the area and would bring Bristol home with us on the way back. Thank you to APA for helping us save sweet Bristol and for all they do every day! Bristol weighed 33lbs upon intake and waited at the shelter for almost 5 months for help to come. We took her straight into the clinic, confirmed HW status, took x-rays, did blood work and started her on our tried and true HW treatment protocol. Bristol landed gracefully in the lap of an amazing NMDOG Heartworm treatment foster home and began her journey to becoming whole and happy. In her foster home, she found joy, she found understanding, patience, care and concern. Bristol found friendship with her human littles and canine foster brothers. Her foster mom devoted herself to being there for Bristol, through days of not eating, medication changes and treatment extensions due to her super sensitive tummy. Weeks of (3) post injection crate and activity confinement, never-ending vet appointments and endless amounts of fur. Last week, one month after Bristol’s third and final injection, she aced her microfilaria test with a solid (-) and received her clearance for adoption! Pup Pup Hooray! This is the day we have all been waiting for: no more activity restriction, no more yucky, fatal worms in her heart and no more wishing for a Forever home to call her own!! We are thrilled to announce that Bristol decided to keep them all and adopted her devoted foster family!! Paws high to Dad and elder canine brother too!! We are so grateful to this awesome family for all of the love they surrounded Bristol with, from the second she walked into their door and for deciding to never let her go! Today, Bristol weighs a healthy 47lbs, she can run and play, her fur is soft, silky and full, and, more than anything, she is treasured and adored. Welcome to Bristol’s fairy tale beginning—now the true Husky Princess she was always meant to be. We Love you sweet girl, for always.

SitkaHTSITKA (8/2/2015) Little baby Sitka came to us very, very sick. After he was purchased off of one of those awful Facebook “garage sale” sites from a breeder in Mexico. He crashed immediately and his people were not able to provide the 911 medical care that he needed. At six weeks old, he was surrendered to our vet clinic and NMDOG got the call. We took him on immediately, made our promise and the lifesaving began. For weeks Sitka was hospitalized and treated for Parvo, multiple severe bacterial infections and malnutrition. He was then released to his amazing and long time friend of NMDOG foster to adopt home, where he was syringe-fed multiple times each day and provided constant observation and care. Sitka’s medical hurdles were many, one stacked right on top of the other and he would still need to be admitted again….and again. He finally began to show improvement and with the dedication, commitment and love he received from his Dad. He was on the real road to recovery. There are no words to express what it means to know that one of our kids will never, ever, ever have to want or worry for anything again. Since leaving the hospital, Sitka has been raised by a whole pack of furry brother and sister Angels. They held him close when he didn’t want to get up, they taught him how to go outside and potty once he found the strength. They shared their toys, their beds, their Dad and each other and they let him climb all over them and taught him to howl once he began to grow big and strong! Today Sitka weighs almost 27lbs and he is now almost 6 months old. He takes evening walks each day with his pack (yes! the whole pack ) and he plays, runs and romps with the big dogs! Sitka is a miracle pup. More than once we were told not to expect for him to make it. Not only has Sitka beaten all of the odds and survived, but he is thriving and he has the best of the best by his side! We are beyond grateful to our clinic that took him in and called us in his time of need, to his incredible Dad whose love of Dog is surpassed by no one and to The Village that enables us to save these precious lives. We are also grateful to the people that purchased him, realized he was sick and sought care. But we urge folks to please ensure that you have the means to care for any pet you choose to take responsibility for and “Adopt! Don’t shop”! If there weren’t a demand for these sleazy illegal puppy mill/backyard breeder outfits, pups like Sitka wouldn’t be brought into the world to suffer with disease, illness, abuse, neglect and abandonment in the first place. It is up to all of us to do something, even if that something is to say no. Say no to breeders, puppy mills and online sales of animals and educate the importance of spay/neuter, along with lifetime responsible pet guardianship. Despite our best efforts, we were never able to determine what happened to the rest of Sitka’s litter, but the thought of their likely fate haunts us to this day. There is still an active investigation by the Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force into the illegal ring from which Sitka came. But as we always say here at NMDOG: “Living well is the best revenge!” Thank you to everyone that played a part in his healing journey and congrats to Sitka and his breathtakingly beautiful forever family!! From the day he was taken home as a wee baby in the arms of his Dad and as they both fought with all that they had. Sitka has and always will be surrounded only by love. Wooowooo little baby Husky howls of joy…

AceHTAceHT1ACE (6/29/2015) Sometimes a dog comes along and changes everything, and change is good! Ace has been with NMDOG for a long, long time. We can’t imagine why it’s taken Ace so long to find his very own real forever family He’s literally one of the THE best dogs we have ever had the pleasure to know. Being let down time and time again by those that pledged to treasure him and keep him safe would leave most with a hole in their heart too big to ever be filled. But we can only say, though sometimes we just don’t understand a lot of things, we do understand that good things (really good things!) do come to those that wait. We were there for Ace every step of the way. We kept our promise to him each time someone else broke theirs and broke his heart. But through it all, Ace remained loving, stoic and true! Originally adopted from a local shelter as a pup, he found himself at the end of a chain, (admittedly) being beaten by his “new family” almost every day. He broke free from his chain and ran for his life, but he didn’t get very far as he was hit by a car. He landed at our clinic by way of a good Samaritan, was traced back to his origin and an owner surrender was secured. It was that moment in time, though his road has been rocky, that he found true safety with NMDOG. His backstory is full of heartbreak and disappointment and honestly, I wondered how I would ever trust anyone with him again. But no matter how many times one has been let down, we all have to learn to be open to love again. and in this case, we owed it to Ace to have faith that his real happily ever after would one day come: a family that knows what it means to be true. As Ace and I both took a giant leap of faith (me fighting the urge to turn around and head back to the kennel the whole drive over) we journeyed to meet what would turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to one of the best, most patient dogs I’ve ever known. Though it is one of the hardest things to do, we must not let our past experiences keep us from experiencing the good that often awaits, right around the next corner. Ace’s trial (standard 1 week) was extended to almost two months as we kept a very close eye on him in his new home and got to know his new family. The one thing I did know is that this dog could not be let down again. It just couldn’t happen, and if it did, well….I would be adding another to my own pack… It didn’t take long for us to see the bond that formed almost instantly between Ace, his new Dad and the kids. It took even less time to know in our hearts that their commitment to him was forever—and in no uncertain terms. They have all proven to us beyond a shadow of a doubt that they deserved to have this amazing dog in their lives. So yesterday, we made it officially official and Ace adopted them all! Ace and his new Dad are the very best of friends!! They can often be found working together in the garage, restoring their herd of classic VWs, or hanging on the couch watching guy flicks. They go for rides together in the open air Jeep—after his Dad secured a harness rig in the back to keep Ace safe! Ace absolutely loves the Jeep! Together they fix the family dinner each night for the kids. And the kids; well, the kids consider him a true part of the family, he is their brother and they have made his adoption a true family affair! We couldn’t be anymore proud of each of them and we couldn’t be anymore grateful to them for the commitment they have shown. This is Ace’s fairy tale dream come true and they are the answer to what we have always wanted for him….and more! From us to Ace’s new family: “Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. What you have given to him has been the answer to many years of paw-prayers, you have given us rest from many sleepless nights of worry and wonder and you have managed to restore much of our faith…that in time, dreams really do come true. Thank you…with all that we have . So to our boy Ace and his awesome, dedicated, loving and FUN new family….congratulations!” Ace…I can now rest assured that you will never want for anything again and that fills my heart in ways I just can’t explain. We love you Ace…more than words can say and we are just so grateful for your wonderful new life . This Happy Tail brings tears of joy to my eyes and a long awaited sense of peace to my heart. Ace buddy…you are finally home, forever.

JackHTJACK (6/26/2015) Jack found forever by way of NMDOG. His is a sweet little story and he is one super sweet little guy! The sweetest, actually. We received a messageg about a little Heeler in the Portales shelter. He appeared to have an injury that would require his eye to be removed. The message came from a member of the NMDOG Cub Club, a Cattle Dog/Heeler lover and rescuer all the way from Tennessee. She saw Jack’s shelter pic and just knew she had to help. With the help of Shooke Unleashed Animal Rescue in Clovis, we arranged the pull and transport while Jack’s Angel pledged his medical and housing expense for support. We would have him checked out at our clinic, neutered, vaccinated and chipped, fix up his eye or remove it, and arrange for a ride for him to Tennessee once he was all healed up. Upon exam, it was determined the eye did not need be removed and we proceeded with treatment and medication. Yay! Less than 24 hrs later we received a message from NMDOG Alum Miska’s Mom wondering if we had any Heelers that might a good fit for her sister, NMDOG Miska’s Aunt! Isn’t it funny how things work out? Miska’s Aunt was looking for a sweet, loyal companion to work in freestyle, agility, maybe more. But for sure she wanted a Dog that would DANCE with her! We are 100% sure Jack is going to make a fabulous freestyle dance partner and anything else he wants to do. We also think he is going to love being our Miska girl’s special cousin. Yesterday Jack made the journey home to Colorado where he has now begun his brand new awesome life! We can’t wait to see what Jack’s future holds and we don’t think anything happens by “accident”. We couldn’t be any happier for this special little shelter Heeler that had all of his stars lined up just right. We are honored to have played a part in his journey. Thank you to everyone that helped Jack get home—right where he is meant to be, forever. You are a very good boy little Jack, and now, you will have the very best life! TEAMwork saves lives! Pup Pup Hooray!!

BraxtonHTBRAXTON (6/17/2015) Little NMDOG Braxton came to us from Las Vegas, NM (San Miguel County) with a hair tie deeply embedded into his neck. He is just a little guy and sooo stinkin sweet. All he wanted was to be loved and to feel safe! He was taken to the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico Pet Center where he was given the immediate care and attention that he needed. His wounds were cleaned, he was provided pain relief and reassurance that everything would be ok. The call was made to NMDOG and arrangements were set in place for a transfer. We are so grateful to the amazing crew at the AWC for all they do every single day for the animals in their community. It is not an easy job, but they do it with dedication, compassion, and skill! The AWC goes above and beyond for each animal that walks through their doors and Las Vegas is lucky to have them! Sadly, Braxton is not the first with this exact same story. A couple of years ago, we received Bowie and Buddy Brewster into our care. NMDOG Alumni brother pups who also came from Las Vegas with hair ties embedded into their neck and ear. They have both been adopted and now live hair tie free, surrounded only by love. That is now true for little Braxton as well. He soon found safety, love, and security in an awesome NMDOG foster home. He was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, Heartworm tested, and not very long after he found forever. Braxton recently made if official and adopted his wonderful Mom, his sibling kitty cats, and his very own little girl. His new life consists of tea parties, snuggling under soft blankies, chasing lizards in his big back yard, and planning fall travel adventures with his family. Luckily Braxton was found in time and he was able to avoid any long lasting effects of his abuse. Putting a hair tie around a dog’s neck or any other body part (or allowing a child to do so) and leaving it, or any item, to embed is abuse plain and simple. Failure to provide your pet with medical care for any injury is also against the law. It saddens our hearts that we continue to see these things happen time & time again, day after day after day in the same communities. But it is the stories of triumph, no matter how small, that keep us going. Braxton triumphed over his abusers and we will continue to forge on. Congratulations to sweet little Braxton and his whole entire awesome new family!! We just couldnt be any happier for this precious little Dog. Pup Pup Hooray!!

TravisHTTRAVIS (6/6/2015) Sweet little NMDOG Travis was rescued by our friends and partners with Town Of Estancia Animal Care and Control, his cruelty case was prosecuted and his abuser went to jail! We were contacted immediately after they took custody of Travis when they found him in deplorable condition, as was the small crate he had been confined to for months. We took Travis into protective custody and with our amazing Team at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic, provided him with the lifesaving medical care he needed. It took weeks before Travis could walk right, eat right, go potty right and wasn’t afraid of our touch. Then it took months to rehabilitate him from lasting effects of the trauma and neglect that he suffered. Thanks to two wonderful and amazingly dedicated NMDOG Foster Guardians, Travis was shown understanding, patience, love, guidance, and proper care. We are so grateful. We can’t do this important work alone; it takes a Village and we have an incredible one!! Travis soon became strong and confident, learning that living could be good! He gained weight from the mere 18lbs that he weighed upon intake, and began to gain coordination and strength in his muscles and bones. He made doggy friends, stole the hearts of everyone he met, and learned to play, run and jump! Recently, Travis went on his adoption trial with an awesome Mom and a big kitty sister. They go hiking (not the kitty!) and often take day trips to visit friends. Travis and his Mom like to sit out on the deck in the evenings and they go for walks each morning. Travis now has his own wooded wonderland where he plays in the leaves and chases lizards (lizards are a big deal right now!). Travis has found the forever home of his dreams and is the adored and special fur son of his new Mom! So today he made if official and adopted her! We just couldn’t be any happier for Travvy and we couldn’t be anymore grateful to everyone that played a part in his journey! Pup Pup Hooray for Travis and his wonderful new family!!

Puppy JoeHTLITTLE PUPPY JOE (5/17/2015) NMDOG Puppy Joe came to us after he was dumped in a rural part of Valencia County and picked up by a good Samaritan. He was covered in ticks, skinny and dehydrated. We got him all fixed up and found him an awesome NMDOG foster to call home while he received all of his puppy shots, was neutered and readied for adoption. Forever for Little Joe didn’t take long at all, once his new Mama’s eyes met his in the lobby of the clinic. A long time clinic client, she has a proven history of providing the very best care for all of the Dogs in her life. This is just the kind of dedicated home we seek for all of our kids and we are so grateful to know that Little Joe will have a long, healthy, and happy life! He has two older sister Dogs that are gently teaching him the lay of the land and patiently tolerating all of (stinkin cute!) puppy antics. They are truly two of the sweetest girls we have ever met and we simply adore their loving Mom! Joe loves to throw his toys up in the air, play fetch in the backyard, chase butterflies and hummingbirds! To give the girls a break every now and then, Little Joe will attend play groups, and he will be starting in the next NMDOG adopter/foster in-house training class. We provide seven weeks of obedience training with every NMDOG adoption, and we make this available to our Foster Guardians too because it is important to get everyone started off on the right paw! Little Puppy Joe is going to grow up to be a very big, loyal, devoted and special lifelong companion, and we already know he is super-duper smart! Congratulations to Little Joe and his new family, and our deepest, most heartfelt appreciation to all of the good people in our Dogs’ lives! Pup Pup Hooray!! (Little Joe was named after our beloved NMDOG Mascot JoJo. Though we didn’t know JoJo as a young pup, we imagine he looked an awful lot like this kid and we see a lot of JoJo in Little Joe’s eyes. He’s a special one. That’s for sure. Go forth Little Joe and be awesome!

RrrramoneHTRrrramone (5/4/2015) Oh Happy Day!! Village…it is with much joy that I tell you (drummmrollll please) NMDOG Rrramone the Great “One Eye’d Wonder Pittie” has found forever. Look at the love in this pic! Rrramone has been with us for almost two years, after he was rescued on one of our Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force sweeps. He suffered with untreated trauma to his eye as a Forgotten backyard Dog and on that day in the South Valley, his life changed. Rrramone was a great dog from the very start, greeting everyone with wags and wiggles: a goofy boy with a heart as big as his head. Rrramone received the immediate medical care he needed. The injured eye was removed. He recovered in the care of a great foster home and after he was all healed up, he came to stay with us at the kennel. Rrramone is an Animal Humane New Mexico **505 Pit Crew** graduate (top of his class I might add!). He has attended every NMDOG adoption event, participated in all of our photo shoots and is featured as “Mr October” in our 2015 Calendar. His signature Pirate Glamour pic is one of our faves and he even has his own T Shirt design! Despite all of the fame and fanfare, Rrramone never could seem to catch a break. Maybe it was his big ol’ giant black one eyed block of a head, or maybe it was his goofball bull-in-a-china shop approach to life. All we ever saw was a how much love Rrramone had to give. They say good things come to those who wait and in Rrramone’s case nothing could be more true! Today he made it official with a family just as special and as good as he is! They were his heroes when Rrramone needed them the most (Rrramone was sadly injured at our kennel and required a 911 trip to the vet) They stepped up, opened their home and hearts to him, made him part of their family, and gave him a soft place to land. After all Rrramone had been through, there are no words for how much that means. Finally our boy had a wonderful family to see how truly incredible he is, and they did, and then, they couldn’t let him go. So today, he adopted them all! Rrramone has truly hit the jackpot with his people and dogs he loves with his whole big giant goofy heart. He has two sisters that he plays and plays with. They go on family outings to the river and he “frogs” in the mudd! When they are at home they get baths then do zoomies around the house! He’s somewhat of a Daddy’s boy, but has been known to steal Dad’s spot to snuggle with his Mom. We just couldn’t be any more thrilled with this Happy Tail and we are so grateful for incredible, amazing people that fall in love with our Dogs. Congratulations Rrramone, you are such a good boy, and you finally got every little thing you deserve.

MicahHT1MICAH (4/14/2015) NMDOG Micah came off of his chain weighing only 31.9 lbs… He was initially taken to our sister rescue the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico in Las Vegas, NM and was transferred shortly after to NMDOG. He was a mess and he was brokenhearted. Micah soon began to heal from the inside out. He gained weight; his skin and coat issues were addressed; his badly injured and infected tail was docked as suggested by our vet for optimum healing; and his sweet, goofy, adorabull personality began to shine!! Today Micah weighs a wonderful 65lbs! Micah spent a good part of his two years with us in boarding. Until one day a wonderful foster opened their home and heart to him and gave him all of the extras he needed and deserved! This put Micah on a solid path to forever as he learned to live in a home, learned what it meant to be part of a family, and worked through some minor kinks. We are so grateful to Micah’s foster Dad for giving him a leg up on the competition and for giving him a place to call home until his forever was found! Micah continued to attend every adoption event, participate in every photo shoot, had his flyers plastered around town and on all available online venues in hopes that his special someone would soon find him. The weeks turned into months. Then one day, his person walked right into his life. A friend of the foster family, Micah’s new Mom says she knew the instant that she met him that he was “her Dog!” And so, the rest of Micah’s life began!! We took him for his meet and greet, he nailed it! He stayed for his trial adoption, he nailed that too and settled in as if he’d always been there. Micah now has a houseful of ladies that simply adore him and he just absolutely adores them! Micah sleeps on the pillow next to his Mom now and helps his two human sisters with their homework. He is also the resident goofball: bringing laughter and silliness into their lives each day. After two years in the NMDOG program looking for love, Micah has now found it in droves! He and his Mom start training class next week. He is SO stinkin’ smart, we know hes gonna nail that too! Way to go Micah! We love you with all that we have and we are soooo happy for your Happily Forever After. Here is Micah pictured with his new Mom! Congrats to all that helped us make Micah’s time with us the very best it could be and congratulations to this very special boy! His forever came and we just couldn’t be anymore thrilled. Yay Micah! You nailed it!

Alexandra HTAlexandra HT1ALEXANDRA (4/12/2015) Where do I find the words for such a super special, long awaited, fairy tale dream come true? Oh Alexandra…! Ally came to us two months after we first met her on an NMDOG Winter Outreach Mission. She was chained in the freezing cold, in Estancia NM. An important part of NMDOG Outreach is follow-up and strong partnerships with local Animal Control will always enable us to do more! One such NMDOG partner and friend to the Dogs is Animal Control Officer Lynderman with Town Of Estancia Animal Care and Control. She goes above and beyond each and every day. For her dedication, we are beyond grateful. Keeping an eye on our Outreach kiddos and letting us know when they need help enables us to fully serve these dogs. The day that Alexandra was surrendered to ACO Lynderman was truly the day that the rest of her life began. Ally has been with us for a little over a year. She has always been so patient and good. Her heart as gentle as they come. She’s been part of every photo shoot, attended every adoption event, and was always my first choice to ride shotgun because she is so stinkin’ good! She gave out a bazillion free kisses in our kissing booth, wore our silly costumes, always behaved like a lady, and never missed a beat. She never got adopted, never found the comfort of a foster home. Though Ally was overlooked time and time again, she never let that get her down, and has had a smile on her face since day one! We think she must have always known that her perfect family was out there and that one day they would come. Today, we made it official, Alexandra adopted her perfect family and her family adopted their new best friend. Ally’s future is now full of tutus and tea parties. Bedtime stories and special “Mom time” after they are done. She proudly goes for daily walks with her family, enjoys bath time, and snuggling for naps. Alexandra found the Happily Ever Forever she’d been waiting for, and no dog deserves it more. Our hearts couldn’t be any happier for our sweet, patient, and velvety soft girl. We adore you Alexandra and your beautiful new family, and we are so grateful that all of your dreams have come true! Congratulations to you all.

TwilightHTTWILIGHT (4/9/2015) Twilight came to NMDOG after she spent all of her five years “living” at the end of her chain. Her chainmate was taken away and shot, and she was left all alone, awaiting the same fate! If only we had known about them in time we could have saved him too. Sigh… Twilight was left for years with no shelter from the freezing winter nights or the blistering New Mexico sun, which burned her little nose almost all of the way off. When she first came to us, we weren’t sure if we would be able to repair the damage done. But with the proper medication, supplements, a nutritious diet, and lots of shade she soon began to heal, and today, her precious little nose is recovering nicely. Her heart is healing too. Twilight is the first Husky we have had come through the program that required she be the only dog in the home. And, well, if you know anything about Husky peeps, you know that is no easy feat. So we set out on a Mission of finding Twilight a home as an only child, and I am thrilled to announce: Mission accomplished! Today we made it official, and our sweet girl Twi adopted her very own Dad! Twilight is now a “Daddy’s Girl” all the way and she couldn’t be any happier about it! Long morning and evening walks, a giant grassy yard to romp and play! Run of the house (as it should be) with no more long, lonely days baking in the sun at the end of a chain. Pffft! Some people. Twilight now lives the life she has always dreamed of and our hearts just couldn’t be any happier for her and her awesome Dad! We are so happy for this once Forgotten Dog that barely made it off of her chain alive. All of her fears, her worries, her nightmares are behind her and now she knows only love. Way to go Twilight: you truly hit the jackpot and found the home that you have always deserved! Woooowoooo sweet Husky!! XoXo

Cubby HTCUBBY (4/9/2015) Here is the news we have all been waiting for….drumrollllll please! Our little Miracle Boy NMDOG Cub has found forever!! Not just any forever… Cub has been officially adopted by his incredible foster Mama and state-of-the-art-canine-physical-rehab-specialist the awesome Dr. Laura Hady and her amazing family (including NMDOG Alum Figgy The Wonderdog, whose story can be read on Facebook). There are no words for how happy this makes us, because this is where he truly belongs, and we know how happy this makes Cub! Such a smart little Heeler he is! Many of you know Cub’s story, but for those who don’t, visit the Cub Club page and read about how this little guy survived against all odds and chose to live despite everything he had been through and all that stood in front of him.

Cubby came to us on Valentine’s Day of this year from Las Vegas, NM, suffering on his own after he was severely injured as a result of (from what we can gather) being caught in an illegal trap and shot. What we do know is this: after that happened, he was acknowledged and neglected by the people who were responsible for providing his care—admittedly for up to 5 weeks(!). Not only is this unacceptable and horrific, it is criminal. We are hopeful that charges will be brought forth. (Once we ensured all of Cub’s medical needs were being met and we knew that he was going to be OK, we turned our attention to finding out what really happened. As a result, there is an active case investigation in cooperation with the San Miguel County Sheriff Department. Stay tuned for more on that as things progress! We will keep you posted regardless of the outcome). After undergoing a blood transfusion as the result of severe blood loss, treatment for infection, and an intensive double-rear-leg amputation, Cub wasted no time and made a complete physical recovery, despite the absence of his rear legs! He has shown all of us nothing but love and trust along the way, but the emotional trauma of his experience has been clear.

Those days are gone now for Cub. Because he is now home. His spirit is whole again and we are grateful. He is an inspiration to all who know of his story. Cub has touched lives across the country and even across the world. We received applications from all over to adopt him and folks have written to us in support of our Mission and to tell us how Cub has touched their lives. So many people love him and he deserves every single bit of it! As a rescue, Cub’s case has not been an easy one by any means. It was tough right from the beginning. But the joy the Cubster has given to us is priceless and ongoing. The gift that we have been given in being Cub’s rescue is one that will make us stronger for many more dogs to come, in many different ways. We are so grateful to everyone that has followed Cub, supported us in supporting him, shared your strength with him…with us, sent your love and rooted for him from the get go . It is his Village and his fighting spirit that got him through!

Pictured in Cubby’s Happy Tail pic are: his brother-from-another-mother NMDOG Alum Figgy (the little black dog front and center), Cub’s Dad with Cub’s cousin Minnie who is spending the week with the Hady Family, Cub’s Mom with Cubby in her lap (his fave place on the face of the Earth to be!), his little doggie sister Peeka on Mom’s shoulder, along with his human sister Hannah and other doggie sister, Lucy! Por Vida! There are no words for how incredible his life will now be….forever.

Gooooo Cubby! We love you. We adore you and your forever family and we are honored to be your rescue. It’s good to be in the NMDOG CUB Club! Keep Calm & Cubby On….

TeslaHT1TESLA (3/18/2015) We LOVE happy Huskies, and here we have two! NMDOG Tesla with her newly adopted sister, NMDOG Alum Cassidy (siting in the chair), are super happy to announce that today they made it official! Alum Cassidy was adopted to this wonderful family last year and with the recent passing of their beloved boy Brody, they decided the best way to honor him was to give another deserving NMDOG Husky a home! RIP sweet Brody. Tesla came to NMDOG last year, after she was picked up running free on the interstate. Tesla was very malnourished, with straw for fur and a fear of humans—not to mention in serious danger of being killed. She came from a Husky Puppy Mill in Portales, NM and when they were contacted with her plight, were not interested the least bit in helping her out. That wasn’t surprising, as we have received quite a few of their Dogs into our program over the past few years & they never, ever showed any concern. All were found in some sort of danger, ill, chained, abused or neglected….and NMDOG was there. It’s a real shame that places like these exist and take no responsibility or accountability for where their dogs end up. Tesla was adopted out late last year, to what we thought would be a great home. Sadly we were wrong. Just a couple of months later, we learned the family had moved and decided to start tying Tesla up. People really do have some nerve! Obviously, this is not allowed (regardless of the local ordinance) and Tesla was immediately reclaimed! Our commitment to our Dogs doesn’t end with their adoption. We make a promise to look out for them for always and we don’t take that promise lightly. We were blessed with the dedication of her original foster family, who welcomed Tesla back into their home with open arms and now, we have been blessed again with her perfect placement with an NMDOG Alum family! We know we got it right this time and that Tesla will never be put in harms way again. For this we are forever grateful! Congratulations sweet Tessie, on your “real” Happily Forever After and congrats to this, now, two-time NMDOG adoptive family that we adore with all that we have! Thank you for honoring your sweet boy and giving our girl the life she deserves. Happy Husky howling!! WooooWoooo!

KoalaHTKoalaHT1KOALA (3/14/2015) Little NMDOG Koala came to us by way of injury and neglect. Our vet clinic received a call from a woman after she was cited by Animal Control for failure to provide medical care. She asked if someone could “come pick him up.” He had been bit by a car and was left in the driveway to suffer for hours. The clinic called NMDOG and we headed to the location right away. We found the little guy huddled in a ball, unable to move, soaking wet, shivering, and in shock. We scooped his lifeless body up into a towel, secured an owner surrender and rushed him in for 911 treatment. We have still never able to determine why he was not Owner-Surrendered to Animal Control in the first place, or why his guardian wasn’t ordered to take him in for care right away… (!!!) but nonetheless, Koala would get the immediate help he needed, by way of NMDOG. Once he arrived at the clinic, he was placed in the incubator where he remained for the next three days. Koala had suffered a severe head injury, was having seizures, and his long term prognosis did not look good. But to our surprise on day three, Koala began to show improvement and continued to improve with each passing day. Almost two weeks later, Koala was approved for discharge and he landed in the lap of a caring and loving NMDOG foster home. Here is where Koala’s healing truly began. He was kept under close observation for months, for further seizures or long term effects. With proper management, physical therapy and medications, he eventually became seizure-free and began his journey to a full recovery! Today, we are thrilled to report that Koala is symptom-free from his ordeal and he lives a perfectly normal life, treasured by his foster Mom and foster siblings alike. So… we made it officially official and Koala adopted them all!! Koala will never want for anything again, he will never go without his needs being met and he is now surrounded completely by love and security! We are grateful to the Angels that come into the lives of our Dogs just when they need them the most. Here is Koala (wearing a party hat!) with his awesome forever Mom signing his adoption papers and making his new life complete! Congratulations little Koala. All of your little Chihuahua dreams have come true!! We couldn’t be any happier for you and your incredible Mom! Pup Pup Hooray!!

SmallsHT1SmallsHT2SMALLS (3/12/2015) Little NMDOG Puppy Smalls was found late last year in a trashcan on a Las Vegas, NM high school campus, with his ears cut off… What a disgrace! Luckily, the kids that found him knew just what to do, and called our friends at the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico and they got him the help he so desperately needed! Smalls came to NMDOG and sought treatment for the neglect he suffered at the hands of cruel humans, then found love in the arms of a treasured NMDOG foster family. They welcomed Smalls into their home and raised him as one of their own. With the guidance of his people and furry foster family members, Smalls grew into a wonderful Breed Ambassador. Today, our handsome fella found a wonderful forever home of his very own. Smalls and his new Dad have all kinds of adventures planned, and because Dad is a Sargent with the Las Cruces Police Department, Smalls *may* even get to go undercover… We do know for sure that Smalls will be kept safe and will continue on the good path he has started (and we will get lots of pupdates to share)! We are grateful to everyone who played a part in Small’s journey, with special thanks to his incredible foster family! Smalls was their 8th NMDOG foster kiddo (!) and what they give means so much! Fosters save lives and together we saved Smalls from an unspeakable fate, I’m sure. Together, we gave a once Forgotten and tossed-away pup the life he truly deserves. To say thank you for that, it is hard to find the words. Congratulations to Smalls and his awesome new Dad! We are so proud of the Dog you have grown up to be and we can’t wait to see what your bright future holds! We love you Smalls! XoXo Pup Pup Hooray!!

MurphyHTMURPHY (3/7/2015) This little guy (in his new Mom’s lap) was alone, scared, and in danger when he was rescued by our Friends of Bernalillo County Animal Care Services. Typically, we don’t pull puppies from shelters or from Animal Control. Our Mission takes us down a different road most of the time: the battered, the Forgotten, the broken ones. But every once in a while, a dog or a pup comes along and takes you a little off course. l always say there must be a reason when that happens, because we were supposed to help them get to where they needed to go. That couldn’t be more true than in little NMDOG Puppy Murphy’s case! I saw his giant knobby puppy knees and the next thing we knew, he was in foster! Not long after, one of our amazing Volunteers spotted him, and she knew, she just knew, she was to be his. It’s been a long time since she had a puppy in her life for forever and the time now, was right. She says it’s been fun to have muddy puppy feet again and lots of sticks brought in through the doggie door! Midnight Puppy shenanigans AND the discovery of the toilet paper roll! Murphy has been on his trial adoption and he’s having the time of his life! So today, we made it official and he adopted them! Murphy now has two big brothers that he might just get bigger than, and a sweet sister (on the couch next to Mom) whose heart he stole. His Mom is one of the best Dog Moms around and with this family, he’s got it made! We can’t wait to see how big little Murphy gets and how well he does in his upcoming training class! He’s so super smart and loves to learn. We are so grateful to have been part of Murphy’s journey home and are happy that now he will always know love. Congratulations to Puppy Murphy and his awesome new forever family!

SateenHTSATEEN AND RUDOLPH (3/1/2015) Oh, if puppies could talk! The stories that these two would tell—in just their short little lives. Thankfully, from now on all of their stories will be good ones. Little Puppy Sateen (the pretty little beige girl) was rescued on a street corner where she was being sold in exchange for drugs. Little Puppy Rudolph (the stunning brindle boy) was UNchained during our Christmas Eve Outreach Mission in the freezing ice and cold! He was just a tiny baby, and he was almost ready to give up. Heartbreaking. So we saved them! They both landed in the lap of one of our most treasured volunteers, B. B is an NMDOG Outreach Volunteer, delivering doghouses to cold dogs in need, and during both of these kids’ rescues, she was there. With the help of B’s current pups, NMDOG Alumni Puma and Racer, Rudy and Sateen were given everything they needed to overcome their ruff start! Medical care, good nutrition, warmth, shelter, food, good role models, and lots of love. Pretty soon it was apparent that nobody was going anywhere, so today we made it official! B, you now hold the record for most NMDOG adoptions to one home! We love you, enjoy! Because of you, we know that four of our precious pups will be adored and committed to forever and that is the greatest gift of all! We are so blessed to have amazing Dogs and their people in our lives, and our Village is made up of many. So to Sateen, Rudy, their NMDOG siblings, and their one-of-a-kind Mom: Congratulations! And to all of our other wonderful fosters, adopters, volunteers, supporters, and villagers: Thank you for all that you do! Rescues and happy tails like these just wouldn’t be possible without you.

TeganHTTEGAN (2/1/2015) NMDOG Tegan traveled a long, hard road to get to where he is today: right where he was always meant to be. Tegan came to us off of his chain in Clovis, NM. He broke free, was returned then placed up for sale in a Craigslist ad! Our friends at Shooke Unleashed Animal Rescue worked their magic and were able to convince his people to let him have a chance at a real life. In doing so, they discovered his chainmate “Nu Alah” and were able to gain custody of her too. Sadly, the damage done by the years of neglect were too much for this sweet girl to overcome, and she lost her fight for life shortly after… RIP sweet girl. Your spirit lives on in Tegan’s life! Tegan came to NMDOG right away. He was skinny, wily, and unsure. His coat was like straw, his belly was full of worms, and he was Heartworm and Erhlichia (+). Together, we had a lot to overcome. Tegan found an incredible Angel to call his foster Mom: our very own Cathy from Paris Pups Salon & Pet Spa. Paris takes many of our kids right off their chains (and other horrific situations we find them in) and gives them the first baths they have ever had. Paris does not charge NMDOG for their services. They give so that our Dogs can feel good. What they give is a precious gift, and for all Cathy does we are grateful beyond words! Tegan began his grueling Heartworm treatment, and underwent treatment for Erhlichia. Both are hard on a dog, and having both just isn’t good. (By the way: Both of these potentially fatal diseases are completely preventable with monthly Heartworm/flea & tick preventatives…) We struggled at times to keep him healthy, and well… with lots of love and support, he made it through! After many months of care, post Heartworm treatment, and with the Ehrlichia at a non-clinical level recently, Tegan received his medical clearance for adoption! I’m pretty sure we knew he was already home, but today we made it officially official. Tegan joined the Paris Pups pack which includes NMDOG Alum little Chili and his pack of Littles. Chili and Tegan are pretty much inseparable, and Mom says she’s gonna get Chili her own Tegan saddle! Now thats a pic we have to see!!! She says he fills her days with laughter and joy! This boy scored big-time when he landed in Cathy’s lap. We are so grateful for her loving care. Lots of good people worked hard to make Tegan’s dreams come true, and that’s exactly what we mean when we say “It takes a Village!” Well, Tegan sure has an awesome one, and, as a result, he is now happy, healthy, and home, forever. Thank you to everyone that played a part in Tegan’s journey. Congratulations to Tegan, Cathy, Chili and the gang. May your lives together be forever blessed. OUI LoVe you!! Please stop by the Paris Pups page, LIKE them & tell them thanks for all they do! If you are looking for a top notch groomer with a real LoVe of DOG…look no further! Paris Pups is NMDOG approved! Click here to read Tegan’s original rescue story on Facebook.

Mary MuffetHTMARY MUFFET (2/1/2015) Last month, we made the drive up to Durango, CO to deliver NMDOG Ziggy to his new home. On the way back we came upon a little ragamuffin of a dog running on the highway in a desolate Indian Reservation area. I’m not sure how she didn’t get hit by the cars zooming by at 80 mph, but we scooped her up, and she never looked back! She was matted in filth, feces, and urine, thirsty and nervous, but she warmed up quick and slept all the way home. We settled her into the clinic later that night and set her up to see the amazing folks at Paris Pups Salon and Pet Spa right away for the full spa treatment. Underneath all of the dirty, matted fur was one cutie patootie of a girl! We named her Mary Muffet. After she was spayed and vetted, it didn’t take long for the word to spread through the clinic that we had an adorable Cocker Spaniel available for adoption, and in no time she found a wonderful home! Today….we made if official. Her Mom is a long time treasured client at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic who recently lost her senior girl and was looking for a companion for herself and her resident dog. Poof! just like that Mary Muffet had a new brother. They are best buds! They sit together and watch the Koi swim in the pond. They chase each other in between naps. She sleeps right next to her Mom in the bed and burrows under the covers in the morning when it’s time to get up. She loves all of her toys and learned to use the doggie door in no time flat. We love it when the Dog Angels put us right where we are meant to be at just the right time: three lives are now complete again, and this sweet kid will never want for anything or be alone again! Congratulations to Miss Mary Muffet and her wonderful new family: a real rags to riches tale!

ZiggyHTZiggyHT1ZiggyHT2ZIGGY (1/18/2015) NMDOG Ziggy came to us with his little sister Stardust after they were chained together their whole so-called “lives” on one very short tether. Seriously no “life” for any dog! They were starved for human attention, wormy, underweight and with very rough coats. They challenged us often with their wild behavior and constant GI issues., but we banned together for them and together, we overcame! We have a particularly soft spot for the “wild and wooly” and these two gave the term a whole new meaning. With the help of our awesome medical TEAM at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic, our in-house behavior department, and our friends at Beck ‘n Call Pet Services in Albuquerque we were able to provide for their needs and give them all that they required to make the transition off the chain. They became healthy and quickly learned that life would now be good. Stardust was adopted by a wonderful staff member from Beck ‘n Call, and she now lives surrounded only by love. Ziggy would need a very specific home, one that understood him and could give him all that he needs. We held out through many applications and finally his dream family came along! “Rescue is not about finding a dog a home. Rescue is about finding a dog the perfect home!” Let me tell you about his new family and you will see the hurdles we faced, and why they were perfectly made for him! Ziggy’s Mom and Dad both work from home (required!). They have had Huskies their whole life (breed exp a must!). The kids (ages 9, 11, 13 & 15) were all raised by these wonderful dogs who have since passed on from old age. They have a beautiful secure 1.5 acre home on the mountainside of Durango, CO (secure containment with ample room, also a must for this very athletic and wily Husky). And as a family they run marathons, hike, cross-country ski and more! Constant family activity and involvement was at the top of Ziggy’s want (need) list. When we received the adoption application, I almost came out of my chair. Honestly, I couldn’t have written a more perfect app for him myself! And so…it was ON! We put into motion the steps to get Ziggy to this amazing family, which began with a drive down for them to meet him. Needless to say, they fell in love right away. Home visit – check! Transport plans in place! Yesterday we drove our boy to this peaceful dog loving community, where he would begin the rest of his awesome life. I cant imagine that Ziggy will ever have a moment of solitude again and that is fine by him: solitude is highly overrated he says! Ziggy was greeted by his new family with pets, hugs, kisses and many “Ooooohs” and “Awwwws”. Ziggy was home, there was no doubt about that. We are so thrilled with this perfect placement for a special dog with perfectly specific needs. Our hearts are full to know that Ziggy will never want for anything again and that he now has all that his heart could ever desire. This is what it is all about. This is what makes it all worth it. And this is what we strive for, for each of our dogs. Ziggy truly has a fairy tale story with a fairy tale ending and his fairy tale life has just begun! Added bonus: Stardust and her family visit Durango often, and now these two sweet siblings will get to reunite for play dates and adventurous outings! Yay! Honestly, it just doesn’t get much better than this! So, to Ziggy and his incredible, wonderful and perfect-for-him family: congrats! We cant wait to see all of the real living you now get to do. Well done ZIGMAN, well done (you wild Husky you).

KittiesHTKittiesHT2CECE AND BEBE (1/4/2015) NMDOG Mascot and Roque Cat Rescuer extraordinaire, JoJo has some wonderful news to share with his Village. Not long ago, JoJo executed NMDOG’s first rescue of a chained kitten: CeCe and her sister BeBe. He couldnt believe it when the call came in: “JoJo…can you take a chained cat?” “Woof!” and off he went! The rest, shall we say, is history! JoJo landed at the clinic with his saves and treatment began immediately to remove the chain that was embedded into CeCe’s teeny tiny little neck. Both kittens were tested, provided vaccinations, and whisked off to a wonderful NMDOG foster home, paw picked by JoJo himself! They soon began to thrive with the great care from their foster family. As CeCe’s wounds began to disappear and both of their little personalities began to shine they were both spayed and have now received all of the vaccinations little kittens need. It didn’t take long for everyone to fall in love, so today we made if official! JoJo passed the torch of lifetime care and commitment of his kittens to NMDOG Alum Hendrix (the handsome black furball in the pic) and his awesome family. CeCe (on the left) and BeBe (on the right) now have a rorever home to call their very own. They have three very attentive human sisters to play with, a little canine brother (pictured on top of Hendrix’ head), a big kitty brother to teach them all of the important things little kittens need to know, a Mom that simply adores all of them, and Hendrix, now a member of JoJos Cat Rescue TEAM, to keep them safe for always. What a wonderful outcome for this wonderful family that we hold so very close to our hearts! We hope that we never get another call for another chained cat because the thought of such a thing is, well….despicable! But if we do, JoJo will be there!! And in his famous words, we will leave you with this Kitty Kat Happy Tail quote: “Who the hell chains a kitten?” Congrats to Cece and BeBe and their fantastic family! These little kittens deserved the very best and now they have it! Great job JoJo! Way to go! Kit Kat Hooray! Read the original rescue story of JoJo’s kittens on Facebook.

SmileyHTSMILEY (12/20/2014) NMDOG Smiley was adopted from a small New Mexico shelter, as a three-month-old pup! She was taken “home” and placed on the end of a chain where she “grew up” for the past 1 1/2 years. She suffered trauma at a very young age, which left her blind in her right eye. Obviously, that’s no life for any dog!! Thankfully, one of our awesome Villagers caught wind of her plight when they saw her “free to a good home” ad on Craigslist — chain and all… We scooped her right up, got her to safety, and shortly after, she was named after a lost and treasured NMDOG friend. Bernalillo County Animal Care Officer Pete Smiley left us too soon, but his love of DOG lives on. Smiley had been given little to no human contact during her time on the chain, that much was clear, because she craved it, and she demanded it. It took a lot of settling for Smiley to accept that awesome things happen when four paws are on the ground. But once she realized this, a whole brand new world opened up! We were then able to see just how super smart this girl was. Smiley’s behavior was textbook chained dog: they are so starved for any human contact, and what little they do receive is usually in the form of a correction. But she didn’t know that, she only knew that when she acted wild and unruly someone “talked to her” and told her to “stop!” “get down” “bad dog” or “knock it off.” Sometimes for a Forgotten Dog, any attention is better than no attention at all… Smiley participated in positive conditioning and reinforcement work at the kennel and recently she was invited for a KPA demo at Animal Humane New Mexico. She rocked it! It was clear to us that Smiley could do anything she set her mind to, but little did we know the true test was soon to come! We received an awesome adoption app which listed three small humans in the home. Could she do it? There wasn’t an ounce of concern about her being loving and sweet, but “calm” was a whole new concept! Well, Smiley nailed it! After a smooth meet & greet, the reports during her trial have been absolutely great! “We can’t believe shes never been in a home before,” “She’s so smart it’s like she’s already completely trained,” “She’s perfect with the kids, she’s such a great dog”! Smiley goes for family walks and she plays ball in the backyard. She sits politely away from the table during dinner time and she lays with the kids and watches movies. Oh Smiley! Right now as I type this, she is at her post-adoption training class, bonding with her new family and showing off. When it’s right, it’s right, and all is right right now in Smiley’s world. We are so proud of this special dog and we are grateful to the Village that saved her! Our hearts are filled with joy to know she now has her own real family, one that sees and appreciates all that she is. It warms our hearts, it confirms the work that we do, it gives us hope for all of the Forgotten Dogs, and it couldn’t have come at a better time of year. Merry Christmas to Smiley and her beautiful family!! — Smiley is pictured here with all of her goodies from the Giving Tree. She will have her bone during crated or supervised quiet time only. Not because there is a problem — she will let you take anything from her mouth — but because its the smart thing to do. Kids and dogs are a beautiful thing, when mixed responsibly! —

MesaRainHTMESA RAIN (12/18/2014) Little Mesa Rain was a lost, Forgotten Dog out on the Reservation. She survived at a local gas station and casino parking lot for months, eluding anyone that tried to help her. She was skinny and wormy, her coat was missing patches of fur, and her tail was broken — much like her heart; and, looking back, I’m pretty sure that first time I met her is when she stole mine. We worked for weeks to gain her trust, we made contacts with casino security peeps and many, many trips back and forth in our attempts to rescue her. Then the calls started coming in, from others who had seen her. The dots started to connect and we found that many people had been trying to catch her, some for as long as 6 months! It was discovered that she had a den: a deep, deep hideaway from the world, on the side of the mesa. It seemed like each time we went out to get her, the summer rains came pouring down. She eluded the trap, she was not interested in food, she was afraid of other dogs,and did not trust people. Saving her would be a challenge for sure, but we were determined and we never gave up! The minutes turned into hours the last time we went out, and a huge storm was rolling in over the mountain. Flash floods were predicted; we had to succeed. And we did. There’s no feeling in the world like finally scooping up a dog safely into your arms, especially one that was way smarter than you! We secured her into the van and settled her in at the kennel. We worked with Mesa for weeks, gaining her trust and getting to know her. We vetted her, tended to her broken tail and we wrapped her up in love. NMDOG Mascot JoJo (the handsome dude on the left) worked with her to overcome her fear of dogs, and I had the honor of becoming her very first real friend. Then the day came, the long awaited day, when she kissed me on the nose! After that first kiss, they just kept coming, and coming, and soon kissing was Mesa’s fave thing to do! Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss! Well…this little brown Rez Dog kissed her way right into my heart, and, eventually, right into my home! It started with the need to open up a kennel for another dog in need, so Mesa Rain came to NMDOG Headquarters to stay in the holding run. She began meeting the rest of my pack, and well, they loved her just as much as I did. So she moved in. “I will just foster her, and get her ready for adoption here” but instead, she adopted me! Mesa Rain is now an official member of the NMDOG Advisory Board (aka Angela’s pack). Sometimes a dog comes along and changes everything… Thank you little Mesa for bringing even more love into my life. You are a gift, and you are home now, forever. Read Mesa Rain’s original rescue story on Facebook.

BooneHTBOONE (12/8/2014) NMDOG Boone (“Boom Boom” as we affectionately call him) came to NMDOG after he was abandoned on his horrible and heavy chain out on a dark scary mesa in Valencia County. Thanks to a treasured NMDOG Villager who let us know of Boone’s situation, we were able to secure custody and get him safely into our care. Boone has had a lot to overcome since he first came to us. Life alone, chained on the Mesa left some deeply embedded wounds and, though they were not visible, they were real all the same. First and foremost, his fear of storms was paralyzing. Sadly, this is actually quite common of chained dogs as they have been left out on their own to weather many. We carried Boone through the scary times and we gave him all of the love in our hearts. He soon blossomed into a friendly, loving, and silly boy. I’m sure his previous so-called life forced him to protect himself from many loose dogs as a matter of survival, and when a dog is chained, they have no “flight” option, they have only “fight.” One of Boone’s requirements for adoption was that he be an only dog and that his family adhere to our “only dog” rules. This made selection of Boone’s people even more critical and greatly limited his “adopter & foster pool.” He made many friends during his time with us and even grew confident enough to walk politely with other dogs! Boone remained with us in boarding for over a year. But in that year he knew a better life than he had ever known before and Boone definitely knew the love of his Village. Fast forward to a few months ago when sister to our very own NMDOG TEAM member Tonya, moved to town. Tonya knew what had to be done (atta girl!) and soon Boone was living it up in the lap of luxury with his new Mom and Dad! We won’t lie: it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, but who needs a stinkin’ unicorn when they can have their very own Boone?!? What it has been though, is a relationship built on mutual, unconditional love, the dedication of all involved to get through some rough patches and determination of the heart for a once Forgotten Dog. The result….here you have it folks: NMDOG Boone has found forever! We are so grateful to everyone who helped Boone along his journey. We are grateful to the Villager who looked out for him on many dark nights and for the ability of his wonderful, amazing new family to see how much Soul this Dog has! Boone was from the very beginning and will always be a SoulDog. He knows it, we know, and his new Mom knows it for sure! She says she can’t imagine her life without him! And that is what it is all about. Congratulations to this beautiful family, who was already family to begin with. Pup Pup Hooray Boone! You did it buddy!!
Read Boone’s original rescue story on Facebook.

BrooksHTBROOKS (12/4/2014) Sweet, sweet NMDOG Brooks came to us over two years ago after he had been tied up and abandoned by his people. He was taken in by Animal Control and NMDOG was contacted. Brooks was just a pup at approximately 10 months old at the time, and not long after he was adopted by his NMDOG foster family. Brooks and NMDOG Alum Slick became brothers and best friends, and they lived a life of happiness together for two years. Our hearts broke into pieces when we were notified that the two had begun to fight, resulting in injuries to both, so we got to work with the support of our behavioral, training and medical teams to get to the bottom of the issue and attempt to fix the problem. We ran T5 panels, did complete work-ups on both dogs, had private consults with our behavior department and explored the “crate & rotate” method — none of which yielded the desired results which would ensure the safety of all involved. So, after much consideration and many tears it was determined that the best thing to do would be to find one of the boys a new home. Brooks was returned to us a few months ago and began his new NMDOG journey. He spent time working with NMDOG Mascot & Dog Behaviorist JoJo, played with the kennel kitties (whom he adored) and soon he caught the attention of an amazing family with a hole to fill in their hearts. They decided to foster Brooks, but he fit in so well with their family of seven felines and instantly became a “Daddy’s Boy” so Brooks decided to make it official and adopt them all!! Today Brooks has a new family and we are so so sooo very grateful for the love they have for him! He truly hit the pup jackpot! He spends his days with his retired Mom and Dad exploring his natural playground. He trees squirrels, he herds Quail, he buries his toys all over the place, and he naps with his Dad on the couch! He never lets his Mom sleep in and if she tries…he pounces on her under the covers!!! (and really, she doesn’t mind one bit!) He has many new dog friends in his super animal-friendly community and he visits the dog park where he is a dog and human fave! Things worked out just fine for our little fuzzy man and for that, we are so grateful! He met extended family over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and yesterday they put up their Christmas tree under which I am sure will be MANY goodies for this little lovebug! Brooks came to visit us at Santa Paws and one of the things he whispered into Santa’s ear was: “please tell my other family I love them and that I am doing just fine. I want them to have a very Merry Christmas too.” Thank you to both of these amazing families that have given Brooks so much love. Because of you, he is happy and now he is home….fovever. He just had to take a little detour to get there. Congratulations to Brooks and his wonderful new family… our hearts are filled with joy!!

Apple and TuckerHTAPPLE AND TUCKER (11/30/2014) NMDOG little ‘uns Apple (weighing less than 3 lbs) and Tucker (just a little over 6 lbs) came to us from an unimaginable situation in Colfax County. They were two of nine chained Chihuahuas, and the only living survivors… Their previous “guardians” claim the other 7 were “ripped off their chains and eaten by the big dogs that run loose.” I can’t even imagine what would cause a person, any person, to think this is OK. There really are no words, so I won’t waste any here. When they came to us, Apple and Tucker were both underweight, covered in fleas, missing hair, and in need of dental work. Their teeny little collars were at the very beginning stages of becoming embedded. The amount of bravery and resilience packed into these tiny bodies is astounding. Despite all they had been through, they were drawn to their new lives, and their outgoing personalities began to shine through almost immediately! I believe to date, Apple is the littlest dog we have ever UNchained… yet she has the bigger-than-life personality of a Diva! Tucker is as smart as a whip, and soon we expect to see him driving stunt cars in a Hollywood movie! They both landed in the lap (literally) of a wonderful NMDOG foster home where they joined right in without missing a beat. These little kids survived the odds together and it’s only right that they reap the benefits together as well. So today we made it official: Apple and Tucker were adopted together, forever. They now have a warm home with soft, snuggly dog beds around every turn, a wardrobe of sweaters that challenges the fluffiest show Poodle, andenough toys to fill the Christmas stocking of every pup this side of the Rio Grande. But most importantly, they have love, and they have family. Their Mom is a teacher and these kids have filled her heart! They play hide and seek, chase and catch me if you can with their new sister dog and their kitty! Apple runs and burrows deep beneath the covers in Mom’s bed after an outside potty break, and Tucker proudly displays his catch after hunting grasshoppers! Because of a good Samaritan who cared enough to make an effort to make a difference, a foster Mom with a heart of gold with room at the Inn, a rescue with fierce determination, and an amazing Village with the LoVe of DOG Apple and Tucker will never want for anything again. We are so grateful to their awesome new Mom and everyone who helped them along the way. Thank you for making their dreams come true! Read Apple and Tucker’s original rescue story on Facebook.

RubyTuesdayHTRUBY TUESDAY (11/30/2014) Recently, we got a call from our friend Sandoval County Animal Care Officer Tafoya. He informed us that he had custody of a very nice dog that had been running loose, called in and contained by a good Samaritan. Unfortunately, Sandoval County does not have an animal shelter and the options for dogs picked up as strays, surrenders, injured animals and those in neglectful situations are extremely limited. This makes our Officers’ jobs very difficult to do and puts a strain on the ability to improve the lives of the animals in this county. We are hopeful that one day Sandoval County will have a shelter for the animals to call their own, where they can find safety, the immediate care they deserve, and a chance at a better life. Until then, we will continue to help as we are able, and we are grateful for the good folks in Sandoval County who work hard for their animals every day. As things would have it, we were in the right place at the right time when the call came in: not far from Officer Tafoya and Miss Ruby Tuesday herself. Besides, we were already headed in the right direction. Ruby was micro-chipped but none of her contact info was current. As we always try and dig deeper, we requested implanter info along with the last known address. What are the odds that out of all of the addresses in Bernalillo County Ruby’s last registered address was that of the current NMDOG Headquarters? I think it would be around one in a little over a million and Ruby Tuesday is definitely one in a million! So from Sandoval County to Bernalillo County, we discovered her previous guardian was a former tenant a few years back, and there was no known current contact information. Her microchip was implanted by our friends at Animal Humane New Mexico during one of their community events and they had the same info on file as the chip manufacturer. Then come to find out, the good Samaritan that picked her up and kept her safe until Officer Tafoya took custody was actually an NMDOG Foster Guardian! That’s pretty much a “what are the chances” trifecta in our book and another sure sign that Ruby ended up right where she was meant to be. Sure enough, because not long after, she found her special family, she fit right in and adopted herself one super handsome Husky brother! They play chase until both are ready to pass out, wrestle, and then nap, and then they do it all over again! She also has two little Chi Chi sisters, and Mom says she especially takes care of the Itsy one. They snuggle and they both like to lay under the covers. Ruby Tuesday is sweet, beautiful, and super smart Rottie girl, and she has one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. We are honored to have been part of your journey sweet Ruby, and grateful to those that helped get you safely home. Thank you to the wonderful people that go out of their way every day for a Dog….because of you, their happiness is possible. Congrats to this super awesome Dog-loving family. We love you Ruby!

StardustHTStardustHT1STARDUST (11/21/2014) NMDOG Stardust came to NMDOG with her brother (NMDOG Ziggy — still available for foster or adoption) in their time of need. They were tethered together on one short cable in the middle of nowhere, in northern New Mexico. Growing up on a short tether, denied of many of their basic needs, and allowed to mate and have pups was their so-called “life” before rescue. Both dogs came to us very thin with poor hair coats and full of internal parasites. Both Stardust and Ziggy have struggled with GI issues, and getting them healthy has been quite the challenge. Both kiddos have spent time with our friends at Beck ‘n Call Pet Services in Albuquerque as their fosters, and when Stardust became severely ill with Gastroenteritis, one of the caring and wonderful staff members took her home as her foster to heal her and make her better. Well….Stardust made a full recovery, and in the process, she stole the hearts of her foster Mom and Dad. Dusty (as we affectionately call her) has been enjoying her time with them so much that she decided to make it official, and she adopted them both! They take weekly adventure hikes to the mountain where Dusty got to play and run in the sow for the very first time — versus being chained up in it and suffering with little shelter! It’s true, Huskies do enjoy the cold weather and the snow, but no dog…NO DOG…”enjoys” or deserves to be left out in the cold with no choice! You know what she enjoys even more? Cuddle time under the covers with her people, and having a warm, soft, safe place to sleep; the companionship she was previously denied; and a good, consistent and nutritious diet to keep her healthy! Her new Mom even cooks for her and says Stardust loves her veggies! We are so happy for Dusty and her new family and we are blessed to have such amazing dogs and people in our lives! Congratulations to you all! You have a wonderful life to look forward to together and that makes us as happy as a, well, as a Husky bounding through the snow for the first time ever, chain free! Pup Pup Hooray!

FalonHTFALON (11/16/2014) Sweet, sweet Falon was left on his chain, and provided with very little food or human interaction. His people ignored all warnings and citations from Animal Control and eventually, he was seized. Thank you Estancia Animal Control Officer Lenderman for her follow up and determination — we are sure she saved Falon’s life! Falon was terribly thin and malnourished when he came to us, full of internal parasites, shut down, fearful and unsure. We are told that the kids of his previous “home” were the only ones that ever gave him any attention, and that was obvious to us by the way he lit up whenever children were around. So, we promised him a new life with kids! We took it slow with Falon when he arrived to NMDOG, letting him decompress and get used to having his daily needs met. It took almost two weeks before he would welcome the touch of a kind hand, but soon he was able to open himself up to trust again. Falon attended a few adoption events with us and met lots of nice folks, but it was on a cloudy day at Doggie Dash & Dawdle that he met his soul-mate and the Dad of his dreams! We expedited his adoption application and were thrilled to learn that his new Dad was a display designer at Explora! where Falon would be accompanying him to work each day. Not only would he have kids in his life, he would have a whole museum full of them!! Things have worked out very well for our sweet boy. He and his Dad bonded immediately. We watched it right before our eyes and it made our hearts happy! Falon now has a cozy mountain cabin with securely fenced acreage to call his own. He travels into town to work with his Dad, where he has made many friends human and canine! We couldn’t have made a better match for this very deserving Dog and we are pretty sure he is helping his Dad’s heart heal as well. (Dad lost his SoulDog of 12 years in the recent past and Falon knew just what he needed to do). These two awesome guys are a match made in Heaven and Explora! gained a wonderful new “employee.” The design staff at the museum are allowed to bring their dogs to work with them and they all hang out in the design studio during the day. Its truly very awesome! We are so happy for them both and look forward to the long, wonderful life they will share. Congratulations to Falon and his super cool, super awesome, dog loving Dad!! You both rock!

WallabyHT1WallabyHT2WallabyHT3WALLABY (10/24/2014) Wallaby waited for many months at the Animal Welfare Coalition’s Las Vegas, NM shelter after he was picked up as a beaten-down County stray. He stole the hearts of the shelter staff and Volunteers of this small, rural safe-haven, but he was never able to open his. He carried his head low and the signs of his hard life were obvious, but we all saw the light inside him that had yet to shine! This was not just any dog — Wallaby was someones Soul Dog. He just didn’t know it (yet) but we all did. During one of my trips to the Las Vegas shelter I was asked to take Wallaby for a walk (they are very sneaky up there!). Let’s just say it didn’t take long for me to fall in love. He would be my passenger on the ride back! Wallaby came to NMDOG as a downtrodden hound dog and it took some time for him to learn how to smile. But since then, he hasn’t stopped and he dances now too! Wallaby has a way with the ladies and “by chance” he met a very special one that just knew… She knew he was the dog her dear friend had been searching for. And ya know what? She was right! Wallaby would be his Mom’s very first dog ever and I think this was his special purpose from the beginning. He traveled many a hard rural road alone to find her, but find her, he did. That’s what Soul Dogs do. Wally now lives in the lap of Hound Dog luxury with a Mom who is his very best friend. His most fave things to do are roll in the grass, take early morning and sunset walks and bird-watch from his back porch! It takes a Village to make these Dogs’ dreams come true and Wallaby had some very special people in his. Thanks to The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico for taking such good care of him until he found his way to NMDOG and the special Angel he met one day at the park… We couldn’t be anymore thrilled for Wallaby and his awesome Mom, so today we made it official. Wally has found forever! Way to go Wallaby…you deserve this Fairy Tale ending!

MeatloafHTMEATLOAF (9/21/2014) Meatloaf (the cutie pie on the right) was surrendered to his vet clinic when his person was no longer able to care for him. He was left alone on an apartment balcony for long periods of time, creating an unsafe environment for himself and the tenants below. Rather than being taken to the shelter, we were asked to intervene and because we had a foster home lined up and all of his medical needs were met, we decided we could veer from our Mission of the chained and abused kiddos to help this sweet boy out. (this is done occasionally on a case by case basis and only when it will not take away from our stated Mission) It didn’t take long for someone wonderful to see his sweet face on our website and decide he was the one that would make her family complete and recently, we made his adoption official. Meatloaf is a sweet young kid that now has a new family to call his very own. He has an adoring Mom and a sister dog to play with….along with a huge grassy yard where he can romp and play ball…one of his most fave activities! We are thrilled to welcome his new Mom to The Village and thrilled that Meatloaf will now have all of his needs met and tons of love in his life! Congratulations to everyone involved and our heartfelt thanks to those that made this great placement possible by looking out for Meaty’s best interest! We know he will have many wonderful and happy years ahead as a treasured member of this family! Meatloaf….also has a new name “Meaty” is now “Petey”! Pup Pup Hooray!!

GnomeHTGNOME (9/3/2014) NMDOG Husky Puppy Gnome has found forever, and not just any forever: he won the Husky Puppy lottery! A wonderful family fell in love with Gnome (can’t imagine why!) and knew he would be the perfect newest addition to their family. The more we got to know them, we couldn’t have agreed more. So yesterday, we packed his bags and delivered him to his new home in Woodland Park, CO. It was a wonderful ride up and back in the great company of JoJo and Gnome’s awesome foster Mom. Many thanks and nose bumps to everyone that played a part of this little guy’s journey, we couldn’t have done it without you! His new family has been anticipating Gnome’s arrival since the adoption was approved, and everyone was very excited to finally meet him! Gnome now has two wonderful and wise big Husky brothers, rolling hills with green grass and lots of trees where they can play — in his very own yard! He also has a little rock water path that flows into a gathering pool where he can splash around in the summer like the little tadpole that he is. His Mom and Dad are both retired and have shared their home with rescued Huskies for the past 15 years! Gnome has already brought a renewed energy to the pack with his pure and sweet spirit, and his silly Husky Pup games. Gnome was once lost and alone in a very scary part of town, but because of his Village, will now only know security and love. Happily Ever Husky Forever little Gnome, and congratulations to this whole family! You will always be part of ours…

GoldieHTGOLDIE (8/16/2014) Many years ago (three, to be exact), we met a shy, unsure sweetheart of a girl named Goldie. She was picked up from the median of I-25 going through Las Vegas dragging a piece of wire wrapped around her neck. The connection was later made to a local backyard breeder, doing a really bad job of “breeding Bull Terriers” and selling them in the local “swap meet” ads. No one ever came for Goldie once she landed at the shelter, and back then Las Vegas was not a shelter any dog deserved to land in. Good thing for Las Vegas animals, things have changed, and because of our sister rescue, the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico (AWC), today the shelter in Las Vegas truly is a soft place to land. Goldie was one of the AWC grassroots dogs and she was pulled from the shelter just in the nick of time It was a sunny day in the local park and the AWC was hosting their annual Golf Tournament fundraiser, complete with special guests from the TV show Pit Bulls Parolees. Goldie made her debut and was assigned as my dog date for the event. Goldie stole my heart. She remained in the care of our Sister Rescue for almost a year, still never finding the family she deserved. With a congenital eye condition and her mind made up that she would be the only dog in the home, we promised to do for her all that we could and to love her unconditionally. Goldie became an NMDOG. She was seen by a specialist to address the possibility of corrective eye surgery, but that was not to be. We were told that her condition could not or would not be improved with surgery and that continued meds/supplements was the best course of action. We knew deep down inside that a real home for Goldie was what she really needed. So we continued to search….and search…and search. Goldie won over many hearts during her time with us and she came a long way from the fearful reactive dog we first met. But every now and then we would notice a change in her eyes (and often times her behavior), we sought further treatment and adjusted her meds. Goldie spent almost two years with us in boarding. We had our ups and downs, mostly ups, but always Goldie remained hopeful…and so did we. But we knew Goldie couldn’t continue to thrive and have all that she needed unless she was given a home. Her eyes were getting worse and her demeanor was starting to change, and always, above everything, we must be enriching the lives of our dogs if we want the honor of calling ourselves a Rescue. “Out of nowhere” we were given a name and a number to call, a friend of an Angel that “may be looking for a dog.” So we called… and the wheels were set in motion. There are no words to describe how my heart felt the first day I met Goldie’s Mom. I knew she was the one. The one person Goldie had been waiting for all this time. Goldie and I left the kennel that day and she went home. Goldie has been a beloved Dog of The Village and she has made many friends. For the past two years, you stuffed her Christmas stocking, watched her videos, shared her pictures, provided her ongoing care and she knew your love But no love compares to the love she now knows, as the treasured companion to her own special Angel. Once Goldie arrived home, almost immediately her sight began to improve, she began to relax and settled in like she had always been there. She made fast friends with the resident kitty Fish earning them the nickname “GoldFish.” Her Mom rearranged the garden planters so Goldie could navigate her new yard more easily and they began going to work together to style hair. Goldie soon became the salon mascot! Our friends at Gate-It Access Systems helped us secure her fencing so Goldie would always be safe. Thanks Gate It! Everything lined up just as it should be for our one of a kind, super amazing, extra special Goldie Girl. When things get ruff, when we ask ourselves why we do it, when we wonder how we can do it even one more day, yet can’t imagine doing anything else. We think of Goldie and we don’t give up. Its been a long time coming and we are so thrilled to announce Goldie’s adoption has been made “officially official” and she is home, forever. We will always be a part of Goldie’s life and we feel blessed to call her new Mom part of ours. Thank you to all of the Angels that played a part in Goldie’s Happily Ever After…and there were many of you. Gooooo Goldie! Here’s Goldie and her Mom at their styling station.

BumbleHTBUMBLE B. BUG (8/12/2014) In honor of NMDOG “Junebug Day” we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by making Bumble B. Bug’s forever official. Her story is told in the words and pictures of this Facebook album, so we will let you read and browse for yourself. I cannot say enough Thank You’s to Bumble’s incredible, amazing Mom and the fur family that has welcomed her back home. I love you Bumble, with all of my heart! You are back and you are right where you are supposed to be. XoXoXo

StarHTSTAR (8/10/2014) Once there was a little Husky named Star and her big brother, known as Shadow. From southern New Mexico they came to NMDOG together, a little over two years ago. They were “living” in small crates in a very hot, unprotected back yard. When we first met Star and Shadow, they were both very afraid of the world around them. Un-socialized and unsure, it took some time for us to earn their trust. But once we did, their personalities began to shine. They soon became favorites at the kennel and were both adopted by way of the volunteer walker program. Shadow was adopted by an awesome volunteer and has been living his happily forever after. Star was also adopted and had a Mom whom she loved very much. Both of these kids have been thriving for the past two years with wonderful families of their own. Sadly, Star’s adopted Mom recently passed away, and Star needed us like never before. I picked up the phone and before I could even finish what I was saying, Shadow’s Mom asked “Does she need a place to go?” She did. But not just any place, a place where she could be with family, with the familiarity of her brother, and the comfort that would bring. The door to Shadow’s home was opened, as was the heart of his Mom. Star and Shadow were so happy to see each other, and we are so incredibly grateful. Star is family; she always will be, and this is a beautiful example of the love and commitment of our Village. Star has been with us again now for a little over two weeks and she continues to do very well. I believe it’s because she was given such a soft place to land. Star is right where she is meant to be and today we made it official! She was adopted by Shadow, his Mom,and their kitty. The kids get to go to work with their Mom at Animal Humane New Mexico and can often be seen shopping at the local growers market. Mom says “It’s like shes always been here. They are perfect together and they love each other so much”. I think I may have even heard talk of agility classes soon! We are so thankful for this happy tail and we love the love our Dogs have in their lives. Thank goodness for incredible people that make the ruff times a lot easier to bear. For sweet little Star, it made all of the difference in the world. Star is pictured on the right: the worlds littlest Husky…

StarHTWIZARD (8/10/2014) Wizard was chained his entire five years of life with little to no human interaction and a deep, deep longing to be part of a pack. He would break his chain, jump his 6 ft fence and wander off in search of something to fill his empty heart. He was picked up on numerous occasions by local Animal Care Officers and taken to the shelter. As much as they tried, shelter staff did not have the power to protect him from returning to his so-called life on the chain, and just before his stray hold was up his person would mosey in to reclaim the dog “he spent thousands of dollars for”. Until one day his person did not come in time, and that…was the luckiest day of Wizard’s life! He was whisked off to the safety of NMDOG, never to know the end of a chain, or loneliness or longing for comfort again. We welcomed the magnificent Wizard with open arms and got to know what he needed to live a life of safety and contentment. We discovered that Wizard is a water Shepherd: he absolutely loves to swim… and fish! He is one of the smartest dogs we have had the pleasure to know, and loyal to the core. Wizard had some issues when it came to other dogs, as he had never been given the chance to interact properly. He carried a dominant fear from his previous “life” that now required him to find a home as an only child. This always presents a challenge in finding a family, as most dog-loving homes already have a canine resident or two. But we promised him we would find just the right family and we never once thought of giving up. He deserved nothing but our best, most fierce determination, and that is just what sweet, lovable Wizard got! As a result, he found the forever home of his dreams! More than any of us could have ever imagined Wizard finally has all that his big giant heart desires. He has a beautiful mountain home, on three of the most pristine wooded acres I’ve ever seen. He has streams running through where he can get his paws wet and, who knows, on a good day, maybe he will catch a fish!! Wizard is a people dog, loving and wanting nothing more than to spend every moment with the caring humans in his life. Well, Wizard’s new Mom is retired and their job together each day is to patrol the entire property. Wizard takes his job super seriously and he’s no slouch! So far he has protected his family from some of the most dangerous forest creatures. You know, squirrels, song birds, and those super scary bunnies! Wizard is a working dog, a Shepherd by nature, and now he has one of the most important jobs on the planet. He travels into to town with his Mom to run errands, as long as all of their stops are dog-friendly. Sometimes they even just get in the car and go for scenic drives, which Wizard welcomes with enthusiasm. Up in Colordo his parents have 30 acres of land, and soon Wizard will visit to ensure that property is also kept up to par. His parents have shared the last 30+ years of their lives with German Shepherds…”expensive dogs purchased from breeders”. They decided to open themselves up to rescue this time around and the word from them is “Wizard is one of the most exceptional German Shepherds we have ever known. We plan on rescuing from now on.” Well…that is music to our ears and Wizard’s as well, though it will be many years before they need to fill Wizard’s shoes, uh hum….paw protectors. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this placement, as it embodies everything our dear boy ever needed. We are so grateful to this amazing family, for giving Wizard everything he ever wanted. Go now Wizard, do you job well, love your family with everything you have, and, most importantly, receive all of the love they have to give and have FUN! You, Wizard, our exceptional mountain water Shepherd will always have a special place in our hearts. We love you, to the moon and back. You are indeed a very good boy.

Sadie MaeHT

Sadie Mae's new tag

Sadie Mae’s new tag

SADIE MAE (8/2/2014) We met Sadie Mae last year in Valencia County, as a recipient in our fencing program. We also provided her with spay surgery, vaccinations and a microchip Unfortunately, during one of our follow-up visits a couple of months later, we discovered that her guardian chose not to adhere to our fencing assistance guidelines and Sadie Mae was surrendered to our care. (part of this agreement states that our Guardians do better by providing a clean living environment, daily exercise/interaction and fresh food and water) Sadie Mae was very unsure when she came to us, unsure of people and the world around her. She was no better on leash than the day we met her, maybe even worse: freezing in fear and flattening to the ground. We worked with her patiently and rewarded her bravery (even if it was just one baby step at a time) until one day… she just decided to walk. She walked the entire ditch and never looked back! Until she left the security of the kennels, then it seemed like we went back to square one. We continued to encourage her and expose her to new surroundings. With each outing, she began to gain confidence. When Sadie Mae went on her trial adoption it took some time for her find the confidence that we knew she had. But Sadie Mae sure knows how to pick ’em, because she couldn’t have picked a more loving, patient or understanding Mom and Dad! With adoration and humor, they started “The Saga of Sadie Mae” on their Facebook page, to document some of the high points of her transition. Three wire crates, four comforters, two afghan blankets, two Thundershirts, many toys, some training classes, lots of car rides and a few bottles of wine later, Sadie Mae lovingly earned her new nickname “The Money Pit”. I want to jump up and down, shouting from the rooftops how much I appreciate and treasure their commitment!! Often times and more times than not, our dogs have a lot of things to overcome. They have come from lives of isolation, abuse and neglect, and none of them, until they come to us, have ever lived in a real home. We try very hard to give each NMDOG time in a foster home before they venture onto the next step of adoption, but sometimes (and as in Sadie Mae’s case) that just isn’t possible. But this whole family worked together to make it work, setting Sadie Mae up for success, thinking outside of the box and using the resources provided….all for the love of Sadie Mae. We couldn’t be anymore thrilled with this placement and we couldn’t be anymore grateful to her new forever family for sticking with it and for seeing all that Sadie Mae has to give. Thank you for giving her the home of her dreams, complete with kitty siblings and a Chihuahua sister whom she adores. Congratulations Miss Money Pit… you little stinker, you scored!! We love you Sadie Mae, now go live the life you’ve always deserved.


Puma with her forever siblings

Puma with her forever siblings

PUMA (7/30/2014) We are so happy to share the news: Puma has found forever. Puma came to us last year, after she was seized by Bernalillo County Animal Care Services for multiple chaining violations. Placed on the end of her chain at the wee age of 8 weeks, now just shy of two years, the chain left some scars that we would need to work at to overcome. Puma behaved aggressively when she came to us, with pretty serious boundary and barrier issues. It took the patience and skill of a special Animal Care Officer, a rescue with fierce determination and an unconditional friend that Puma now calls “Mom”…to help her learn to trust. Another thing that makes Puma really special to us is that she is the biological sister to NMDOG Alum Rasta (NMDOG Advisory Board Member aka “Angela’s Pack”). Rasta wandered in to our very first free Bernalillo County Spay/Neuter clinic just looking for a little help. What he found instead, was a forever home with our Founder. He was only 8 weeks old at the time…the same time Puma was being placed on her chain. We wouldn’t learn about Puma for another year. They both share many temperamental similarities, though Rasta’s have been softened by the life he has lead. Puma’s, greatly amplified by hers. It took time, understanding, patience, some special handling and lots of love, but eventually Puma came to know that she was safe and she began to show us who she really was. Puma even spent some time with our friends at Camp Bow Wow where she made many, many doggie friends. But one special human, a staff member, stole her heart. She understood Puma and Puma looked to her for guidance. We could see the special bond they had and this made us very happy! This special human is also Mom to NMDOG Alum Racer (one of the very first recipients in our UNchain BernCo program!) and we already adored her! The timing wasn’t right for Puma to join this family at the time, so we continued to work with her and remained hopeful that the right person would come along. Months passed, Puma underwent corrective eye surgery and continued to work on trust. She has never been any trouble and it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch her grow. Then we got the news, her friend from Camp was now able to adopt Puma!! Pup Pup Hooray!! So the transition began. Puma has blended with her new canine family beautifully. She is doing well with the other human in the home (showers her with Puma kisses) and is greeting company like a lady! We are sooooo so proud of Miss Puma and we are so grateful for her super special Mom! Having a home with unconditional love, good leadership, structure and fun is all PUMA needed, and that’s just what she got! Congratulations to brave Puma and her awesome Mom, we are blessed to have you in our lives…

GracieHTGRACIE (7/27/2014) In the early part of this year, we were notified of a young pup for sale on Craigslist in Valencia County. Only three months old, she was chained and, from the picture, her spirit already appeared to be broken. NMDOG answered the call, and a wonderful Volunteer got her to safety. Gracie, named for how amazing she is, was very sick and tested (+) for Parvo. She was admitted to the clinic and began receiving the lifesaving care she required. A wonderful foster family stepped forward to give her the continued healing she needed and teach her what it meant to be treasured and loved. Not only did they take sweet Gracie into their care, but also little post-Parvo Puppy NMDOG Prizm. Gracie and Prizm grew to be great friends while they both got strong together and completed their post-Parvo treatment protocol. When Gracie was cleared for adoption, she was able to attend Camp Bow Wow Albuquerque as their guest foster kiddo, and Gracie made lots of friends! (Little Prizm was adopted by this awesome foster family and they have remained a constant in Gracie’s life) We are so grateful to those who go above and beyond for our dogs! Thank you foster families!! Thank you Camp Bow Wow! Recently, a wonderful family found Gracie on our site and we arranged for them to come to Camp and meet her. There was an instant connection, so we set up the home visit/meet & greet right away, packed up Gracie’s bags and headed north to Santa Fe. Gracie is such a sweet, sweet girl, bonding with the little human in the family and stealing the hearts of her new Mom and Dad. She even has a Grandpa who visits frequently and he brings his dog to play! Gracie and her Auntie Dog romp, run, and chase squirrels! They bury bones and dig them up again and then they jump on the trampoline! Gracie has already begun her post-adoption training and has settled in to call this her forever home. Gracie’s new family spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, we suspect we will see camping pics and lots of adventure! What an incredible new LIFE for a once Forgotten Pup who now has all of the love in the world! Congratulations to sweet little Gracie and her beautiful forever family. It is an honor to be your rescue.

PiperHTPIPER (7/25/2014) Village…we need a “pick me up” and I think I’ve got just the thing. This Sunday is Piper’s birthday, and out of nowhere a wonderful Angel swooped into her life with the best birthday present EVER! The news you have all been waiting for: Piper has found forever! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first day of the rest of her life. Piper has been with us for just almost a year. In this year it seems as if she never caught a break, yet she remained stoic and grateful for every little thing she had. Granted, her life was considerably better than her days as a chained dog, then a stray dog, then a shelter dog out on the Rez. During her time with us we watched Piper come alive! We watched her learn to smile and relax in the cool morning sun. We watched her body heal from starvation, and her heart from despair. We nursed Piper through an FHO procedure, when there was no foster home for her to be found and she thrived. Recently, Piper was given a chance in a foster home, but it didn’t last long, and now we know why! Because Piper’s home was just around the corner and the short time spent in her first ever in a year foster home….well, that was just practice Only a week after her return, we received a message that began “I would like to adopt Piper”. That same day we hustled our tails, we did our due diligence and then we got Piper right over. I never saw Piper so excited on a car ride. Usually she sits pretty and just takes in the sights. Not on this day. On this day, Piper was on a Mission. She was on a Mission and she made that very, very clear. She wouldn’t settle, she wouldn’t lie down. She kept panting into my ear as if to say “Are we there yet?”. Finally we arrived. She walked herself right in, took a quick spin around the house and planted herself right at the feet of her new Mama! Piper could not have picked a better Mama! After we made it official and they walked me out to the van, Piper gave me her signature face hug, and her Mom said “Who rescued who?” When someone meets their SoulDog they usually rescue each other. Our sweet, sweet Piper is home. Happy birthday sweet Piper!

DaisyHTDaisyDAISY (7/19/2014) Not long ago, we got a call from our sister rescue the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico about a little Pug that needed our help. Daisy found her way to them after suffering from an embedded collar. She was malnourished, had an open, infected wound, and she needed the love of The Village. Daisy was treated and landed in the lap (literally! lol) of one of our most awesome NMDOG foster homes, where she quickly left her sorted past behind. Once she received a medical clearance for adoption, she set off to pay a visit to Pug Paradise and she decided to stay. Little Miss Daisy now has all of the toys one little doggie heart could desire, a safe and soft place to lay her head for always, daily trips to the Pug park, not one but two attentive Moms who love Pugs just about more than anything, and a fun, affectionate and energetic Pug sister that adores her! We just couldn’t be anymore thrilled, because Daisy has found the forever home of her dreams! Way to go Miss Daisy! Thank you to everyone that played a part in her journey and a special thanks to our treasured foster families: without you, this work wouldn’t be possible. It takes a Village and Daisy has the best! Congratulations to this sweet family!

KianaHTKIANA (6/19/2014) NMDOG Puppy Kiana (the little chocolate baby with the piercing blue eyes) was once chained in a junkyard, to a cherry picker, in the northern part of the state. With the help of our sister rescue, The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, NMDOG was able to swoop in and save her… just in the nick of time. Kiana landed in a wonderful NMDOG foster home with NMDOG Alum Doc (pictured here and also known as “Mr. Handsome”), NMDOG/Siberian Husky Rescue NM Alum Alice, and some other fabulous furry family members. Little Kiana had her mind made up from the get go: this was her home, her family, and she wasn’t about to let them get away. So today, she adopted them all! Kiana will now have the forever home so many dogs dream of. She spends a lot of her time playing and wrestling with her little Miniature Italian Greyhound sister, napping and helping both of her amazing Moms around the house and on the property! Kiana has already been on several road trips and she just loves cruising the countryside in her very own RV. Life just really couldn’t be any better for this very lucky pup and we are honored to be part of it! This is a family that does so much…not only for NMDOG, but for many other very worthy causes. We are eternally grateful for their love of Dog, love of cats, love of people and love of life! To Kiana, Doc and Alice’s Moms: thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all you do and for all you give. What a wonderful fairy tale ending for a once chained, lonely and Forgotten Dog! She won’t ever be lonely again, of that we can assure you! Pup Pup Hooray!

SheriffHTSHERIFF (6/15/2014) A tale of a new Dad on this Father’s Day! NMDOG Sheriff came to us during the very first Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force sweep in Albuquerque’s South Valley in March, 2012. He was discovered behind a locked gate, chained and broken. He suffered sever injuries which left him immobile. Because nobody was home, the gate was forcefully opened by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff was removed to safety. As you might figure…that is how Sheriff got his name! Charges were filed and Sheriff’s former guardians were punished in court. Sheriff underwent surgeries to repair his broken bones, long term care to heal the mange he suffered, a healthy and nutritious diet to help him grow strong, and the love he needed to heal his broken spirit. Sheriff had some ups and downs in rescue, but today he is right where he was always meant to be! We are so incredibly grateful for the AMAZING foster family that took Sheriff in as one of their own, taught him to trust, that not all other dogs are scary, gave him the confidence he needed to progress, never once thought of giving up on him and also taught him to swim. Swimming might not sound like a big deal to most of us, but for Sheriff it opened him up to a whole new world! He went to class, he gained social skills, he even learned tricks, and Sheriff graduated with honors! Today, Sheriff has a new forever Dad, who has spent many, many months with Sheriff as the roommate of his foster parents. Some time ago, when adoption interest was first expressed, we transferred all daily care duties to Sheriff’s potential new Dad and we watched as their bond was built and strengthened with mutual respect, learning, love and the dedication it takes to call oneself the Guardian of an amazing kiddo like our boy! Sheriff was on one of the longest of our trial adoptions to date, right around six months and it paid off in spades! These two boys are absolutely made for each other and we just couldn’t be anymore thrilled for them both! There are many special thanks that need to be said and many that contributed to this happy ending for Sheriff (new beginning!) but I need to thank his new Dad specifically for putting up with all of my expectations and for not running away in the other direction! Dad….you RoCk! I have never seen Sheriff happier or healthier than the day we finalized his adoption. He knew, of course he knew, he was home now and it is forever. Every adoption sends us into happy dance mode but when a kiddo finds their true destiny after being in the program for so long, its more like the the happy dance of a lifetime! We are dancing today at NMDOG and we know Sheriff is dancing too! Congrats to Sheriff, his new fantastic forever Dad and to the foster family that gave him so much! We are so grateful and we absolutely LoVe you all with all that we have!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY

HendrixHTHENDRIX (6/9/2014) NMDOG Hendrix has a Cinderella ROCKSTAR story, that’s for sure! We first met Hendrix when his Craigslist ad came across the NMDOG desk: chained, abandoned and in need of immediate medical attention. So we went to him. What we found was a timid little guy at the end of his chain, no shelter and forced to get his water from a dripping drain pipe. He was soaking wet, as it was raining very hard that day. Luckily for Hendrix, a caring neighbor began looking out for him, gave him fresh food and water, and reached out to find him the help he so desperately needed. Because we were beyond full when Hendrix needed us the most, we reached out to our friends and partners at Animal Crackers who agreed to give him a place to land at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic while we figured out the next step. While he was there, he underwent the corrective eye surgery he needed, was neutered and received all other intake vetting. He also stole the hearts of everyone with his awesome personality, kind and gentle spirit, easy going attitude and his desire to please. Soon Hendrix found his way to an amazing and unexpected first-time NMDOG foster home. It should have been absolutely clear at the time that this was his forever and why we rescued him in the first place, but sometimes humans are slow and it took us a minute… NMDOG was just a vehicle in Hendix’ very purposeful journey and it was an honor to oblige! Hendrix received his name somewhat by random, or at least that’s what we initially thought. But now we’re pretty sure there wasn’t anything random about it at all. Joining in with (then) foster brothers, “Nikki Sixx” and “Eddie Veder” this little Rock ‘n Roll fantasy would now be complete. A week hadn’t even gone by when I was informed that Hendrix was, without a doubt, the SoulDog his Mom’s life was missing. You know, that one Dog that comes into your life at just the right time, bringing with them all that your heart had ever hoped for? The Dog that you connect with on a spiritual level. The one that absolutely makes everything right? A SoulDog. Hendrix called to us because he needed us to help him get to where he was meant to be. We answered the call because the dogs have a way of letting us know when and where we are supposed to be. It was all happening as it should, and he was on his way home. I think Hendrix probably knew about his family long before we did, and over the weekend, we made it official! He and his little rocker brothers are definitely living it up. Hendrix also has human groupies (oops, I mean sisters!) that give him all of the attention he deserves and a Mom who treasures all of the love he has brought into her life! Hendrix and his Mom have already begun training, and when the fall school season starts, they will be ready to embark on their new adventure: Hendrix is going to be a therapy dog in the school where his Mom teaches! We are so super excited to see what the future holds for them and all of the good they are going to do — together. We are blessed to be part of many incredible experiences here at NMDOG, but the Hendrix “Experience” is not something we will soon forget! It is always incredibly humbling to be part of something so intentional and we are grateful. Congratulations to Hendrix and his entire family and thank you to everyone that played a part in his journey….you all ROCK! Read Hendrix’ original rescue story.

Benjamin Buttons HTBENJAMIN BUTTONS (5/30/2014) Little Benjamin Buttons (the camera-shy cutie on the left) came to NMDOG by way of a Bernalillo County Animal Control cruelty case. Unfortunately, the suspect was never located and charges were unable to be filed. But Benji’s condition upon intake spoke for itself: a ruptured spleen, torn abdomen, broken tail, and trauma to his eye which resulted in its removal. Benji was emaciated, covered in old scars and fresh wounds. He was afraid, confused and shut down emotionally. Beni’s first stop on his road to recovery was the Rio Bravo Animal Hospital where he immediately stole the hearts of all the staff. Here, he received the 911 medical care he needed, softly spoken words of encouragement, tender loving care, a comfy bed, and nutritious food — most likely for the first time in his life. Benji spent time healing with his new friends while we worked hard to find him a foster home. Once Benjamin Buttons settled into his foster home with fellow NMDOG, Koala, his silly and incredibly sweet personality really began to shine! He learned to play, continued to gain weight, and made a full recovery from his horrible ordeal. Benji is truly one of the sweetest and most adorable kids I have ever met and he deserves nothing less than an absolutely amazing life. So guess what? That is exactly what he got! Today, Benjamin Buttons adopted a wonderful family of his very own! He now has a forever Mom that just adores him to itty bitty pieces and two adorable little sister dogs that play chase, snuggle, and do tricks with him! Benji visits the little dog park where he is often times recognized by adoring fans. (We told his Mom she may have to get him his own agent soon!) Benji just has that way about him: he turns heads, steals hearts, and makes friends wherever he goes! He is quite the little charmer. We are so grateful to everyone that had a hand in Benji’s rags to riches story: Bernalillo County Animal Control, Rio Bravo Animal Hospital, Good Shepherd Animal Clinic, his dedicated foster Mom, and of course, his Village! Benji will now live the life he deserves as a treasured member of his family…for always. This is what dreams are made of and this is what we dream of for all of New Mexico’s Forgotten dogs. Congratulations sweet, sweet Benjamin Buttons, the worlds cutest dog, and our eternal puppy! Click here to read Benji’s original rescue story on Facebook.

Billy HowlidayHTBILLY HOWLIDAY (4/27/2014) We first met sweet Billie Howliday when she was offered in a Craigslist ad, chain and all… There was a total of six chained Huskies on the property, but by the time we found out, Billie was the only one left. We scooped her up right away and started loving her. Billie was originally purchased as a puppy in a store parking lot and was taken “home” and placed on a chain. Apparently, this is where she grew up… For six whole years… It’s amazing that Billie was able to withstand this kind of restraint on not only her body, but her spirit for so long, and still remain as loving, kind, and ready to live as she is! She was a real sweetheart from the second the chain was removed. She knew there was so much more to life, and she embraced it. Billie gives the best kisses and simply adores being part of a family! If you didn’t notice in the picture… she is “somewhat” of a Daddy’s girl… Billie and her new family recently started class together, and wow!, it really shows! It didn’t take Billie long to get the hang of things around the house — she is one super smart girl. Her fave things are baking with Mom in the kitchen, reading bedtime stories with her human sister before tucking her in at night, and running, playing, chasing, wrestling, and sunbathing with her sister dog, Reeses! This is the life Billie has always dreamed of and this is the life she deserves! We are so happy for this entire family and just thrilled that Billie can now call you her own! I’ve never seen her happier than I saw her today. Pup Pup Hooray!!

TigerLillyHTTIGER LILLY (4/26/2014) NMDOG Tiger Lilly was once chained, starved to skin and bones, over-bred, ridden with internal and external parasites, with her ears crudely cut. Our sister rescue, the incredible Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico in Las Vegas first answered the call. We were contacted shortly thereafter, and Tiger Lilly was transferred to our care immediately. Once she received the 911 medical care that she needed, she was released to one of the most loving places on earth: a special NMDOG foster home. Here, she was able to learn that not all humans will hurt you, that other dogs are fun and sweet. She also learned that kitties are cuddly and that yogurt is the best topping on your dog food! But the most important thing that Tiger Lilly learned in her foster home is that she was safe and loved, unconditionally. We recently received the application from Tiger Lilly’s foster Mom to make it official, and, well, we couldn’t think of anywhere on earth this girl would rather be! So today, we made it official. Tiger Lilly’s Mom has not only fostered and adopted another NMDOG, Super Darby,she has been the treasured foster Mom to other NMDOGs as well. She has also served as the volunteer NMDOG photographer, and her pictures have been an incredible gift to the dogs! So many of you have shared the amazing images Helga takes of our kids and commented on how her talent captures their spirits. We will miss Helga’s great eye, not only behind the lens, but also into the hearts of each dog she photographs. Thank you Helga, for all you have done for so many of our dogs and thank you for giving two special girls from horrible pasts futures as bright as any dog could wish for! Congratulations Tiger Lilly!!! (The photo on the left shows Tiger Lilly with her foster — now forever — Mom during her very first bath. The photo on the right shows siblings Tiger Lilly and Darby taking a little snooze together.)

PrizmHTPRIZM (4/22/2014) We first met little NMDOG Puppy Prizm during some local Outreach, she was so itty bitty, living in not so great conditions, cold, and struggling to enjoy her life as a pup. We offered provisions to make her life better, age appropriate vaccinations and a promise to spay her when she was old enough. Not long after, we were contacted with the news that the little pup was very sick, could we help. Upon our arrival, we found Prizm sick indeed with a serious case of suspected Parvo… A signed surrender and subsequent trip to the vet unfortunately confirmed our suspicions. We got to work right away to provide her with the lifesaving care she would need to make a full recovery and when she was well enough to be released, we secured her a wonderful post Parvo foster home. Prizm began to grow big and strong. She began to thrive when she was shown for the first time what it meant to be a treasured member of a family. So treasured in fact… that her foster family realized they just couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go, ever. So we got to work to ensure all requirements were met within our local ordinances and her family took the extra steps that would be needed to add little PRIZM as a permanent member of their pack. They contacted the Animal Welfare Department to apply for a multi-companion animal permit, were inspected and approved!! (Albuquerque’s City ordinance allows a maximum of four 4 dogs at any residence, but offers this permit as an option to those that need a little more LoVe of DOG in their lives…) Now….little Prizm makes 5! Her other brother and sister were so thrilled with the news that Prizm (the little white pup in the middle) was now theirs, forever…well, they just couldn’t sit still for the Happy Tail pic! We are so grateful to this whole entire family, human and canine for all of their infinite amazingness!! Her parents have hearts as big as Prizm’s ears and are a treasured addition to the Village. We thank them and appreciate all they do! So, to this wonderful family that is now complete: our heartfelt congratulations! We are so happy that this little girl, once a “junkyard puppy” will now never want for anything again. She will have all the love and care that any pup could ever want and a whole pack to teach her well! How wonderful it will be to watch her grow up and how wonderful it has been to be a part of making all of her dreams come true! Congratulations to little Puppy Prizm and her incredible new forever family!! Pup Pup Hooray!!

BlitzHTBLITZ (4/7/2014) NMDOG BLITZ originated from the “Husky House of Horrors”…from which he was sold, ended up chained, and was rescued by NMDOG Founder Angela nearly six years ago. He was adopted by a very caring person and spent the last five wonderful years with her. Recently, I was contacted with the sad news that she was no longer able to care for Blitz and he would need a new home, so we took him in right away. Blitz mourned the loss of his Mom in a way I have not quite seen before. He howled for her until his beautiful voice was hoarse and he nearly quit eating all together. He broke my heart into itty-bitty pieces. We reassured him, we encouraged him to play, interact with the other dogs and I took him out and about with me as much as possible. We took amazing new pics of him and told his story. Then the call came: someone wanted to meet our boy, someone wonderful!! He traveled to Madrid to the RIDE FOR THE CURE event with us, where he would have his prearranged meet and greet later in the day, not far from the event. He put up with the crowd and turned many heads as he pranced down main street in his doggles, but he was not impressed. I kept telling him: “just a little longer buddy, you’ll see”. Then the time came, we hopped in the van and traveled the curvy roads to what would be Blitz’s dream home: acres and acres of Husky playground and a pair of Husky lovers that challenge my own adoration of the breed, not to mention two of the most awesome and welcoming resident Huskies I have ever met. After only a few minutes with this incredible family, I knew. I knew Blitz was home…this time, FoReVeR!! There are not words to adequately describe what joy, relief and appreciation my heart holds for these folks. I really don’t know how to explain it. But what I can explain is that when your heart is broken, when you feel as though you have failed, just hold on, because there is always a light ahead. For me, for Blitz, this light came in the form of a two incredible people and two amazing dogs that welcomed Blitz into their home not only with lovE, but with complete and total joy, excitement, care and careful concern for his individual needs. (there was champagne and GPS collars!!) They understand him for the dog that he is and they will never allow him to be sad or want for anything ever again! Blitz now howls with his new pack. Not the long, sorrowful howl he once had, but with a new, rejuvenated voice that says “I am HOME, I belong here!”. Nothing else in this world fills my heart the way this does. Because yes….our boy is right where he is meant to be, and he is HAPPY again! So thank you to this family for all that you have given this very special boy and for all that you have also given to me. I love you with my whole heart! A Husky couldn’t ask for a better home!

RomeoHTROMEO (3/5/2014) I’m pretty sure NMDOG Romeo has been a Village fave since the day his paws hit the van. Well, no dog deserves it more that’s for sure! Romeo embodies the very reason why we exist! It was a blustery day in November and we were out setting up appointments for the first fencing program recipients, took a wrong turn (or in this case, the right turn) down a South Valley dead-end and there he was: starving to death, freezing, covered in open wounds and sarcoptic mange, nearly blind with Entropnian, and not one bit happy about any of it! Romeo was abandoned, left there to die; truly Forgotten. He would have lost his life in a matter of days at the end of that chain if help had not arrived when it did. The Beranlillo County Sheriff’s Office and Bernalillo County Animal Care Services were called and responded immediately. Within hours, Romeo was receiving the care he so desperately needed. Unfortunately, no owner was ever located, so charges were unable to be filed. Long story, but Romeo is now having his very own revenge because now he is living SO well! He underwent substantial medical treatments when he first arrived: weeks of mange treatments, dietary, nutritional, supplemental and activity support to make up for all that was lost. Romeo received double Entropnian corrective surgery. Before he did, I doubt he ever really saw the world. (probably a blessing in disguise, considering how much his world truly sucked!) Slowly but surely, Romeo began to trust, gain weight and grow his fur. It was like watching a butterfly emerge from the cocoon and it was an absolute honor to watch his transformation. Romeo accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time, and a couple of months ago, landed in a dream foster-to-adopt home with a dream of a forever family! We have continued to oversee his medical care and have worked closely with his new family in preparation for the specialized long term care he will need. They have welcomed Romeo into their hearts unconditionally, and we know he will always have all of his needs provided for. Romeo has an amazing new Mom, Dad and little human sister (who he joins often for a tea party). He has a little Corgi sister too: Ohhhh what FUN they have!!! Romeo also has an older brother dog (who can be seen in the background, observing) who didn’t quite know what to think of our wrinkly prince when he first arrived. But Romeo has since won him over with his personality and charm! Romeo is right where he is meant to be and everyone in the family is thrilled. So are we!! Romeo lives approximately three hours from Albuquerque on his own little “ranch”! He has pigs to play with, a lake to swim in, and a big giant yard to romp! But he spends most of his time inside in front of the fireplace, or sunning in his fave spot on the deck. He will never want for anything ever again and the world is now his own little chair (that’s an inside Romeo joke — this bug hunk-a-dog somehow fits in the teeniest of chairs!). Thank you to everyone that had a hand in his journey: BCSO, BCACS, Good Shepherd Animal Clinic, his caretakers, walkers and the Village! Because of YOU…..this will always be his LIFE. As it should be! Congratulations to Romeo and his wonderful family…you’ve come a long way baby! (Oh, check out Romeo featured in the March 2014 NMDOG article of Albuquerque The Magazine – WooF!)

FrankieHTFRANKIE (3/2/2014) NMDOG Frankie came to us after living a “life” of isolation and despair. That we are sure of. Frankie came in and out of our lives on different occasions before ultimately ending up in our care. It’s funny how things work out and come full circle sometimes — a lot of the times. We welcomed Frankie with open arms and promised him he would never be alone again. He embraced his new found freedom with joy and anticipation! Frankie has always been an easy going guy and from day one looked to us eagerly for guidance. That is all Frankie has ever wanted: someone to look up to and please; to belong. Frankie’s biggest fear is that he will be left alone again. I learned that the first day I took him with meto ride shotgun on errands ( I do that a lot with the dogs as it’s a great way to get to know them and learn where some of their real life triggers, strengths, and progress lie). I left him alone for less than 5 minutes and he ate part of the van. (Junebuh ate the seat-belts!) This tells me that Frankie would need someone that is home a lot and doesn’t necessarily want to take their dog on long road trips. Frankie’s new parents work opposite shifts, so someone is usually home, and when they are gone, it is not for very long. We also made sure to discuss this in detail with his Mom and Dad, providing them with support, tools and resources to help Frankie work through his fear and anxiety of being left alone. What makes this all work though is the unconditional love Frankie’s family has for him. Their willingness and desire to give him the life he deserves! For that we are so grateful! What Frankie has to work on is nothing in comparison to what he has to give! Frankie also has the support and companionship of his awesome little sister. She’s so happy to have another brother in her life, after the loss of her previous German Shepherd brother dog. Now she has someone to steal Kongs from and climb on top of to get up on the couch! Her fave is when he chases her (or tries to) around the table (she’s pretty fast!)! Frankie now has the life he deserves because a Village came together to save a dog! We love you Frankie and your awesome, incredible, amazing family! You did real good buddy…

JagHTJAG (3/2/2014) NMDOG JAG (the fuzzy wuzzy guy on the left) came to us from our friends at the Animal Welfare Coalition in Las Vegas, NM. He was found running at large, dragging his chain, nervous, and unsure of anyone or anything around him. He was held on his stray hold, but no one came. Jag was lucky the day he broke free from his chain and landed in the care of those that choose to care more. We were lucky to have him join our pack! Jag is such a total sweetheart of a dog. He reminds me so much of the wooly elephant from Sesame Street. Jag is a little shy, but a puppy at heart: curious, and fascinated by the world around him. What an honor it’s been to watch him blossom. From the very beginning Jag wanted to trust, he wanted to play, and he wanted to relax — he just didn’t know how. How could he? He had never been given that chance — until now. Jag is indeed one of the lucky ones, and like each of our dogs, he is special. We are grateful that his new family saw right away how special, loving, and amazing he is. Thank you to the AWC for all of their endless hard work and dedication to their mission. For Jag and so many others, you have made all the difference in the world! We just adore Jag’s new family and we’re pretty sure the only reason he came to us was to find them! His new big black brother dog is a kind ol’ soul and we knew it was a done deal once he gave his approval. Congrats to our sweet, sweet boy Jag and his fantastic forever family! What a wonderful gift to us all!

MooMooHTMOO MOO (2/23/2014) OMGosh!! MOO MOO made it official!! On nearly the second anniversary of her rescue Moo Moo finally decided to adopt her foster parents! It’s not that she didn’t always know that’s where she was meant to be, but there were some things she wanted them to get straight first. Above all, she said that she needed to make an honest man out of her Dad (camera shy!) and was patiently waiting for him to pop the question. And he did! Soon, Miss Moo Moo will be escorting them both down the isle — congratulations!! Then, she figured it best to let them get all moved into the new digs together before she shared her big news. Moo Moo called me up out of nowhere the other day and told me it was time. It was time for her to adopt the family of her dreams. You can imagine the thrill and surprise today when I showed up with her adoption folder! It was, well… it was like Christmas! All smiles and giggles, lots of wags and Moo Moo signature rolls! Two years ago next month, Moo Moo was picked up by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office: lifeless, sun-burnt, and defeated on the side of the road. She was the beginning of a strong partnership for the love of DOG and her rescue was much more than just that. Moo Moo once had a family that loved her, but she was stolen out of her South Valley yard. Years went by and her human siblings were told that she had died, and sometimes, she wished that she had. Life was not kind to Moo Moo after she lost her family. The family eventually moved far, far away not knowing what had ever really happened to her. When we tracked her microchip back to them, they felt it was best for her to stay with us. Well that was our lucky day! Because Moo Moo has given so much to so many while in our care, often visiting the BCSO South Valley sub-station with Auntie Andi, comforting the victims that walk through the doors. Bringing laughter and light to the deputies that risk their lives and see so much as they serve and protect. Moo Moo is not only a forever member of her family at home, she is also a forever member of the NMDOG and BCSO families as well! Moo Moo has undergone two tumor removal procedures while in our care, a result of the sun damage done during her years outdoors. She has gone through numerous food trials and medications to combat her skin issues and allergies and has never liked the company of other dogs. Who can blame her really… NMDOG and BCSO think that Moo Moo was used as a South Valley bait dog. But none of that broke her spirit! Moo Moo is and always has been one of the happy-go-luckiest girls I know. Now she can be happy knowing she is home and will never be lost again. Her parents will provide the ongoing care Moo Moo needs to keep her healthy and bright. We are so grateful that Moo Moo picked such an awesome family to call her own and we are so thrilled that this awesome family gets to spend many years with such a ridiculously happy and loving dog. Congratulations to you all!

JamesonHTJAMESON (2/22/2014) When Rescues, law enforcement, and good Samaritans work together, really wonderful things happen for the animals; just ask NMDOG Jameson! He was chained and abandoned in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Just left there like an old piece of furniture when his people moved away to fend for himself against free roaming dogs, taunting passers-by, cold nights, lonely days, and dependent on the kindness of strangers for food. Thankfully, an Angel crossed his path and reported him to the right person. That person contacted us, the appropriate legal measures were taken, and soon Jameson was on his way to a new life! What a blessing and what a character he is! Jameson is all of 20 lbs, a cross between a Beagle and a Dalmation maybe? He has never met a stranger and is as smart as a whip! He gives the best kisses and puts a smile on the face of everyone he meets! He stole the hearts of his new family at the recent NMDOG Valentine’s Event and will remain forever in the hearts of those that saved him. Jameson will never be left alone again; not with this awesome family! He has a new Mom and Dad, along with a big human sister, and Jameson is also an Uncle!! He has two responsible teenagers to look after now, along with his canine sister, and sibling cats! Wow! This kid has all kinds of jobs! Jameson has waited his whole life for a LIFE like this and we can’t say enough about his amazing new family. This is absolutely a match made in heaven and there were many special Angels involved. Our most sincere thanks to each of them. Congratulations Jameson, you little rascal! It is an absolute honor to be your rescue. Pup Pup Hooray!

TysonHTTysonHT2TYSON (2/22/2014) Little NMDOG Puppy TYSON (who is not so little anymore), along with his brother NMDOG Puppy JOEY overcame quite a few odds stacked against them. Both of these kids were found in the middle of nowhere in Northern New Mexico with their emaciated and very sick Mama Dog. Tyson and Joey were the only survivors of the litter, as poor Mama consumed the rest before rescue came. Just weeks old, both suffered neurological damage (most likely while in the womb or during birth), were skin and bones, covered in ringworm, and full of internal parasites. NMDOG was called upon to give them the best fighting chance, so that’s what we did! With the support of the Village, our amazing medical TEAM at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic and the puppy foster of all puppy fosters, both of these kids made a full recovery! Recently, Puppy Joey found a wonderful home in Scottsdale AZ, and today Puppy Tyson made it official, locally! This kid is super special! Tyson is one of the most well behaved pups we have ever met and soooo so smart! His most fave things are being in the lap of his Mom, snuggling at bedtime and helping the grand-kids with their snacks. He gets to spend lots of time at his big human sisters house too, with his niece and nephew dogs. Yes! Tyson is an uncle! He has found his place in the world and we couldn’t be any happier. Tyson follows in the footsteps of a beloved Pittie girl; the last love of his new Mom’s life. We know that nothing fills the hole they leave behind like opening your heart to another in need, and we are grateful his Mom’s heart is now whole again and we are thrilled that Tyson has found forever! Way to go big boy! We are so proud of you!

Pearl HTPEARL (1/20/2014) PEARL has a fairy tale story if there ever was one! Once a lonely chained girl in Albuquerque’s South Valley, acquired strictly for breeding purposes, with only one friend in the world: an emaciated Mastiff Prince named Romeo. Pearl kept escaping her chain, so she was moved to a small, dark and dirty pen on the opposite side of the property, far, far away from her Romeo. Romeo then laid his head down to die; she was his only link to life. At least they were feeding Pearl. And sometimes she would take him food at the end of their chains. We don’t know why they decided to let Romeo die. Luckily, rescue came literally just in the nick of time for them both, and soon they were reunited! It has been a pleasure serving these two dogs, and it has been an honor to witness their friendship! They will forever carry that with them as they both take the next step of their journey, and for Pearl that means to her forever home in California! Our Pearl is now a California Girl! Her amazing new family is family to one of our treasured NMDOG Villagers, and Pearl has found the home of her dreams. She will be living in the redwood forest (yes! Pearl will be a California Forest Fairy!) and very, very close to the beach! We can all look forward to many boardwalk sunset pup-dates, as Pearl enjoys the life she deserves. Her whole family drove out to take their girl home. She is pictured here with her Mom, Dad, Brother, and Grandma. Pearl also has a kitty brother waiting for her at home. She is a good girl, respectful of the feline persuasion and we know she will do well! So here’s to you sweet Pearl, may all of your California dreams come true. Thank you for being you, it was a pleasure and an honor to be your rescue. You, my dear, deserve the very best, and that is just what you got! Congrats to Pearl’s awesome new family: you just adopted the most “adorabull” clown of all clowns!

JoeyHTJOEY (1/19/2014) Little NMDOG Puppy JOEY came to us under extremely sad circumstances. His Mama (who was taken in by the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeaster New Mexico) was terribly sick and so starved that she consumed her entire litter of pups except for little Joey and his brother Tyson. When they were finally found, she was chewing on Joey’s ear in desperation. Both pups suffered from malnutrition, internal parasites, and ringworm. As if that was not enough, at some point during birth or in the womb, they were denied oxygen which created some learning and mobility challenges along the way. But with the love and dedication of their amazing foster Mom and our incredible medical TEAM they came through all of it happy, healthy pups! We are thrilled to report that both of these sturdy and resilient kids received a clean bill of health and clearance for adoption! What a milestone to celebrate!! Once Joey got his clearance, his parents were on their way from Scottsdale, AZ to pick up their boy and take him home! Thank you to our trusted NMDOG Villager and home visit volunteer, a wonderful Arizona advocate and friend who has helped make Joey’s placement a success. He will have a spoiled and wonderful life with his active and outgoing parents! They are looking forward to enrolling in puppy school soon and making new friends. We look forward to many Joey pupdates as he grows up big and even stronger. Thank you to everyone that helped these pups along the way. It is because of you, that they have a very bright future! Congratulations to Joey and his fantastic new family! Pup Pup Hooray!

ColtHT1COLT (12/29/2013) Little Puppy COLT, the NMDOG Christmas Husky, was picked up during Thanksgiving Eve Outreach in Las Vegas, NM. Aloof and on his own on the wrong side of the tracks, we are so grateful our paths crossed with his. We scooped him up and got him right into an awesome NMDOG foster home, where for the first time, he knew what it meant to have friends to play with him instead of pick on him! It didn’t take long for this handsome and super smart little guy to find just the right forever home. His new Mom and Dad are BFFs with NMDOG Alum Reesa’s Mom and Dad, who sent them to us to find their very first family dog. They will all go hiking, running, camping, and canoeing together. Seriously, this kid hit the jackpot! We carefully orchestrated a Christmas morning delivery, unbeknownst to any of the four kids in the family, and I got to play real life Santa Paws! It was really sweet: the looks on the kids’ faces when Mom told them this was their new dog were simply priceless. It was an honor to be part of such a special event for one special dog and his super special people. Needless to say, Colt is doing great, and we made it official today! Colt has a wonderful life to look forward to, with a wonderful family, and nothing makes for a better Christmas present than that. Congratulations little buddy. Thanks for letting us rescue you!

BlazeHTBLAZE (12/21/2013) It has been a long time coming for this superstar kiddo, NMDOG BLAZE, but today his amazing foster family made it official! BLAZE is home… forever. Blaze was a young pup of seven months when he was found near death in a drainage ditch in Clovis, NM. He suffered from a severe case of Mange, he was frozen, and underweight. BLAZE was one of the first NMDOG rescues, three years ago this month, and has been in the care of his awesome foster family for almost two years! Wow! He has received interest in that time… but not the right kind of interest, if ya know what I mean… I can’t say enough about these two though. They are, without a doubt, paws down, some of THE best Pittie parents around! Since being with them, Blaze has graduated obedience class, agility, and the 505 Pit Crew program… all with honors! Blaze’s Mom and Dad have also welcomed our NOODLE into their home and hearts as their second NMDOG foster kiddo while he waits for his perfect forever home, and we are beyond grateful! Both of these boys require experienced handling, and these folks just have it together. We are blessed beyond measure to have them on our TEAM. Blaze shares his home with two sister Pittie mixes and a pint-sized Chihuahua! So, thank you to Mom and Dad for all they have done for Blaze over the years, and for their love of all things Bully! No better Pit Bull Advocates do I know. Congratulations on making it official. We reaaly can’t imagine this kid anywhere but right there on the couch with the love you give him, and, I am sure, neither can he! We love you guys! Merry Christmas SuperBLAZE!!!

RileyHTRILEY (12/21/2013) NMDOG RILEY (the little girl on the right) has made a complete recovery from her ordeal as a chained, neglected, sick, and Forgotten Dog! For that we are so extremely grateful; but her story gets even better! Rescued by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Deputy, taken off her chain by Bernalillo County Animal Care Services, and transferred into the care of NMDOG immediately, she landed in our special Husky Haven foster home to receive the loving care and time she needed to heal after being discharged from the clinic. Adopting a Mom she simply adores for Christmas AND her previous person has been charged and arrested for the neglect and suffering they imposed! RILEY will soon have her day in court! Yay!! (not literally, we would never ask our dogs to once again face those that hurt them) It’s not every day that a rescue such as Riley’s has such sweet, speedy, and deserving justie! As you have seen, some of our dogs are never given their day in court. Their cases often go unnoticed and without closure. Thank you Riley for this special Christmas gift, and for the honor of being your rescue. Thank you to the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s and Animal Care Departments, our partners in this fight to protect and serve. Riley has found the perfect home! She now has an awesome Husky sister! You know….for silly Husky games… A Mom that simply adores them both (and the Husky breed), and an Aunt that is just like a second Mom! This week they are going to Grandma’s house for Christmas and her Mom says “She’s probably going to get fat.” LOL! Oh Riley!! We can’t wait to see her first real Christmas pics with her very first ever real family! Thank you for making all of our dreams come true! Merry Christmas to Riley and her pack.

TorettoHTTORETTO (12/17/2013) TORETTOS Christmas stocking has been hung with care on the NMDOG Giving Tree, and recently an awesome little elf fulfilled his wish list…only one thing remained, a frever home to call his very own. Today all of Toretto’s dreams came true when his amazing foster mom gave him the greatest gift of all and made it official: Toretto is home… forever! It’s the first real home Toretto has ever known, as he came to us after suffering unspeakable and malicious abuse. Beaten with a board, having his teeth kicked out, then being thrown in the ditch to drown… It was the bravery of an eye witness that saved Toretto’s life! The case was taken to court and the abuser was ordered by the judge to refrain from having dogs in the future. It is a small victory in light of the violent crime, but it was a victory nonetheless and we will take it! Besides, Toretto knows that living well is the best revenge,and he’s getting his 100 times over! We couldn’t think of a better outcome for this LOVEabull, SNUGGLabull prince of a dog, and we are thrilled for everyone in his family! Toretto has a sister dog Brie, and a brother dog who is none other than NMDOG Alum Bubba! They are three peas in a pod! We are so happy to see Toretto able to spend his first real Christmas with his very own family. It is as it should be. Merry Christmas sweet Toro!

CoyoteHTCOYOTE (11/30/2013) Sweet little COYOTE has been a very good girl this year! She got exactly what she wished for from Santa Paws: her very own forever home. Once a “throw away dog” left in heat tied to a fence-post to fend for herself, she was rescued by someone who cared, and,by way of Bernalillo County Animal Care Services, found her way to NMDOG. We truly believe that there are no accidents when it comes to our dogs—we have seen it too many times. Coyote was meant to be an NMDOG, because she was meant to be with this family! Like Dog like Daddy! Coyote’s Dad really lives in the moment with his new best girl (just don’t tell her Mom & Sister Dog). Coyote is one of the coolest kids we have had the pleasure to meet, and she’s super smart too! She knew exactly what she was doing the second her paws hit NMDOG ground. Congratulations to Coyote who will spend her first real Christmas in her first real home. Many thanks to her awesome family for falling in love! This is what all of our Dogs dream of at this special time of year,and we know Santa Paws is an expert at making dreams come true! Believe…

JesterHTJESTER (11/16/2013) We met JESTER nearly two years ago at our very first low cost community spay/neuter clinic in the Town of Bernalillo. Jester found a family, and his time with them was happy. Circumstances however required that he come back to his NMDOG family so that we could find him a new home. Whenever one of our kids finds themselves in need, we always have their back. That is a promise we make to them on day one. Jester made many new friends when he came back to NMDOG, and was soon the social butterfly at the kennel. He spent many days in the office with staff and on walks with his friends. Jester was often called upon to make the new kids, the shy kids, and the fearful kids feel welcome. Such a good boy! One day, all the good in the world rained down on Jester when an amazing new family fell in love with his face. Looking into his soulful brown eyes they just knew he needed to come home to them…forever! Jester’s new family understands how important it is that he never loose another family again and have pledged to stand by him always. We are pretty much convinced that this is Jester’s dream home anyway: custom-made just for him with all of the trimmings! Jester has his very own two boys who love to do all of his favorite things. His Mom and Dad are home a whole lot of the time and where they go, Jester pretty much goes with them. Jester has a beautiful hillside home with a wooded yard where he can watch the bunnies and squirrels safely. He also has a kitty brother and sister to entertain him on lazy days around the house. Family walks, family road trips, after school activities, and soon the whole family will begin training together. Jester is their very “first Dog” as a family. It just makes my heart beam with joy! We can’t imagine a better fit for this special boy, and no dog deserves it more. Congratulations to Jester and his brand new family. I just know you are going to have the best life!

CassidyHTCASSIDY (11/15/2013) NMDOG CASSIDY (the black and white beauty on the left) was picked up as a stray by Bernalillo County Animal Control Services and taken into our care as an NMDOG/Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico co-rescue. Because of sponsorship by Siberian Husky Rescue NM, we were able to bring CASSIDY into our program and find her a wonderful home! What an incredible dog she is: so super sweet, grateful to be safe, and silly, silly, silly… as are all Huskies! CASSIDY’S stay with us was short. It did not take her long at all to win the hearts of this amazing family and find the love she deserves! Her Mom and Dad are the best. They own a bike shop that CASSIDY and her brother dog visit often, and they can be seen helping customers gear up their bikes to be super dog friendly! Her brother Brody is one of the nicest Husky kids I have ever met. He welcomed sister CASSIDY into his home with joy and kisses!! He shares his living room chair with her, she shares her dog bed with him. Tt is just a match made in Husky Heaven and we are soooo happy for them! Days spent hiking, biking, exploring the foothills; warm nights curled up together with Mom and Dad. I adore this dog, I adore this family and I absolutely adore this adoption, with all of my heart. Thank you to CASSIDY’S awesome family for knowing she was meant to be with them and paws high to SHRNM for helping us make it so! It is Happy Tails such as these that keep us going! Congratulations to all and a heartfelt Husky “woowoo”!

WoofieHTWOOFIE (11/12/2013) Little NMDOG WOOFIE (the super sweet Husky on the left) came to us by way of the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico/Las Vegas NM Animal Shelter. He was an NMDOG/Siberian Husky Rescue NM “co-rescue.” Thanks SHRNM and thanks also to the AWC for keeping him safe in your shelter, paying special attention to his diet and for the multiple baths he was given prior to release! Wow! That is service with a smile. Poor WOOFIE’S coat was one of the worst we have seen on a Husky. He even had “traveling companions” (still not real sure what those were…) and a super sensitive GI tract. When he arrived at NMDOG, he was treated to a full groom by Paris Pups and run through a strict diet and supplement regimen with awesome results, thanks to our TEAM at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic! Today WOOFIE is putting on appropriate weight, everything is, uh um…”moving along” as it should be, his fur is soft, thick, and even has a hint of shine! We are grateful for partnerships with many that make rescues like WOOFIE’S possible and successful. He is a brand new shiny dog today, inside and out. WOOFIE also found his very own forever family! We recently attended Animal Humane New Mexico Doggie Dash & Dawdle where our WOOFIE was a big hit. He stole the hearts of many that day, but gave his heart to one very special family. WOOFIE found his happily ever forever! He now has a fun sister dog to romp and play silly “Husky games” with, a very caring and attentive Dad, and a Mom (not pictured) that he runs nearly 5 miles a day with! Holy Husky Heaven!! We are so stinkin’ happy for this kid. This fabulous happy tale was made possible by TEAMwork and the partnership of multiple organizations. Congratulations to WOOFIE and his fabulous new family. Great work TEAM!

SargeHTSARGE (11/10/2013) Recently, a special kid found his way to NMDOG. As he sat on death row at a rural New Mexico shelter, many scrambled to get him to safety and we were contacted. Welcoming SARGE to the NMDOG pack was the right thing to do. SARGE (the pretty boy Husky in the middle) soon found himself in the care of a wonderful family — an NMDOG family! Made up of some of the most awesome, generous, loyal and true folks I know. SARGE stole the hearts of everyone, including resident NMDOG Alum BUDDY BREWSTER, and now he has his very own forever family! You have seen the updates of SARGE and his journey to us, his adventures along the Bosque, his first trip to the groomers and giving morning kisses to his very own Princess (which is indeed fitting, as he is a true Prince himself)! Blind as a result of apparent eye removal some time ago, that doesn’t slow this kid down one bit. As a matter of fact, it has been a real NMDOG challenge trying to figure out how a dog can see with no eyes, because we are all convinced that he can see. Well, now all SARGE will ever see in his life is love, devotion, safety, and security. He will now get to wake up every morning, for the rest of his life, in the lap luxury, being adored by his forever family. It just doesn’t get any better than this and we can’t imagine a better outcome for this special guy. Thank you to everyone that fought so hard to save him, and thank you to his amazing family for all you do for NMDOG and the dogs we serve. PUP PUP HOORAY! SARGE is now, truly in charge!

Hanna HTHANNA (11/03/2013) Sweet, sweet little HANNA (the cutie pie brindle girl on the right) came to us by way of the last Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force sweep. She, her Mom (NMDOG AUTUMN), her Grandma (NMDOG EMMA), a niece (NMDOG Puppy STARR) and a nephew (NMDOG Puppy RINGO) were all seized at our last stop of the day. HANNA was skinny and malnourished, terribly afraid and had a broken toe. We got her to the vet and had her all fixed up. We put her on a healthy, yummy diet, medication and activity restriction so she could heal. Soon after, she landed in an NMDOG dream foster home with NMDOG Alum BOB MARLEY (the handsome fella on the left — a chain Heartworm survivor) as her devoted foster brother. It didn’t take long for her to steal the hearts of the humans in the home as well…now her FoReVeR Mom & Dad! We couldn’t imagine a better outcome for this sweet little snickerdoodle. Oh my goodness, just look at that face! It is amazing, after all that these dogs endure, they still have the ability and desire to trust! We are so grateful to them for that and to those that give them the love they deserve & a safe place to grow! Recently, the Barkley (that’s BOB MARLEY Barkley, thank you very much!) family lost a beloved pack member: their dear Rosie, RIP. BOB became despondent and depressed — Rosie was the only sister he’d ever known. Until he met little HANNA Banana! She put a smile on his face and a bounce back in his step. He pretty much adored her right away and HANNA, well, she was pretty smitten too. I think these kids had this whole thing planned all along! Thank you to their awesome parents for making both of their dreams come true! Congratulations Barkley family and to HANNA: this is the LIFE you have always deserved. We are honored to be your rescue.

StarHTSTARR (11/01/2013) Little NMDOG puppy STARR (the cutie blue girl on the far right) came to us with the whole family in tow…little brother, auntie, mom, and grandma. We discovered this abused and neglected bunch on a recent Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force sweep and took custody of them immediately. STARR and her brother RINGO (adopted!) were only eight weeks old. They both landed in top notch NMDOG foster homes and started growing (and growing, and growing!) into happy, healthy pups! They were both so lucky! STARR fell right into the lap of Pittie pup luxury with super cool foster siblings to teach her well and humans that know all about the good things in life. It became increasingly apparent that STARR already had her mind made up as to where she would spend her…uh hum, forever. Sometimes it just takes us humans a little time to catch up. Today STARR made it official! She adopted her whole entire foster family! (She is so stinkin smart too!) We couldn’t be more thrilled! STARR’s new forever Mom is a long time treasured member of The Village and heads up our volunteer dog walking program at Corrales Kennels (shoot her an email to volunteer). We have been blessed with yet another NMDOG Family adoption and our hearts are full. Thank you to this incredible family that advocates four our beloved Bullies and for all dogs in need! We know sweet STARR is always going to know the love, security and devotion she deserves! Congratulations O’c family and thank you for making our day!

RussellHTRUSSELL (10/27/2013) Little NMDOG Puppy RUSSELL and his littermates were saved by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office Deputy when they were discovered being sold illegally roadside in the South Valley. All of the little snickerdoodles were placed immediately in our puppy 911 foster home and have all grown into very healthy and well socialized little pups. RUSSELL’S littermates were transferred to Animal Humane New Mexico where they will soon be available for adoption (thanks AHANM!). Little RUSSELL however, had a different path ahead of him. He was picked that very first night by Deputy Duran to be his BFF for life. Deputy Duran has waited patiently for the past month for us to clear RUSSELL for adoption, allowing him time to mature with his pack, gain the important skills pups receive from their littermates and canine foster “parents,” get him neutered and make sure he was good to go. Little RUSSELL will now live a wonderful life as the treasured companion to our friend Deputy Duran & he has already begun serving as the South Valley sub station deputy therapy dog….bringing joy and comfort to his BCSO family. What an amazing journey this little guy has begun. We have been honored to be a part of it! I know we will be seeing a lot of him as he grows into a big strong boy, loved, appreciated, and adored by everyone he meets! We know he will help to break down the stereotypical walls plagued by the ignorance surrounding his breed…as he comforts deputies and victims alike. Congratulations to Junior Deputy RUSSELL, his awesome Dad and all of the brave and selfless deputies of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office! We are grateful to you for your service!

RingoHTRINGO (10/20/2013) NMDOG puppy RINGO came to us in our most recent Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force sweep. We seized five(!) dogs from one location: RINGO, and his sister STARR, his auntie HANNA, mom AUTUMN, and grandma EMMA. All are still available for adoption. Puppy RINGO was only about six weeks old when he came to us, skinny, dirty, hungry, and scared. He and his sister STARR landed themselves in the stellar NMDOG foster system (PAWS HIGH to our foster families!!) and began their healing journey — learning to be treasured members of the pack, both human and canine. RINGO quickly learned that he loooooves to play fetch, romp and roll with the big dogs, and that the lap of his human is his favorite place to be! Little puppy RINGO began to grow into a very smart and healthy boy, and he now has a forever pack of his very own! An awesome Mom and Dad who know what it means to be great Pittie parents (they saved a Pittie girl from the shelter years back, but she recently lost her… RIP), a (little) big doggie sister to play and nap around the house with, and a wise, older brother to teach him well. (Dad and brother Dog were out doing “guy stuff” and are not pictured) RINGO will enroll soon in our post adoption training class (included with every NMDOG adoption) and is already on his way to becoming a fabulous ambassador of his breed! We are so proud of all of the kids from this case…they really have overcome all odds! Their story could have easily gone so differently. Congratulations to RINGO and his wonderful new family…we can’t wait to see what a big, strong, and amazing boy you grow up to be! PUP PUP HOORAY!

RacerHTRACER (10/18/2013) Little RACER was one of the first recipients of the NMDOG Unchain BernCo program funds! She and her buddy NMDOG BETTS, who is still available for adoption were chained up in a South Valley junkyard when the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office notified us of their need. We visited the girls and spoke to their guardian, obtaining a surrender. RACER was just a pup of six months, and still had her whole entire LIFE ahead of her. We took her in, got her vetted and soon she was accepted into the Camp Bow Wow foster program where she stole the hearts of everyone she met. In particular, Camp Bow Wow manager and now her very own FoReVeR Mom!! In fact…RACER now has two moms to shower with all the love she was previously denied! RACER also has three brother dogs to play with, snuggle with and look out for her (they were too busy to be bothered with taking a Happy Tail pic!) RACER has a wonderful family now to call her own and well, we just couldn’t be happier for all of them! Congrats to our sweet girl RACER….who now has the LIFE she deserves! Go play RACER! Run, jump and enjoy your life…it’s what should have been all along!!

FiggyHTFIGGY (10/14/2013) Less than 3 months ago this little black dog, now known and adored as “FIGGY the WonderDog”, lay lifeless at the end of his chain. He was emaciated, full of wounds and abrasions, loaded with maggots, septic with infection, covered in urine, feces, and unable to stand or use his back legs at all. He was going to die there, like that. FIGGY was rescued and taken into our care. From that moment on, FIGGY’S life began. There was already a plan in place for this kid, unbeknownst to us at the time. We only knew that he wanted to live and that it was up to us to make that happen. FIGGY’S journey has been paved with Angels from that day forward. So many people came together to make sure he got the best of the best. For that, I’m not sure I will ever truly be able to express my gratitude. Thank you to everyone that has made a difference in this boys life….The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, The OSCAR Foundation, Dr. Laura Hady, Good Shepherd Animal Clinic, FIGGY’S first special needs foster mom, and the Village that came together and donated towards his care. You are ALL a part of his MIRACLE! Today it is official: FIGGY will never want or need for anything, ever, ever again! He could not be in better care than that of his very own doctor, now MOM, who has “walked” by his side from the beginning. There really are no words, except that there definitely ARE Angels walking among us and miracles DO happen! FIGGY was adopted today by the fabulous Dr. Hady and her family. FIGGY now has a skilled and adoring Mom, a kind and gentle Dad, a sweet and attentive human sister, two fun and silly furry sisters, and even a couple of cats. He spends time laying around in the soft grass of his very own backyard, watching the birds and the butterflies! He kicks the soccer ball around with his big sister like nobody’s business and goes to work with Mom almost every day! FIGGY is still doing daily physical therapy, and is making great progress! FIGGY cruises around in his Turbo Cart like his last name is Andretti, and will make his debut at the upcoming Doggie Dash & Dawdle as the new OSCAR spokesdog! Yes: FIGGY had a purpose in this life and it was not dying at the end of some horrible chain! FIGGY will continue to soar and he will continue to speak for all abused, crippled and otherwise Forgotten Dogs. I don’t know what else to say: FIGGY the WonderDog wins! Read FIGGYS original rescue story here.

SambaHTSAMBA (10/09/2013) Village!! It is time. Time to do the happy dance. The SAMBA dance! It wasn’t long ago, relatively speaking, that SAMBA was lying lifeless, emaciated, emotionally broken, with a heavy chain embedded in his neck, infected with Heartworm. SAMBA broke free from his chain with the last bit of life he had left, wandered into a neighborhood yard, and collapsed. NMDOG was called. We drove immediately to the scene, scooped this kid up, and rushed him to the after hours Emergency-Vet! That was five months ago, and SAMBA weighed a skeletal 47.3 lbs. Today SAMBA weighs in at a beautiful and healthy 73 lbs! He did great through his Heartworm treatment thanks to our amazing medical team, the Village that supports us, and his wonderful foster family! SAMBA can finally dance and be the incredible, loving, smart, and happy dog he was always meant to be! SAMBA got a terrible start when he was adopted from a shelter and placed on the end of his chain. It is hard to imagine how he sat day after day, growing bigger, suffering, longing to escape… until that very last day when HE DID. We are so proud of him for his strength and bravery! The life SAMBA has now is far from anything he has ever known. Now SAMBA is a treasured member of his family! He has two dads, two grandmas, two houses (next door to each other), two yards, an SUV, AND a convertible (that he loves to ride in!) and two laundromats to run! I think he must be making up for lost time. Go for it SAMBA…you deserve every bit of all of the good you now have! We adore SAMBAS Dads, they own the laundromat where we do the NMDOG laundry and have been taking care of us for a very long time! SAMBA is often at work with them, emptying the change buckets for his trips to the Doggy Stores! (I told you he was super smart.) Congratulations to our boy & his awesome family! This adoption is oh so very SAMBA-licious!
Read SAMBAS original rescue story here.

JakeHTJAKE (10/06/2013) NMDOG JAKE got adopted today! JAKE came to us last year after being adopted from a local shelter, chained, beaten, and hit by a car. We found what we thought would be his forever, but unfortunately things didn’t work out, and, as always, NMDOGS come back to NMDOG! We think this time JAKE has found the family that truly appreciates him for the AMAZING dog that he is! JAKE has an incredible heart, is super smart, and has a gentle affinity towards the kids. JAKE is all love — inside and out. He deserves only the best. He now spends his days running with Dad and the four wheeler, visiting job sites, chasing bunnies on the ranch, and playing fetch! His evenings are spent enjoying a family meal, paying games with his little sister, and listening to bedtime stories. He has found his place at the foot of his parents bed, where he will protect his family from harm! That is the kind of dog JAKE is, smart, loyal, and true to the end. It is always disheartening when an adoption doesn’t work out the first time around (fortunately, doesn’t happen very often with our kiddos). But if it does, we believe it is for a reason, and we will always welcome them back with open arms. JAKE came back to us to get to where he was really meant to be, and his timing was perfect! We love you JAKEY…and we love your new family! Our arms will always be around you…

DarlaHTDARLA (09/21/2013) NMDOG DARLA was a craigslist puppy. At such a vulnerable, young age, and with her Gotti good looks we didn’t see her having much of a chance at a great life thru Craigslist, so we scooped her up! She soon found the safe haven of a wonderful foster home with a member of our amazing medical TEAM from Good Shepherd Animal Clinic and her sisters. DARLA made herself right at home, not only in the house with her foster siblings, but also in the hearts of the girls. It has been awesome for DARLA to grow up with such a breed savvy bunch, and we are so proud of the young lady she has become! DARLA will now have the security, quality of care, and unconditional love we hope for all dogs… forever. Today we made it official, and DARLA is home. We are so grateful to her Mom (pictured here with DARLAS Auntie) for all she does for NMDOG and the dogs we serve. She fosters, volunteers, adopts, and as part of our medical TEAM, provides excellent care to each and every dog that comes through the NMDOG program. We knew from the start these two had a special bond. They shine when you see them together, and it was perfectly clear where DARLA needed to be, for always. Congratulations to all these beautiful girls for a beautiful job well done!

RufusHTRUFUS (09/19/2013) Sweet, shy little RUFUS (the cutie pie on the left) came to NMDOG a little over a year ago from a horrific hoarding case. The conditions that RUFUS once lived in are nearly indescribable… deplorable, dangerous and absolutely heartbreaking. NMDOG took 20 dogs from this location. Many stayed with us, while some were transferred to approved rescue partners. To date, all have found loving families to call their own! Today we finalized RUFUS’ adoption with the wonderful family that took him in when he needed them the most. It has been a long road with little RUFUS: learning to trust, learning how to walk not crawl, that it is ok for him to bark, come inside, get on a doggy bed, eat out in the open, and to be touched by a human without something bad happening to him. RUFUS has come so far because of the unconditional love he has been shown by those in his new life! He is a treasured member of his family, he is a respected member of his pack, and he is a adored by them all. Sometimes when we get a good adoption application on an NMDOG in foster we will let the foster family know we are going to arrange a meet and greet, and the fosters’ response will be: “We can’t stand to think of him/her anywhere else, can we adopt him/her?” This is always music to our ears because we choose our foster families as carefully as we choose their forever families, and for a dog like little RUFUS, we must ensure we find just the right place for them to blossom and become secure, healthy and happy! Well, we couldn’t have picked a better place for RUFUS to grow into the dog he was always meant to be, and now he is officially HOME! We are grateful that RUFUS won’t have to acclimate to a new environment, that he will always know the love and security of the only home he has ever known for the rest of his days. We are so proud of him for trusting us through the hard times and for being such a brave boy! If there ever was a fairy tale ending for a dog…this is it! Our hearts are so thankful to this incredible family for all they have done for so many of our special kids. RUFUS was one of many NMDOG foster dogs for them over the past few years abd we are told they will continue to foster for us in the future too! Yay! We always knew he was destined for a wonderful outcome and couldn’t have imagined a better one. Congratulations to our adorable little guy RUFUS — you will never have to worry your sweet little self again! (RUFUS pictured here with his mentor and his awesome Mom. Photo-bomb courtesy of his other brother!) Way to go RUFUS! What a happy, HAPPY tail!

DarbyHTDARBY (09/07/2013) Little puppy DARBY (the cute little NM-brown-DOG on the end) came to NMDOG a broken, skinny, lost and forgotten soul off the end of her chain… Thank goodness a wonderful Angel came across her and brought her to The Village to be healed. You wouldn’t know it today if you saw her, but when DARBY came to NMDOG, she had severely infected wounds to her snout and face, she was septic with a temp of 104.7, listless, lethargic, terribly dehydrated and about 20 lbs underweight. DARBY was afraid of her own shadow and anything else that moved. Soon after joining the NMDOG pack, little DARBY landed herself a gem of a foster home. She was welcomed in as one of their own. And, under the care of all of her foster siblings and her incredible foster parents, DARBY soon began to blossom, right before our eyes. With patience, encouragement, enthusiasm, and LOVE from this family, DARBY learned it was ok to be a happy dog! She started puppy school and discovered what a smart girl she is! She learned to teach others about her previous life to help those that still suffer and she proudly wears her SUPER DARBY cape around town. We are so proud of our very own SUPER DARBY! We were recently informed that DARBY had chosen her family and that her family couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go! DARBY was to be the first of many NMDOG fosters before her to be able to call this incredible family….her own! We could not be any happier for this princess of a little brown dog with her own Cinderella story to tell. She has found her forever fairy tale ending… Congratulations SUPER DARBY…go forth and conquer!

MilanHTMILAN (09/07/2013) NMDOG MILAN was once a chained dog, left to
“live” in the searing heat and wind, cold rain and snow on a New Mexican Indian Reservation since being purchased from his breeder as a pup. During his short life, MILAN suffered a severely sunburned nose, a rattlesnake bite, and being shot(!) One day it clicked with his people: MILAN deserved better. And they contacted us. This is the best possible way for a dog to come into the NMDOG program because we believe once a person realizes this is no life for their dog they are less likely to do it again in the future. Breaking the cycle. Gratefully we welcomed this beautiful boy into our lives. Thank you to Siberian Husky Rescue of New Mexico for agreeing to help with part of MILAN’S intake costs, making it possible for us to take him in. We fattened him up, groomed him and made him look all pretty! We treated his nose and made it all better). MILAN tested (-) for Heartworm, and received all necessary vetting. We got to know him and just the kind of home he would want. It wasn’t long before we found MILAN’S dream home! Complete with two little rescue Husky sisters to romp, bounce, zoom and fly around with! So we loaded him up, and made the journey north to a peaceful neighborhood nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The place MILAN will now call home. Congratulations to this wonderful family that saw our boy and just knew he would make their family complete! We can’t wait to see some wonderful updates from this Husky FUNhouse! See MILAN meeting his new sisters for the first time here…

WalterHTWALTER (08/27/2013) Wee little WALTER was left behind with his furry siblings last year when his mom committed suicide… NMDOG was able to intervene after the house was raided and all of the animals were seized. With the help of his Mom’s friends, we found safety for all of the animals in this family, including a donkey, a horse, and other dogs. All of them are doing great now and have overcome the tragedy that they experienced. WALTER seemed to have taken it the hardest and it took him a long time to learn to trust and want to become part of a family again. But because of the unconditional love he found with his foster parents WALTER is once a gain whole. He now calls his foster home his FoReVeR home and he has other wonderful Wieners to play with, as well as his sister NMDOG Alum, VALLIE. WALTER’S new FoReVeR Mom is a treasured NMDOG TEAM member who has extended her behind the scenes duties to include adopting this cute little man dog!! We are grateful to those that work so hard to make NMDOG the awesome organization it is and to Cheryl for her contribution — not only to the daily operations of NMDOG, but for making sure WALTER would be ok! Today WALTER is more than ok! He is thriving because of the acceptance, patience and LoVe of his family. Congratulations WALTER on the score of the century, and congrats to Cheryl for becoming a two-time NMDOG adopter!

PandaHTPANDA (08/25/2013)NMDOG PANDA was once a sad and lonely chained girl. One day, as I was working my non dog job, I noticed a “free to a good home” flyer posted at one of my many stops on the Pueblo. Knowing the usual outcome of such a posting I figured I needed to intervene. I gained custody of sweet PANDA, and her journey to a new LIFE began! PANDA was afraid, unsure, and lacking confidence when she came to us. But PANDA was so full of untapped potential, she made a very quick turnaround with very little work on our part! She just needed to know it was OK to be herself. That we would nurture all she had to offer. PANDA was soon accepted into the Camp Bow Wow foster dog program & began to thrive in a social setting, making many new friends, both human and canine. It sure didn’t take long for her to steal the heart of a CBW employee, and find herself sitting in the lap of LoVe! PANDA now has a fantastic FoReVeR Mom to shower her with the affection she missed out in in the beginning of her life. Mom tells us it didn’t take any time at all for PANDA to acclimate to living the life of a Princess and now she is indeed the Diva Dog she was always meant to be! Treasured, appreciated, loved, and well cared for. We are so thrilled when one of kiddos makes such an easy transition and finds the home of their dreams so quickly. This match was truly meant to be and we are happy for both of these awesome girls! Congratulations to PANDA and her new Mom! We can’t wait to see what adventures your new LIFE has in store! PUP PUP HOORAY! PANDA is HOME!

FritziHTFRITZI (08/23/2013)
It was late at night, we were all tucked into bed, the phone rang. It was the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, our sister rescue in Las Vegas, NM: “I’ve got a Poodle and he’s been shot in the face with a shotgun.” Me: “You’ve got to be kidding! Who shoots a Poodle in the face with a shotgun? Is he alive?” FRITZI (the adorable little guy in front and to the left) was alive, and he was counting on us to keep him that way. So his journey began. FRITZI was rushed to the hospital for emergency life saving surgery performed by our incredible medical team. Because FRITZI had been left alone in his yard for days after being shot(!), infection had begun to set in and things were touch and go for the first few days. But right before our eyes, FRITZI joined in our fight to save him and his will to live began to shine so very brightly! After he was released from the hospital, FRITZI went to a wonderful post-op rehab foster home where he could truly begin to heal — mind, body, and soul. We were amazed at the recovery he made in such a short amount of time. Soon, he was able to eat on his own and even wanted to PLAY with the other dogs! It was nothing short of a miracle that FRITZI was alive in the first place, much less thriving in less than a month. But FRITZI was left with shrapnel lodged in his skull and his neck. There was no way to predict what might happen should the shrapnel migrate and we needed to ensure we found a home for him that would be willing and able to walk by his side, no matter what. So we did! We are grateful to those that cared for FRITZI along the way and to the AWC for never turning their backs on the most seemingly hopeless cases. Without everyone involved, FRITZIS outcome would have been much different. Today we made it official: FRITZI found the home of his dreams! His Dad is retired and able to provide him with all of the love and affection FRITZI can handle, as well as the care he may need down the road. FRITZI has an older brother he admires and respects, and a little sister to romp, run, and play chase with. It never ceases to amaze me how these dogs are able to overcome their past with LoVe still in their hearts, but today you would never know FRITZI ever knew anything but joy! Honestly, you can’t even tell by looking at him that he survived such a horrible ordeal Thanks to the incredible TEAM at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic and our amazing Village for donating to his care. FRITZI is now home, and life is full of everything good for our little “Circus Dog”! Enjoy this wonderful new LIFE you have found little FRITZI….you deserve every ounce of it Congratulations to this wonderful and very happy FoReVeR family! Read FRITZI’S original rescue story.

DanikaHTDANIKA (08/21/2013) Darling DANIKA came to us from the Espanola Valley Humane Society after she was picked up running loose, dragging what was left of her tether. We happily welcomed her into the NMDOG pack. Our first order of business was to put some weight on her — she was so skinny. Not anymore, as you can clearly see! Today she has her very own FoReVeR family!!\ A wonderful family full of wonderful kids to keep her busy, teach her tricks, and play! play! play! DANIKA also has a realtor Mom whom she regularly attends showings and open houses with: keeping her Mom safe! Good girl DANI! Her Dad is awesome, too. DANIKA has already hosted two birthday parties, and was a hit with the whole crew! Her family says people stop them every time DANI is out, telling them what a beautiful dog she is, and then they compliment her on her good manners! We are so happy for this sweet, kind, Angel of a dog. This is the LIFE you were born to live DANI girl…live it to the fullest! Thank you to this family and all of the incredible families that welcome our dogs into their lives. It is because of you that we are able to continue doing what we do! We are blessed, DANIKA is HOME…life is good!

ZiaHTZIA (08/05/2013) At the end of 2012, we received sweet ZIA (the precious little black dog on the right) into the NMDOG program. She had been “living” on her own under an abandoned trailer in a very rural part of northern NM. Many times when the NMDOG team goes to a location to rescue a dog, the conditions are deplorable, beyond imagination. Poor ZIA’S environment warranted that hazmat suits be worn! The amount of waste, chemical hazards and over-all danger to those going in to retrieve her were among some of the worst we have ever seen. She was also caring for a litter of 9 five-week old pups! How any of them survived is a miracle of its own. All of ZIA’S pups were transferred to Puppy Rescue and they have all since found loving FoReVeR homes of their own! ZIA, on the other hand, would require months of rehabilitation to become adoptable. She was traumatized by whatever made up her past. But with LoVe, encouragement, proper vet care and diet, socialization, patience, positive guidance and encouragement little ZIA began to come out of her shell! She landed in a fave NMDOG foster home who took her in as one of their own and continued on this great path of new beginnings. We are so grateful to these special families that make up our Village for giving so much of themselves unconditionally, to our kids! THANK YOU to all that played a part in ZIA’S journey! Soon…sweet ZIA caught the attention of a VERY special NMDOG family that was now ready to add a new member after loosing their beloved adopted NMDOG dog, BUNNY (ironically on the same day ZIA came to NMDOG). I cannot put into words exactly what it means to me personally to know that another very lucky NMDOG dog would now be calling this amazing family, their own… What they did for the LOVE of BUNNY… well, goes above and beyond and is a true testament to the commitment and dedication they show their canine family members. We are blessed, ZIA is blessed, and now this wonderful family is blessed with another extremely special dog to share their lives with! ZIA came literally from the depths of hell, keeping her pups alive and herself for who knows how long with no help from anyone until the day rescue came. ZIA was a warrior and today she is a princess with a fairy tale ending. Her new parents absolutely adore her and love watching her dance and prance! She has brought a new JOY to their lives that was lost when they lost their sweet BUNNY! ZIA’S new brother dog Miles again has a sister to chase, romp, play with, protect and to be bossed around by (isn’t that what little sisters are for? lol). They took to each other right away and Miles is just as thrilled as Mom & Dad are! We are so happy and grateful for this incredible journey with ZIA and BUNNY’S family, and they will always have a very special place in the hearts of all of us here at NMDOG! Congratulations to ZIA and her new family! And to BUN BUN: thank you for bringing your family into our lives, you are greatly missed… Your time with us was too short, but you live on in our hearts for always and what you have now given to our ZIA, cannot be measured. Thank you BUNNY, for looking out for our girl!!

ShepHTSHEP (08/03/2013) Earlier this year, we were made aware of a great dog in great need: SHEP (the handsome fella on the right) was picked up by Animal Control in the village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, wandering around… all alone. He was taken to VCA Town & Country, and scanned for a chip, which he had, but all registered info was no longer good… So sad. Every effort was made to locate his people, to no avail. SHEP quickly stole the hearts of clinic staff and they made a valiant effort to secure him a safe rescue vs impounding him to the city shelter. They thought all of their paw-prayers had been answered. Once with his group, SHEP tested (+) for Heartworm & treatment was denied. He was returned to VCA and his future looked bleak, as the city shelter was to be his only available option. NMDOG was contacted with SHEP’S plea, and well….how could we say no? He had been let down too many times already. We welcomed him to the NMDOG pack and began him on the road to recovery! Our thanks go to the staff at VCA Town & Country for working with us and providing SHEP with extra special care until the right foster home was found! It wasn’t long after that SHEP also stole the hearts of his Foster Mom, foster dog sister and even the resident kitties, and they asked us if we could make it official… We were thrilled because SHEP was at home here the second his paws hit the door! So, once we received SHEPS medical clearance for adoption, that is just what we did! He is so HAPPY to just be able to be himself, enjoying lazy afternoons, taking strolls through the neighborhood, and making new friends. A loving home where he can spend the rest of his senior days is all this kid ever asked for. Thank you to his wonderful foster Mom, now FoReVeR, for welcoming SHEP into her home and heart, and for seeing what an amazing dog he is! We have been honored to be SHEPS rescue & grateful to The Village for supporting us in meeting his medical needs! We believe that everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason SHEP ended up an NMDOG Dog….because now he is HOME, for always! Congratulations to SHEP and his wonderful family… may you all have many happy, healthy years together!

NalaHTNALA (08/03/2013) NALA was left behind on her chain in Las Cruces when her people moved away… Not sure how they thought she would survive there all on her own, but luckily she had Angels looking out for her! These Angels took her under their wings, gave her safety, security, food and LoVe, then they contacted NMDOG with NALA’S plea. We gladly accepted NALA into the NMDOG program with gratitude to her Angels for taking great care of her and getting her to us. NALA is one of the sweetest dogs we have had the pleasure to know. She simply adores everyone, everything, and especially SWIMMING!! NALA is a water Shepherd for sure. While in our care, she was lucky enough to be accepted into the Beck N Call Doggy Day Care foster dog program where she stole many hearts and made many friends. We are thankful to Beck N Call for all they do for our dogs and for the great care they give! We think NALA just needed us so she could get to where she was really meant to be: right here, on this couch, with this incredible family! A FAMILY that will never turn their backs on her, will LOVE her unconditionally and feel as if THEY are the lucky ones (well…we tend to agree!) NALA has taken over part-time nanny duties of her baby sister, helps Mom in the kitchen and around the house, joins the family on their morning and evening walks, and has become quite the social butterfly of the neighborhood! NALA’S Dad is in the NM Film Industry and we wouldn’t be surprised if we soon find her casting major motion pictures as well! Nala is extremely talented and super smart. But what NALA is more than anything is loyal! We are grateful she will now have her loyalty repaid to her, just as it should be. NALA IS HOME. What a wonderful testament to the gifts these DOGS bring into our lives, the amazing things that can happen when folks come together for the LOVE of DOG and the real meaning of happily ever after. We are grateful that NALA now has all that her heart desires and all the love she could have ever hoped for. Because that really is what RESCUE is all about. Way to go NALA girl…you deserve all that you have found!

WranglerHTWRANGLER (08/03/2013) The call came in from Bernalillo County’s Animal Control Services about a dog they just received in their care…a dog that was taken of the end of his horrible chain, a chain that weighed more than half of his total body weight!! We took immediate custody of WRANGLER and I must say…he amazed us with his HAPPY spirit!! How could a pup that lived like this remain spiritually intact and ready to so freely give his love to strangers? That is the beauty of a Dog’s soul: they LOVE unconditionally and have the inner strength to overcome such odds. They teach us so much! WRANGLER was quickly accepted into the Camp Bow Wow foster dog program & we are grateful to them for all they do for so many of our dogs and for the great care they give! WRANGLER soon met & made many new friends and was a hit at Camp, with all of the humans and other canine campers alike. There was nothing “broken” about this kid….he was just weighed down by that ridiculous chain! Just waiting for the day he could be FREE and become the dog he was meant to be. We were contacted by an NMDOG adopter with a dear friend who had recently lost his Coonhound companion of 13 years (!) and he wanted to meet our boy. We processed his adoption application, had the home visit done, and waited, while WRANGLERS potential new Dad made the long drive to meet him. I have to say: it was LOVE at first sight for both of them! Today, WRANGLER is his Dads Dog. He is the BFF, the work buddy who accompanies him to job sites, he is the hiking partner, snugly companion, and healer of broken hearts that his Dad needed. WRANGLER and his Dad seem to have rescued each other (we just love that!). WRANGLER now lives in a quaint little town in Colorado, where dogs are welcome just about everywhere and well, if the dog can’t go, Dad says its not a place he needs to be either! Wrangler is appreciated, treasured, adored and so much more than “just a dog”….WRANGLER is FAMILY! We are so happy for both of these boys for finding each other and we are thrilled to have been a part of it. To WRANGLER and his awesome Dad: congratulations on a job very well done! And to our matchmaker NMDOG adopter: kudos! PUP PUP HOORAY!

Bowie Brewster HTBOWIE BREWSTER (08/01/2013) Little BOWIE BREWSTER came to us with his twin brother BUDDY when they about four months old. They were both victims of “free to a good home” and BUDDY ended up with an awful injury…a hair tie embedded in his neck! We couldn’t leave little BOWIE behind, so he became a member of the NMDOG pack too! Today, both of these incredible kiddos have the happily ever FoReVeR they were entitled to from the start! BUDDY BREWSTER was adopted a few months back by a treasured NMDOG TEAM member & today, BOWIE BREWSTER made it official with his awesome new family!! A wonderful Mom & Dad to look after him for all of his days & a perfect little human sister to be his BFF and teach him how to dance! Keep your eyes peeled….we may well be seeing those two on Americas Got Talent one day Our sweet twin brothers are now right where they should be, living the LIFE every dog dreams of. Camping trips! Weekends on the lake! Driving race cars and DANCING!! I love it when we can make their dreams come true….together, for the LOVE of DOG

OzzyHTOZZY (07/19/2013) Miracles really DO happen and we are blessed to be part of so many here at NMDOG! OZZY, our very own Miracle Dog, has found his very own FoReVeR!! OZZY was once chained to a tree on a very dark and lonely South Valley corner. He was vulnerable to all of the elements, roaming dogs and all of the other “riff raff” that goes on in this part of town. But what OZZY feared most was the one he depended on for survival. By the time help came for OZZY, he wore the wounds of an embedded collar, he suffered multiple skull and snout fractures, he was loaded with infection, and OZZY was completely blind… But he was holding on… waiting, because he too believed in miracles. Once OZZY received the medical care he needed so badly and his physical pain was relieved, once he was stroked, talked to and held in our arms, and once he felt SAFE for the very first time in his four years of “life”, OZZYS spirit began to shine! He made a record-time full physical recovery, and in two short weeks, OZZY regained his sight! He could SEE and he loved the new LIFE in front of him. OZZY is a proud dog today. He is a social dog that makes friends wherever he goes… and he has many friends here in the Village!!! Many of you have gotten to know OZ, fallen in LoVe with him (how could you not) and visited him at many of our events! You donated to his care, filled his stocking at Christmastime, you sent him presents and so much LoVe along the way. Thank you for being part of his Miracle!! Our gratitude also goes to the Bernalillo County Animal Control Services officers and the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies who removed OZZY from his horrific situation, and who are seeking justice for our boy. Our paws are high! OZZY has waited a long time for us to find juuuust his right person… He gave us a tall order to fill. I think we have all enjoyed OZZY’S time with us, I know I have and so did he. Now it is time for our boy to move onto the next step of his journey…one he will walk with his new very best friend. OZZY’S Dad is a very special guy and we are so thrilled to announce that today, we made FoReVeR official and our OZ MUFFIN is now adopted. Our hearts are full and we are so proud to be your rescue, sweet, sweet OZZY our Miracle Dog. Thank you for believing. Read OZZYS full rescue story here.

Savannah Happy TailSAVANNAH (07/07/2013) Sweet little SAVANNAH (the cutie-patootie Pittie on the left) was picked up by a UPS guy… wandering all alone at the wee age of 8 weeks. She was taken in by Bernalillo County Animal Services and we were contacted SAVANNAH had severe cherry eye, a broken tail and she was so super skinny We got her fixed up right away. She landed in one of our amazing foster homes…with big brother NMDOG Alum MEMPHIS RAINS (cutie-patootie on the right!) During her time with us, SAVANNAH has experienced so many illnesses its hard to comprehend But with the Love of her rescue & foster mom, the best medical care available & lots of patience….she is now the picture of perfect health!! We thought maybe we might never get here. BUT WE DID!! Because of so many medical concerns, her availability for adoption has been sporadic….a medical hold here, another one there….she was fast becoming a permanent part of her foster family You may remember seeing many posted pics of SAVANNAH cuddled up close to her brother…so itty bitty and cute!! Their attachment to each other was obvious. Soon after her last medical hold was up, we were informed by her foster Mom that she would “be going nowhere” Ahhh…..YES! Because we just knew she was already HOME!! SAVANNAH also has a big sister dog (not pictured) that she looks up to & a ferret sister that she respects. Well…we may have lost a long term foster, but SAVANNAH gained a family of her own & that…is what its all about!! Congratulations to SAVANNAH, MEMPHIS RAINS & the whole crew This happy tail is exactly what dreams are made of!!

Petunia Happy TailPETUNIA (07/07/2013) We first met PETUNIA (the silly little brindle girl on the left) on one of our South Valley sweeps with the Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force. She was all alone in her dirt yard, making friends with us through the fence & we gave her treats. We noted a dog house, water available & she appeared to be in fairly good condition…although a little skinny for our liking & her fur was coarse (a sign of poor nutrition). Her people were not home & she was not in a real bad situation (relatively speaking as sweeps go). Fast forward a couple of weeks & I got a call from a NMDOG Volunteer who has property in the area….she found a dog running loose. I got the location & headed over…it was PETUNIA (I never forget a dog)!!! Where PETUNIA lived was a very bad area for dogs!! I entered the yard, knocked on the door, no answer…so I left a note with my card telling them I had their dog. (I wasnt going to leave her in the yard with a chance of escaping again & getting in an awful lot of trouble in this area!) I waited…& waited….I filed a found dog report with BCACS & they posted her on their website. I never heard from PETUNIAS people, so after her legal hold was up, we had her spayed, micro-chipped & vetted, then made her available for adoption. It didnt take long before a friend of the Volunteer who found her (& ultimately ended up fostering her) met PETUNIA & fell head over heels in love. Soon after PETUNIA went HOME! Now she has a lovely brother dog, Apollo, whom she absolutely adores!! She has a beautiful big grassy yard and most importantly… she is part of a FAMILY now!! Way to go PETUNIA!! Funny how things work out, isn’t it? Congratulations to PETUNIA & her fabulous new family!! Paws high!!

Mikey Happy TailMIKEY (07/07/2013) Oh MIKEY!!! We first became aware of MIKEY’S desperate situation when a Villager notified us of a chained dog for sale on Craigslist. His people were contacted & I made arrangements to pick him up right away!! When I first met MIKEY, he had burns all along his back (most likely from seeking shelter under a car & burning himself on the exhaust – unfortunately, a very common thing for many chained dogs!) He was super skinny & had the beginnings of an embedded collar. MIKEY was literally starved for attention….I had nips, scratches & torn clothes in the first two minutes. This poor dog had been isolated and un-socialized in the worst way. Upon payment for MIKEY and to my dismay…I was given his adoption paperwork!! MIKEY had been adopted from a local shelter during one of their $20 Pit Bull specials… Only a year old and sent out into the world to live a horrible “life” by those responsible for keeping him safe. “Any home is better than no home at all” some say….well, I respectfully disagree. I cannot put into words how this makes me feel!! We have had entirely too many dogs come to us from deplorable conditions that were “adopted” and now in need of RESCUE!!! I hurt inside for the ones we never find out about We got MIKEY the medical care he needed, started him on a healthy diet, enrolled him in obedience class & began socializing him with many people and other dogs MIKEY was soon accepted into the Camp Bow Wow foster dog program where he made many friends!! MIKEY has been with us for over a year…waiting ever so patiently for his special Angel to find him. That day came not long ago and MIKEY went HOME on his trial adoption His Mom is simply amazing & this boy has her heart…that’s for sure!! MIKEY also has a one year old human sister & to our delight….he displays perfect gentlemanly manners! GOOD BOY MIKEY!! Now he is the protector of his ladies….a forever family member & a hit with all of the body builders at their “boot camp”!! MIKEY has come a long way since that first day I met him….with the help of many. That is why we always say “It takes a Village”…because without ours, who knows what would would have ultimately become of him! Thank you to all that had a part in MIKEY’S happy ending: the Villager that first made us aware, the caretakers that gave him the best, his special Angel that took the time to spend with him nearly every day while he was in boarding & of course his new Mom that saw in him all that we do YOU DESERVE THIS MIKEY… Soak it up, LIVE your LIFE now as it was meant to be lived from the beginning!!

Austin with his forever family!AUSTIN (06/13/2013) AUSTIN was chained all of his so called “life” in a Southeastern rural New Mexico town Until one day his people moved away and just left him there, all alone. Luckily for him, this would turn out to be the BEST day of (the rest of) his LIFE. NMDOG was contacted and we made arrangements right away to get him to safety. AUSTIN cane to us nervous yet stoic… weary, yet welcoming of his new world! It didn’t take him long before he settled right into the routine of love, care, and encouragement… and quickly he found a fantastic foster home! Not just any foster home… but one full of little humans, the kids that his life had always been missing. Because, come to find out, the TRUE love of AUSTINS heart is in fact, children!! AUSTIN recently attended the NMDOG BARKIN BAD Car Show & Fundraiser where he fell in love all over again…with his very own boy. They spent HOURS together that day and when they left, both AUSTIN & the little boy were sad. We are told he counted down the hours until AUSTIN’S home visit the very next day…. and so did AUSTIN. The entire family took the next few days off of work so that AUSTIN would feel welcome and secure. AUSTIN has taken to his very own family as if he has always been there, he simply adores his new boy and his little sister. We think he probably dreamed of them many times before they even met. We are so happy to see that all of AUSTINS dreams have come true and thrilled that these awesome kids will have this wonderful DOG to grow up with! Because THAT is what dreams are made of….

Valentino and his Forever Dad!VALENTINO (06/12/2013) VALENTINO’S story is a true “From Rope to Riches” tale. We first met VALENTINO on a cold and rainy New Mexico day. The call came in about a dog running at large in my neighborhood…so I went to investigate. I found him hovering, shivering, skinny and wet with a rope tied around his whole body…a makeshift harness that appeared to have been attached at one time to a makeshift tether. VALENTINO backed up, he barked at me and fled…I retreated, he returned, I tempted him with treats and canned food. He would only eat when I walked away. I did this for hours and over the next three (!) days. We set a trap, he eluded us (but still got the nums!) VALENTINO is as smart as he is handsome! On the fourth day, Valentine’s Day, he just lay down and surrendered. He was afraid… but he was Oh so brave. And that’s how the first day of the rest of his life started! Read his whole story and view a slideshow of Valentino’s Ropes to Riches story!

IzzyISABELLA (IZZY) — (05/31/2013) Sweet ISABELLA came to us after she lost her Mom unexpectedly….a dear friend of NMDOG. She & her many brother & sister Huskies proved to be a bit more than their Dad could manage on his own & she is one of many that we have been able to help! When ISABELLA came into the NMDOG program, we noted that she had never been placed on heartworm (HW) preventative, & as with every dog we take in…she was tested during the intake process. ISABELLA tested (+) & plans for treatment were made. We began the search for a HW treatment foster & HIT THE JACKPOT! It wasn’t long after ISABELLA entered the home of her “foster” Mom that she realized her life would be empty should she have to leave & asked if she could adopt ISABELLA! We explained that all NMDOG dogs must have a full medical clearance prior to adoption & asked her to help us see ISABELLA through her treatment before we made it official. I think it was that moment that they both began counting the days These two girls were positively made for each other & now ISABELLA has a MOM again!!! ISABELLA completed her HW treatment & they both waited it out like champs until she was ready for her retest….crossing paws, fingers & saying many prayers for a (-) result! Recently all of the pawprayers were answered & ISABELLA is now HW free & SHE IS HOME!! Thank you to everyone that contributed to her treatment…enabling us to make critical life saving decisions that result in happy endings for so many!! We are so HAPPY for our girl, her wonderful Mom & thrilled that they found each other!! Congratulations to both of them!! We LoVe you IZZY!!
**ISABELLA lived the majority of her life in a part of NM where many think HW is nothing to be worried about. Even being told by their vet that preventative was not necessary PLEASE…let ISABELLAS story help you protect your beloved family members & keep them on preventative NO MATTER where you live**

Raina and BanditRAINA AND BANDIT — (05/25/2013) Not only have RAINA (on the left) & BANDIT (on the right) acquired their very own FoReVeR Dads…they have also gained a brother & sister…EACH OTHER!! Today we finalized the adoption of both of these kiddos to these great guys & we just couldn’t be happier!! We received the application for BANDIT & found out they were also interested in adopting a second family member…so we got busy match making & found RAINA & BANDIT to be a perfect fit ♥ RAINA has been with us for almost a year….she was originally a Rez dog that was adopted out at a large adoption event & ended up chained in Rio Rancho & subsequently locked in a garage in July! Luckily her original rescuer let us know & we were able to get her to safety right away ♥ She is such a smart & friendly girl..with a spunky spirit & a good heart! BANDIT came to us earlier this year after being kept secluded in a small pen in rural northern NM. One day BANDIT escaped to seek the companionship he craved & nearly got himself shot chasing chickens. Poor BANDIT…he was only trying to have some fun, something he was never ever allowed to do. More than anything, he adores being with his people (& now sister too!) From their “lives” before…they have come so far & we are so blessed to have this awesome HOME for them, together!! They now have 2 beautiful fenced in grassy acres to run, romp & be the DOGS they were meant to be. One of their Dads is retired & he spends a lot of his days outside tinkering with his classic cars. He says they make him smile & laugh as RAINA teases BANDIT & gets him to chase her! Says they are super fast too!! It was an incredible feeling today to know that that these dogs are together…right where they are meant to be ♥ Congratulations to BANDIT & RAINA & their new family! It must be said that many people worked together, for the LOVE of DOG…to bring you this Happy Tail! Our thanks goes to RAINAS friend & adoption ambassador, Sarah…for all the extra LoVe she gave this special girl while she was in our care! She will carry that with her for always ♥ We are also grateful to our friends at Camp Bow Wow (BANDIT) & Beck N Call (RAINA) for welcoming them into their foster dog programs…for keeping them safe & taking great care of them while their pieces fell into place. We appreciate you!! Another fantastic adoption tale…for these DOGS that deserve nothing less! What more on this earth could we ask for…?
It is why we do what we do.

BaileyBAILEY — (05/25/2013) BAILEY was just a wee pup when she & her sister, BROOKE, found their way to NMDOG. Itty bitty babies, found all alone on the side of the road in Valencia County BROOKE has long since been adopted & continues to thrive in her awesome home! Unfortunately, our sweet BAILEY has walked a rockier road. She was adopted early on then returned shortly after for ‘lack of time”. We welcomed her back with open arms & soon after, we thought we found what would be her FoReVeR. It didn’t go as we had hoped & after a year in her home, BAILEY once again rejoined her NMDOG pack Through it all, she has remained patient, kind & grateful….deepening our appreciation of what an incredible DOG she truly is (if that’s even possible). BAILEY has spent the past few months with us & it has been a pleasure!! Recently she met a nice couple that absolutely fell in LoVe with her…& their track record with rescue sealed the deal! BAILEYS new parents are already part of The Village…they adopted a Senior Pittie girl in need a few years ago from our friends at SCAR & gave her the LIFE she deserved RIP Sweet STELLA. A very short time after loosing their beloved STELLA, they once again opened their home & heart to a kiddo that absolutely needed them….our RUSTY the big black dog 12 years old, blind & chained, they provided his soft spot to land. Their time with sweet RUSTY was cut short when he succumbed unexpectedly to the damage done by all of those lonely years at the end of his chain….RIP RUSTY ~ you finally knew LoVe & for that we are grateful!! With some time to heal & a spot in their home now needing a DOG….BAILEY was waiting in the wings! We always hate to have a dog returned & rarely does it happen. But when it does, we are there to welcome them back & happy to have them!! We truly believe that everything happens for a reason!! We are confident that BAILEY has finally found the FoReVeR she always wanted, needed & deserved…where she will be loved, treasured & well cared for unconditionally. We are so blessed to have these Angels among us, who see the GREATNESS in these DOGS as we do & for that we are so thankful! BAILEY honey….don’t you worry your pretty face anymore….you are finally HOME now, with your very own kitty sister to cuddle & parents that adore you!! & we just couldn’t be more thrilled!!

Juniper Rose with her Forever FamilyJUNIPER ROSE — (05/11/2013) JUNIPER ROSE, or Miss Rosi as she has become affectionately known once only merely existed at the end of her tether. She was terribly underweight, full of milk with a litter of very hungry pups to care for & she did an AMAZING job…with little help from anyone The call came in for the pups to be picked up & we secured an OS for her in the process! (the puppies were transferred to Puppy Rescue & all have been adopted) When JUNIPER ROSE first came to us….she was very afraid of everything, she didn’t know how to believe in anyone, or herself. It took weeks of building confidence for her to walk, not crawl & then she began to shine!! With the kindness, understanding, patience & LoVe of her incredible foster home…JUNIPER ROSE truly began to live! She made fast friends with her foster siblings & learned the great art of PLAY! Her foster Dad taught her that not all men are scarey & mean Her foster Mom walked by her side in obedience class, graduating with honors for extra credit JUNIPER ROSE embraced her journey & we are so proud of her…she is so brave! Today she choose her FoReVeR family & they couldn’t be happier! JUNIPERS Dad stays home with her during the day…they garden together & she chases lizards to show off! When Mom comes home, they take a family walk along the Bosque, saying hi to friends along the way. We think the future looks bright for our girl & she seems to think so too! Congratulations to JUNIPER ROSE & her wonderful very own FoReVeR family & thank you to the incredible LoVe of her foster family….she will carry it with her for always…

MrPicklesHTMR. PICKLES — (05/04/2013) MR PICKLES came to us seemingly out of nowhere. Dropped off one evening at the front doorstep of Angela’s house…near Kinney Brick in Abq’s S Valley. One of the most dangerous areas of the Metro to be a dog, much less a dog as handsome as this! MR PICKLES brought with him the tell tale scars of where he had been, & it wasn’t good 🙁 With his top canines ripped out, puncture wounds, cuts & abrasions….the signs were all too clear. We scooped him up, tended to his wounds, got to know what an AMAZING & gentle soul he is, were blessed with the perfect foster home, showed him LoVe & acceptance, waited until just the right FoReVeR home came along & delivered him to a little slice of Pit Bull Heaven ♥ MR PICKLES has nothing short of a real life fairy tale story & we are honored to have been a part of it! Not long after MR PICKLES came into our lives, our partnership with BCSO put together many of the “mystery pieces” of The PICKLES’ “life” before he found his way to NMDOG. One night the call came in that would result in 15 counts of animal cruelty, multiple other criminal charges, the seizure of all animals & our rescue of the (other) lone survivor…LEO, the 14 year old Doberman in the SV “Pit Bull” case. We are now fairly sure we know where MR PICKLES came from…he was the original survivor! When a DOG like MR PICKLES finds their way into our life, it reaches deep & reminds us of WHY we are here. It reminds us that our work is so incredibly important & affirms that we must always carry on ♥ NOTHING in the whole wide entire world is as rewarding as these happy endings! MR PICKLES, you have touched our lives in a way that remain with us always…thank you for that. & THANK YOU to his amazing new parents, they are just as special as he is!! Losing their 12 yo Pittie boy last year & their 14 yo Pittie boy just recently, they couldn’t stand for there to be that hole in their hearts. So they opened their home to another deserving Pittie boy in need & little did they know…it would be as if he had always been there ♥ I know their boys are smiling down. HAPPY FoReVeR LIFE MR PICKLES!! What a special, wonderful, gracious, loving DOG you are…

Harley Happy TailHARLEY — (03/23/2013) HARLEY, (the handsome chocolate Pittie on the right) and his brother DAVIDSON were once abandoned pups of a chained mama dog in Las Vegas, NM. Our sister rescue, the AWC managed to get them out of where they were & into a safe situation! Both of the boys were soon diagnosed with a severe case of ringworm & so treatment & quarantine began. It took many, many months before they were cleared for adoption…then DAVIDSON found his FoReVeR ♥ HARLEY continued to grow up in rescue…we thought he might never find his happy ending…over a year had gone by. That is when we decided to transfer HARLEY to NMDOG ♥ opening up a whole new demographic & opportunities for training & socialization. It took HARLEY a while to decide that he liked us here…as he had grown very fond & bonded to his wonderful foster family up north & found that to be his “safe place”. Once he opened up to the idea that we really weren’t all that bad….asking all of these new things of him, he quickly won over the hearts of The Village! HARLEY attended our bake sale fundraiser & it was there that his new FAMILY fell in LoVe ♥ We took him over for his meet & greet, worked with them on some minor issues & watched him blossom into the DOG we always knew he would be……today he is named DUDLEY T. DUDE, Esq. (aka, Milkdud, HARLEY Mc Farley…among others). He goes to work regularly with his Mom….winning over the hearts of even the greatest “Pit Bull skeptics”!! HARLEY has not only made a great new LIFE for himself….we figure he has most likely also opened the doors for other Pitties too!! GOOD BOY HARLEY! He shares his new home with 3 brother & sister dogs, loves to run zoomies in the yard, go for walks & is constantly working to sharpen those “Esq.” skills! Today we made it official…HARLEY is home, FoReVeR! Like we always told him…..”It will be worth the wait, sweet HARLEY…don’t give up hope!” Worth the wait INDEED….we couldn’t have asked for a better family for him to call his own!! CONGRATULATIONS to our boy & his AMAZING new family….you all got exactly what you deserve!!

Dutch Happy TailDUTCH — (02/28/2013) DUTCH, the handsome boy on the right, once “lived” at the end of a short, very heavy chain on rocks & dirt only. He was sad, he was skinny & he was hurting. The chain had become so tight & heavy around his neck that it became deeply embedded, requiring surgery to remove. DUTCH was seized by Artesia animal control & his guardian was arrested & charged with cruelty! THANK YOU Artesia PD! He remained at the Artesia shelter in protective custody for months, & they took very good care of him ♥ But once his PC hold was up, DUTCH needed a place to go immediately, his time was up. That is when NMDOG was contacted & we opened our doors right away! DUTCH was a sweet, social & friendly guy right from the get go! He quickly made many friends in the NMDOG Village & landed a wonderful foster home….right where he belonged! He knew exactly what he was doing when he won over the heart of his foster parents & made the days of his foster sister even more FUN! (so excited in their happy tail pic that she came out blurry, lol) Everyone realized that DUTCH was already HOME & home is right where he should stay. Even though DUTCH has adapted to life OFF the chain quite well, he still carries with him a little of his past. But what makes this the best possible match is that his parents understand him, they accept him for the DOG that he is! They are willing to & have committed to walking by his side, teaching him about confidence & security & allowing him to continue to grow, with their LOVE & guidance! It is what every dog dreams of… ♥ RESCUE is not about finding a dog a home, it is about finding a dog a great home! A home that will fit the DOG, rather than trying to make a dog fit into a home. We are so grateful that these wonderful HOMES continue to find our AMAZING dogs & we are thrilled that DUTCH has found his! Welcome to the NMDOG family….DUTCH’S family & thank you for seeing the best our boy has to offer! He is AMAZING & we are honored to be his rescue ♥ Congratulations buddy….& remember, living GOOD is the best revenge! See DUTCH’S story (formerly Bruno) on Ch 4 KOB TV.

Mary Jane HT 1Mary Jane HT 2

MARY JANE — (02/12/2013) Here she is folks…the one so many of you have been waiting for ♥ MARY JANE made it official today & adopted this incredible family & ALL of these kids now belong to her! MARY JANE was left chained & abandoned in her yard in Lovington, NM nearly 2 years ago. She was removed by animal control & landed in the tiny shelter there in town. Another rescue pulled her & found MARY JANE a home all the way in Mississippi…but that didn’t last 🙁 Her original rescue was contacted & they refused to help MARY JANE!! That is when NMDOG stepped in & with the help of many wonderful souls along the way….got her all the way HOME to NM ♥ Our paws are high to each person that played a part in getting her here to us safely….you will always have a piece of her heart! We believe that each dog we take into the NMDOG program deserves nothing less than a lifetime commitment…that is the promise we make to each of them. MARY JANE now has that commitment & she now has this amazing family to call her own! We couldn’t be any happier for our sweet smooshy girl…just LOOK at all the LoVe! So far in the past week, while on her trial adoption, MARY JANE has been to Grandma’s house, served as the assistant teacher in the many home school classes, accompanied her Mom to work (who just happens to be the employer of NMDOG President in her non dog job). She has visited PFGW to get a bath & some new toys, decided that PINK is definitely her favorite color, had her pawnails painted, has been bedazzled, kissed from nose to tail, gotten to know the other kids & dogs in the neighborhood & oh, oh…SO much more!! As you might imagine….MARY JANE is now the center of attention in her own SAFE little wonderful world ♥ So yeah…..I would say, she is now RIGHT where she belongs!! Congratulations to MARY “Smooshy” JANE & her entire entourage!! Yeah….we got your back, MARY JANE…you better BELIEVE it ♥

Shiloh Happy TailSHILOH — (02/03/2013) SHILOH…the Christmas Miracle Dog really has had a fairy tail journey with us here at NMDOG ♥ We are blessed to have been able to be there for him….just when he needed us most! This Village really came through for this kid & helped us make his dreams come true! It is not often that a tethered dog breaks free (TWICE!), gets hit by a car (TWICE!), takes most of the impact to his head (TWICE!), lives to tell about it sustaining no serious internal injuries, finds his way to a rescue by way of the good Samaritans that saw what happened & came to his aid, at 10 pm on a Saturday night. Finds a foster home within the first week, is discharged from the hospital & fits in beautifully, has eye removal surgery, makes a perfect recovery & gets ADOPTED all in just 8 weeks!! SHILOH seemed to have an Angel already waiting in the wings that just KNEW he belonged with her ♥ After 2 eye surgeries, beautiful post op care & SHILOH’S first real Christmas….he is now HOME, for always. SHILOH also has a doggie brother, Bennie (not pictured due to his own post op crate restrictions ♥), that he adores, respects & just absolutely canNOT wait to play with once everyone is all better!! So yes….I think Miracle Dog pretty much sums it up & we could not be anymore thrilled for him!! He has a wonderful Mom that lives by example…just the kind of LIFE we hope for all of our dogs! She told me today that she felt a little sad by doing the adoption. No one has ever said the adoption made them feel sad before…I was a little caught off guard 🙂 She said sad because “now that he is adopted, I don’t want you guys to go away” ♥ It made me smile. I replied…”We never go away, you are part of SHILOHS family now. See you in class Tuesday night”. Welcome to the NMDOG family, SHILOHS Mom ♥ THANK YOU for always knowing you were meant to be his! SHILOH deserves the best & Miracles DO happen!! Read SHILOHS original story here.

Lucky Lucy Happy TailLUCKY LUCY — (02/03/2013) This picture makes me giggle ♥ these 3 kids all have a very special place in my heart! Today we made it official for our sweet gal, LUCKY LUCY (on the right with the pretty bow!) We first met LUCY at the clinic when her person brought her in for a tumor removal post op follow up appt. I knew the second she walked through the door, something was very, very wrong 🙁 we took her to the back for an exam & realized she had an embedded E collar!! It was a first for all of us 🙁 Her guardian agreed to surrender her to our care & for that we are grateful. We are also grateful to NMDOG Alumni MAX & his one of a kind Mom for opening their home to LUCY…& that is why we call her LUCKY LUCY ♥ They have been her caretakers, her constant & her unconditional family…& today, on her estimated 12th birthday…gave her the gift of forever ♥ MAX & LUCY’S Mom first became part of the NMDOG family a couple of years ago. While working as a social worker in a super rough part of Valencia County, she contacted us about a senior golden Shepherd dog….in really bad shape, “living” at the end of a chain 🙁 We worked with her people & were able to rescue EMILY…living today as the treasured friend & companion to her own special person♥ Because one person spoke out & became involved, three beautiful senior souls finally have the LIFE they always deserved & will know nothing other than a soft spot in the world, for the rest of their days. There are SO MANY amazing, incredible & beautiful senior dogs that have waited a very long time to know what LOVE is…or maybe they had LOVE & lost it. Consider opening you heart to a senior dog in need…making their golden years GRAND!!! Congratulations to LUCKY LUCY, MAX, EMILY & their incredible Moms! How can this story not make your heart beam?

Panther happy tailPANTHER — (01/27/2013) PANTHER (the big beautiful black dog on the left, with the cat like yellow eyes) made it official…..he is ADOPTED ♥ PANTHER was picked up by NMDOG in the middle of a S Valley street, dragging his (NMDOG record holding in length & weight) chain! A chip scan revealed that he had been adopted from the local city shelter….long story short, we gained legal custody. PANTHER spent a long time with us here at NMDOG, learning to trust, walk on a leash, tons of impulse control work & LOTS of LOVE later, he blossomed into one of the most AMAZING dogs we have had the pleasure to know ♥ Just as sweet as they come, eager to please & SO READY to be a house dog….he is now living the LIFE he always dreamed of! A sprawling Corrales home, a Mom that saw in him what we did & an almost twin brother dog….this kid has it made! Daily walks & bunny chasing, Bridge Club meetings on Tuesdays, Ladies Tea on Saturdays & regular trips to Enchantment Pet Resort ♥ PANTHER still greeted me with his signature Pretty Boy Panther Hug, as if it was just yesterday we rescued him. He made so many friends along the way, but one special friend in particular he asked me to thank for him. So Melinda…if you are out there, LOOK AT YOUR BOY NOW! He is FOREVER grateful to you for the extra time you spent, the hours of training & car rides…& especially, the piece of your heart that you gave him ♥ He will keep it with him for always. Rescue takes many….& as we say here at NMDOG, “It only takes one person to throw an animal away, but it takes a whole VILLAGE to give them a new LIFE”! We are thankful to those that make up this Village, & our DOGS are thankful. The difference it makes when one person takes the extra time to give, makes ALL the difference to them for the rest of their lives. So to PANTHER, his new Mom & brother dog, Buddy….congratulations, we think you all hit the jackpot!!

Brownie HTBROWNIE — (01/20/2013) It was a few months ago…just as there began to be a chill in the nights air, that we first met little BROWNIE, (aka; BROWN BROWN). We were contacted by BROWNIES guardian, because they knew he deserved better than to be chained all alone, vulnerable to stray dog attacks, scared & now it was beginning to become quite cold at night…& BROWNIE was so skinny. We rallied the troops & asked the NMDOG Village to contribute to help us with not only BROWNIE, but also 2 other wonderful deserving chained kiddos. All 3 were rescued right away & today we celebrate the fact that they all now have the families & HOMES they have always dreamed of ♥ A couple of weeks ago, CODY found his forever & today so did BROWNIE & sweet little VALLIE. PUP PUP HOORAY! BROWNIES story has not only brought much joy & fullfilment to me as a rescuer, but he has also brought a treasured member of the NMDOG family into our lives ♥ His mom has become a very active NMDOG volunteer & avid supporter of our Mission! We have been double blessed & are so grateful! Once a cold, skinny, lonely chained dog…now a treasured family member with an active stay at home Mom, a kind & gentle Dad, a little human sister to grow up & learn with, & also a wonderful & wise elder canine sister to teach him all he will ever need to know ♥ Sara Tops is a VERY special dog as well. This is truly one of the HAPPIEST tales & have had the honor to tell….& no DOG or human(s) deserve it more! WE LOVE YOU BROWNIE…& your incredible FOREVER family!! We also LOVE your new forever name….SIR BROWNIE RUSTY BOTTOMS WHITE SOCKS. WoW!! See ya around, BROWN BROWN.

VallieVALLIE — (01/20/2013) Who would imagine, in a million years, that this little Princess of a girl was once chained, having multiple litters of pups….just out on the mesa of Rio Rancho 🙁 She was abandoned by her “people” when they moved out & left her & her last litter there all alone, way at the back of the property….sitting Coyote food. When the new tenants moved in, they discovered them, began taking care of them & contacted us for help ♥ We were able to take custody of the pups right away, (later dubbed “the puppies that ate Rio Rancho due to their ginormous size!! good job, VALLIE! wow). They were transferred to Colorado Puppy Rescue & all found wonderful homes! Thank as always, CPR….Puppy Angels!! We were then able to get Miss VALLIE & provide her with the care she needed. VALLIE was not initially interested in the company of humans, (or much of anything for that matter), but who could blame her?! With a little time, a lot of LOVE, safety, stability & reassurance, this sweet Angel of a Dog was able to blossom into her own…& boy has she ever!! Today she is a Princess…with a whole entourage at her beck and call & an outfit for every day of the week (as it should be) ♥ Pictured here are her incredible Mom & Dad…and looking up in awe (just out of frame) are her other wee doggie brothers & sisters. Here is another beautiful example of the incredible humans these incredible DOGS bring into our lives!! VALLIES mom is also a treasured NMDOG TEAM member who gives so much in support of our Mission ♥ Again….we are truly blessed. Well WAY TO GO Miss VALLIE pants….I cannot imagine it ANY other way ♥

ManaHTMANA — (01/20/2013) Every now & then, we get a call that rocks us to the core…such was the case with our sweet Mexican sisters, MANA & TOSA ♥ No dog should ever have to endure the suffering these two kids endured. But TODAY…that is all behind them & TODAY…MANA MANA BANANA is home….home with the family SO good, they make up for all the bad she ever knew! MANA & her sister TOSA came to us from Sonora, Mexico where they were severely emaciated, chained in the plaza by a group of kids & tortured daily with stones, kicking…until one day they lit these babies on fire!! Just so happens, our Mexican Dog Angels were passing by at the very moment they were supposed to…just in time to save them! Both girls underwent extensive, long term treatment under the care of their Angels…then they found their way to us here at NMDOG ♥ MANA has now permanently joined a very special forever family…another of our NMDOG treasures. She has 2 canine brothers that she absolutely adores (Happy the Beagle not pictured…because the nose knows!) but pictured here with Joey. MANA loves to run, romp & play in her incredible fenced in, grassy, N Valley acreage home! One of her faves is doin’ the Zoomies & now…she can do them to her hearts content!! We are sooo happy for you sweet MANA, you are so smart, so forgiving & just simply amazing!! Thank you for the honor of being your RESCUE ♥ MANAS little sister, TOSA, still waits patiently for her forever to come… Read Mana and Tosa’s original story.

Lenny Happy TailLENNY — LENNY (the handsome guy on the right) was adopted from a local shelter & ended up at the end of a chain as a “guard dog” for a super shady “car lot”. One day, LENNY just had enough & stood up for himself, he broke free from that “life” & ran, ran, ran….dragging his ridiculously heavy chain behind him. I got the call from our friends at Camp Bow Wow…one of their staff came upon him, swooped him right up & took him to safety. NICE JOB!! I headed right over to meet him & scan him for a chip. I made contact with the registered owner & that is how I found out his story. We got animal control involved & they were able to secure an owner surrender & released him immediately to our custody. THANK YOU AWD! LENNY came to us just as sweet as could be, a bit underweight, grateful for a comfy place to sleep, a kind word & a good meal ♥ Today…that is all LENNY knows…along with the fact that having a REAL family ROCKS! His new Dad is a “mountain man”, a firefighter & EMT!! When Dad is out saving the world, LENNY hangs out in town with his new girlfriend ZOEY & her Mom ♥ When Dad is home, the girls come hang out there & LENNY & ZOEY spend their time romping through the woods, playing in the snow & chasing squirrels. LENNY has also proven to be a HUGE help chopping wood & working on the truck. Makes your heart hurt knowing that all of that talent was just wasting away at the end of a chain, huh? LENNY got lucky & so did we the day he came into our lives!! He now has the LIFE he was always meant to have with a family that simply adores him! We LOVE you, LENNY & we are grateful you now have all that you deserve!! ♥ LENNY was rescued the day that LENNOX was killed 🙁 We could not think of a better way to honor him than to save another in his name. RIP LENNOX…your fight continues.

Shadow Happy TailSHADOW — SHADOW came to NMDOG after he & his sweet little sister, STAR were dumped onto family members that could not provide for their needs. They were living in crates outside in Las Cruces during the blistering summer months & they knew these kids deserved better!! STAR was adopted some time ago & today…SHADOW found his forever with someone he already considered a friend ♥ His mom is an NMDOG Volunteer Dog Walker & waited so long, until the time was right in her life, to add a FOREVER DOG!! SHADOW also has his very own kitty sister who he just loves…such a GOOD BOY he is!! We are so blessed to have these amazing people and dogs in our life & when they find each other….well it just makes it ALL worthwhile!! CONGRATS to both SHADOW & his wonderful new Mom on this exciting day!!! WE LOVE YOU SHADOW….you SO deserve this ♥ Pup Pup Hooray!!!

Jewel Happy TailJEWEL — JEWEL & her baby pup, HOLLEY, were both rescued during our 2012 Thanskgiving Eve Outreach in Las Vegas, NM ♥ Many of you know HOLLEY from our “Real Men Are Kind to Animals” poster, & her forever Dad! This is the beautiful girl that protected HOLLEY & nurtured her until we came along to take over & give the same to her!! JEWEL came to us shutdown, afraid of men & unsure of the world around her. Today….she has HER very own (retired) FOREVER Dad that she absolutely adores & well….he feels the exact same about her. You know the saying….”Who Rescued Who”? These two kids rescued each other!! JEWEL has brought the kind of loyalty, companionship & LOVE into the life of her Dad that can only come from a DOG ♥ We made a great match here folks….one that warms my heart to the core. I mean….you can see the LOVE on both of their faces! We are so proud of JEWEL for being so brave & working to overcome the scarey past she had & we are SO PROUD of her Dad for giving her all that she needs to do so! We know they are just perfect for each other….for always from this day on ♥ We have again been blessed with an adoption that was just meant to be!! Oh…HAPPY HAPPY DAY!! I LOVE YOU JEWEL…you are a very special girl!!

CodyCODY — NMDOG CODY was once a chained dog out on the Zuni Rez. He came to us carrying deep emotional wounds, a blank stare in his eyes, multiple .22 slugs & a lot of fear in his heart 🙁 How horrible his previous “life” must have been….long, dark cold lonely nights & brutal, blazing, hot summer days..one after the other, after the other. Sitting, longing..watching the world pass by, only to be interrupted by the shot of a firearm, aimed right at him. We heard that there were folks shooting at CODY, but no one ever told us he had actually been hit, & on multiple occasions. Maybe no one ever noticed. We are HAPPY we were able to be there for this kid…who really only needed a safe place, a gentle touch & reassurance that he would never be hurt again…to learn to trust. We are SO PROUD of our brave, brave boy & we are so thankful that his was such a smooth & graceful transition into his forever home!! His foster Mom spent 3 weeks with him & just knew he was where is was supposed to be…& so did we ♥ What a true Cinderella story for a DOG that deserves the best….a true sweetheart of a Bear, our CODY!! Congratulations to CODY, his big sister Piper & their wonderful forever Mom! We wish them the happiest of Holidays…the perfect gift to make CODYS best dreams come true ♥ I love you CODY BEAR!!

Pancho PetePANCHO PETE — For such a little guy…PANCHO PETE sure has had one great, BIG adventure since coming to NMDOG & he has stolen the hearts of many along the way ♥ But today….PETEY made it official with the one who has HIS heart…his forever Mom & his new forever family of fursisters ♥ PANCHO came to us from a hoarding case we worked earlier in the year…a very sad & frustrating situation. But ours was nothing compared to the sadness he survived, living in a tiny, feces filled crate…all alone. We are blessed to have been able to rescue him & the others, giving them the chance the so deserved ♥ PANCHO PETE has had Angels watching out for him ever since. Since day one, so many amazing women have touched this kids life directly & because of that LOVE….little PANCHO PETE is the DOG he is today!! He is happy! He is healthy! He is HOME for the Holidays! PANCHO PETE is home…forever ♥ Merry Christmas, PETEY!! I am SO happy for you, little buddy!! You got just what you deserve…the best.

TRANS AM — TRANS AM came to NMDOG when he was only three months old, after he got tangled up in his mean old nasty chain, broke his leg, was left there for who knows how long & then surrendered to the Las Vegas, NM shelter 🙁 He was slated for euthanasia & well….we just couldn’t let him go out without a fighting chance & what a little fighter he is! We took him in, got him all fixed up & found him the most AMAZING foster home on the planet!! I guess she thought he was pretty darned AMAZING herself…because today we made her an official NMDOG foster failure ♥ (not bad considering this is her 4th or 5th NMDOG foster kiddo!) Today TRANNY is living the good life, he is all healed up from his ordeal, LOVES his new forever brother & sister dogs & kitties & of course….his FOREVER Mom!! He attends regular hydrotherapy sessions with the incredible Dr. Hady & will live a long, healthy & HAPPY life thanks to everyone involved in his recovery ♥ (foster Mom at the top of that list!) We are SO happy for them both…because we know this is a case of TRUE LOVE & that our boy, TRANS AM, will always have everything he will ever need! For that…we are FOREVER grateful ♥ WE LOVE YOU TRANNY & your superstar MOM!!!

HEY JUDY — HEY JUDE….you really DO know how to take a sad song & make it BETTER!! We met our JUDELBUG when he was only hours away from being euthanized at the Rio Rancho shelter 🙁 He was picked up by animal control running down the street….dragging a huge chain & wearing a ridiculous spike collar that was nearly 2x too big for his then tiny little neck. HEY JUDE is definitely not the “spike collar type”…he is more about flowers & butterflies & he will be the first to tell you that ♥ We worked his cute little butt right into one of our incredible foster homes….one that we knew would allow him the time he would need to adjust to the GOOD LIFE! Because when JUDE came to us he was scared…of everything & pretty much everyone. It is because of the kindness, patience, understanding, compassion & LOVE he found in foster that he has blossomed into the HAPPY DOG he is today ♥ (there is no way to express what these foster homes mean to our dogs…because they mean the world!!) Another NMDOG foster failure & again…one that was just meant to be! We could not imagine HEY JUDE being anywhere other than right where he is now..& honestly, I don’t think he could either! The transformation in spirit that this kid has made is nothing short of….well, it’s just BEAUTIFUL to witness! We are beyond thankful to his now FOREVER family…for all they have given him & for all he will be given for the rest of his days ♥ I just LOVE this Dog….he is indeed a special, special soul! Thank you HEY JUDE, for the honor of being your rescue & THANK YOU to his parents…for the honor of calling you our friends ♥ There are no more words needed, I mean really….just LOOK at this pic!! It says it all ♥ CONGRATS HEY JUDE…no more sad songs, not ever!

SAMPSON AND BRANDY — SAMPSON (on the left) was an itty bitty puppy with a broken leg abandoned in a yard in Valencia County when he was rescued by a good Samaritan. We got his little leg all fixed up. After that, he was in foster with us for quite some time. SAMPSON was adopted at about 6 months old, and lived with a wonderful big sister that he loved very, very much…until one day, a tragic accident took her from him & the family.(♥ RIP BELLA…a treasured friend & companion to her people & SAMPSON ♥) After some time of healing & mourning, her family decided that the best way they could honor her was to give another wonderful dog in need a wonderful home & SAMPSON really missed having a buddy too! Enter BRANDY (the little cutie pie on the right) saved from a horrible hoarding case from which NMDOG removed 29 dogs. BRANDY was born on that property & was kept in a small outdoor cage with another now NMDOG kiddo, RUFUS, for all of her 2 years. She was the recipient of regular beatings & became pregnant by RUFUS many times. The last beating she received resulted in skull fractures & the loss of her litter…which was still inside of her when she came to us 🙁 BRANDY’S capacity to LOVE & FORGIVE is mind boggling….but then again, she is a DOG ♥ Today she is a treasured member of this FAMILY!! Thank you to SAMPSON & BRANDY’S mom & her roommate, for opening their home & their hearts to another precious soul in need & for honoring BELLA by adopting BRANDY. I always say nothing fills the hole they leave in our hearts like the LOVE of another DOG ♥ This happy tail brings tears to my eyes….because it embodies the full spectrum of our work. Congratulations to ALL involved….may you all live a long & amazing LIFE together & FOREVER be a part of the NMDOG Village ♥ Our heart is full of JOY for each of you!

STAR —Sweet little STAR (the itty bitty Husky in the middle) came to us here at NMDOG after she & her brother, SHADOW, were dumped onto family members that did not have a yard & were allergic to dogs 🙁 Although these folks did the best they could for them, STAR & SHADOW lived for almost 3 months in crates outside during the blistering summer down in Las Cruces. We are SO GRATEFUL that they contacted us for help & that we have been able to find STAR such a FABULOUS home….where she fits in as though she has always been there ♥ (twin brother SHADOW is still available for adoption ♥ [email protected]) STAR now has new GIANT brother & sister DOGS, a mom that could not LOVE her more & one of the most wonderful GIANT yards in the North Valley 🙂 ♥ Congratulations to this sweet, SWEET little girl & her new pack!! ♥

MEMPHIS RAINS —MEMPHIS RAINS (the little rascal on the right) was once a little pup left to fend for himself & little sister ELEANOR (adopted! — see her happy tail below), on the ruff streets of Bernalillo. We worked with their people, trying to get them to provide properly for these kids, but they just couldn’t seem to get it together. Finally (after much persuasion) they realized these pups deserved better & we were able to secure an OS ♥ MEMPHIS RAINS wiggled his little butt right into the heart of his foster mom & foster sister, Cleo, and now he has his own forever FAMILY! In rescue, we call this a “foster failure,” but we have to say: We are beyond thankful to MEMPHIS’ mew mom for all she does for so many of our dogs & all of the LOVE she gives to them as our designated “puppy foster” ♥ It takes a special person to take in a litter of compromised pups off the street, out of a backyard, away from their chained mama, clean them up, socialize them, keep track of everyone & keep everyone safe & disease-free until we place them. So to you, MEMPHIS RAINS’ MOM…our paws are HIGH & our hats are off!! MEMPHIS….you don’t know how lucky you just got little buddy ♥

DANCER —NMDOG DANCER (Dancey Pants) met her soulmate when she started going to Camp Bow Wow. ♥ DANCER was picked up as a county stray. She was one hard kiddo to catch..but after a nice hour of dancing me in and out of traffic, I finally won! DANCER has been with us for quite some time. We believe she knew just who she wanted to be with… it just took the rest of us a little longer to figure it out. Her new Dad has been her BFF during her time at CBW…but he was not allowed to have a dog where he lived ;( She played her cards perfectly though & somehow convinced him to buy a house JUST FOR HER! We are BEYOND grateful to the folks at Camp Bow Wow for keeping her safe & happy while that whole process played out, so that she could be with her true LOVE ♥ It is the LOVE of DOG & dedication of many, that make what we do here at NMDOG possible. It takes a VILLAGE….& this is the result of the hard work of The Village ♥ Thank you to all of you, for being a part of our mission & PAWS HIGH to DANCER, her new Dad & the whole gang at Camp!! Congrats on you new house, DANCER, & your new LIFE ♥ You SO deserve it!!

CHU CHU — Little Chu Chu’s new Mom is just a little camera shy so we have opted to use his bedtime pic as his HAPPY TAIL ♥ Chu Chu (far left upper corner on the pillow) came to us from a horrid hoarding situation where we removed 29 dogs….many are still there suffering in small outdoor cages, no water, no vet care, and moldy dog food 🙁 We have been working with authorities in rural San Miguel County…but unfortunately they don’t seem to take animal issues seriously & continue to condone this awful situation, despite all of the documented evidence that has been provided to them on a silver platter. All dogs that have been removed have been done so with no financial support from other, larger organizations & between NMDOG, AWC & a couple of other very small groups…we have done all we can. Little Chu Chu lived in a filthy outdoor pen with no positive human interaction and was denied the most basic vet care. Chu Chu had a pretty severe case of double cherry eye when he came to us & he was completely emotionally shut down. Thanks to his INCREDIBLE foster family Chu Chu has managed to make great strides in realizing he is a brave, confident & treasured DOG ♥ Now he has found an AMAZING forever FAMILY to call his own….one that appreciates his special personality & continues to provide him with the understanding & patience he needs! We are beyond grateful to these fantastic folks that step into the lives of these special dogs & give them unconditional LOVE & acceptance! Chu Chu has a safe, quiet, retired country home that he shares with other great dogs & horses. He will be treasured, protected & cared for for the rest of his days thanks to his INCREDIBLE new mom…who has been a member of the NMDOG village even before there was an NMDOG ♥ WE LOVE YOU Chu Chu & Mom…..congratulations to the both of you!!

BUBBA — It has been a long time coming, BUBBA’S happy tail pic…but it is FINALLY here!! BUBBA was a Sunday morning pajama rescue on the Pueblo with five other dogs that were running at large. All other dogs were returned to their people (chipped & altered) but BUBBA had sustained injuries after being attacked by other dogs or maybe coyotes. He had to have his beautiful tail docked, but we made sure we left enough to WAG ♥ Today, BUBBA lives with his foster (now FOREVER) Mom & his sister, Brie. (Brie is pictured here on the couch, but you can hardly see her!) He is a HAPPY HAPPY boy, has blossemed into the DOG he was always meant to be & will never be left to fend for himself again (can you tell??). BUBBA loves to play & romp in his giant yard & enjoys relaxing in front of the TV on movie nights with his FAMILY ♥ We are thrilled that BUBBA had such an easy go at finding FOREVER….he truly deserves it!! WAY TO GO BUBBA!!! You are one of the NICEST dogs we have had the pleasure to know ♥ Thanks. “Mom”…for giving him all that his heart (& tummy) desires!!

REMY AND LIBERTY — Nothing better than 2 NMDOG pack members finding a wonderful HOME together ♥ LIBERTY (on the left) was saved by one of amazing volunteers from a rural NM shelter. This volunteer took her in as her foster dog, paid for all of her vetting & care. Pet Food Gone Wild agreed to have LIBERTY spend days at the store to help socialize her ♥ Her RESCUE was a TEAM effort! REMY (on the right) had been in the Las Cruces shelter since May, as a wee pup. We met REMY at Woofstock when we heard he had not been adopted & would be going back to the shelter 🙁 Well….we just felt like he probably spent enough time there & needed to come with us! Today….LIBERTY & REMY found forever TOGETHER & will now be brother & sister. This makes us SO VERY HAPPY!! These kiddos have a wonderful LIFE ahead of them in Durango, CO. Their new mom and dad spend a lot of time in the great outdoors… and now they have two great DOGS to do it all with!! PUP PUP HOORAY!! CONGRATS to the whole family!

SANTANA — Ok. Breathe 🙂 These are words I have fallen asleep dreaming about being able to say…..SANTANA found her ANGEL today ♥ ♥ ♥ She came to us right out of nowhere. She is perfect for our SANTI & there is no more perfect DOG for her, than SANTANA ♥ This is what we call a match truly made in Heaven. Many of you know SANTANA & her struggles since she has been with NMDOG. Many of you have grown to LOVE her with a very special part of your heart ♥ Many of you gave us HOPE that this day would come….it came today, thank you ♥ I am feeling as if I don’t want to take away rom the pure JOY of this picture with a bunch of words….alone, it speaks all that needs to be said. SANTANA…..thank you for being so good, so patient & so tolerant of our shortcomings. Thank you for teaching us important lessons & loving us through it all. YOU ARE AMAZING!! Thank you to SANTANA’s new family (omg!! I really just got to say that!!) for knowing where she was meant to be. This is an NMDOG HAPPY TAIL like no other & a day that will carry me through so many more.

KEI — KEI was once a chained, neglected & abused dog in Santa Fe….but today, he found a forever FAMILY. And not just any family, either! ♥ KEI’s new Mom was a co-founder of RAAP (Responsibly Adopting Albuquerque’s Pitbulls) & has been a personal hero of mine for, well…..a really long time ♥ So…not only is my heart full of GRATITUDE to this incredible family for falling in LOVE with our boy….but also for all that I will learn as this friendship is nurtured ♥ KEI now has his very own mountain home with acreage, lots of squirrels & lizards to chase, his very own chair, doggie door & so much more! Pictured here with Mom, Dad & new sister Maddie ♥ KEI is now a “Daddy’s boy” & we think that is FANTASTIC!! WAY TO GO KEI…you are one VERY smart fella ♥ Thank you so much to KEI’s new family….what you have given to both of us….well, it just means the world!! PUP PUP HOORAY!!

HOT ROD — This Happy Tail pic has been a loooong time coming ♥ We are happy, proud & pleased to announce….HOT ROD has been ADOPTED by his long time wonderful foster family!! Pictured here with sister Angel & brother Chisolm (adopted from our friends at All Ears Basset Sanctuary ♥) HOTTIE’s foster parents have shown the utmost in dedication & commitment, sticking with him through thick & thin! He knew he was HOME after the foster meet & greet ♥ HOT ROD came to us as a young pup, picked up running in a very high traffic area. We took him in, vaccinated him & the next day, he broke with Parvo 🙁 With the help of his guardian angels at Luvin Labs Rescue, we were able to raise the funds that paid for his treatment! THANK YOU, Luvin ♥ HOT ROD made a full recovery, but his immune system has always remained somewhat compromised. His incredible FAMILY has gone to every length to ensure that he always has everything he needs to stay healthy & continue to grow big & strong!! It was a VILLAGE that saved this amazing dog & we are blessed to be a part of it!! Congratulations Mr. HOT ROD….you nailed it buddy ♥

BEN — After nearly a year with NMDOG, Gentle BEN, or BEN G. as we call him ♥ has found FOREVER!! BEN came to us from a really awful place in the Florida swampland. He was originally pulled from a gassing shelter in SC, then transferred to B.U.D.D.I.E.S., where things only got worse 🙁 Because of the devotion of one girl all the way across the country in UT, the bravery of one gal in FL, an army of volunteers on transport, one very special BFF to BEN in NM & the commitment of NMDOG….BEN finally has the LIFE he deserves!! BEN is a black, middle aged, Pittie/Lab mix. He is one of the very LUCKY ones, as the plight of the black dog (especially a black Pittie) is a sad one. Always the ones to be overlooked in the shelters & in rescue…they have a much higher euthanasia rate. I think BEN G. is a MIRACLE DOG….I know BEN G. is a SoulDog…now he has met his SoulMate ♥ BEN’s retired Dad recently lost both companions of 12+ years. He had a hole in his heart that ONLY a DOG can fill. Not anymore 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS to BEN & his Dad ♥ THEY LOVE EACH OTHER! …and we LOVE you!

HUCK FINN — Little HUCK FINN was just a pup as he sat day in & day out in a very rural NM animal shelter…waiting for someone to choose him. Nobody ever did & one day….his time was up. We were there to pick up an elderly dog that had been chained when we met HUCK FINN (named so because he reminded us very much of our SAWYER ♥) & just could not leave him behind ♥ We thought HUCK FINN would be an easy in & out, not needing much from us other than a second chance. Well….as things usually go 🙂 little HUCK needed a LOT. He was diagnosed with a severe case of hip displaysia. We started him on bone complex therapy, nutritional therapy & physical therapy in his wonderful foster home. During a visit of his foster family’s family….someone fell all the way in LOVE… and now HUCK is heading HOME to Illinois, where he will live the lifestyle of a pampered pooch with his retired mama ♥ HUCK FINN is already enrolled in swim therapy, to continue strengthening and he will live a mile away from the DOG BEACH in a safe, gated community. HUCK FINN will be attending training classes & doggie day care…where he will meet new friends ♥ We are so pleased with the new LIFE our boy HUCK has ahead of him!!

ANNA BELLE — Many of you will remember our sweet ANNA BELLE (to the left next to her Daddy, with Mom, brothers Happy & Joey to the right) ♥ Rescued in horrible conditions & in horrible shape off of a local Pueblo. She was chained with no shelter, shade or provisions. Emaciated & in the process of giving birth to pups when we took her into our care. ANNA BELLE has a true Cinderella Story ♥ She had so many ANGELS in her corner that day….so did her pups. All were transferred to AHANM & found great homes. ANNA BELLE spent a few more weeks in the care of our TEAM at Good Shepherd recovering from the whole ordeal. She was swooped up by one of our AMAZING Village People to foster & today they made it official by ADOPTING her ♥ When we got ANNA BELLE, she weighed a mere 37 lbs. Today, as you can see, she is HAPPY, healthy & has her very own FOREVER family, a beautiful HOME to call her own & a grassy 2+ acres with not a chain is sight 🙂 ♥ THANK YOU to everyone that made her Cinderella Story a reality! For you, Princess ANNA BELLE…the perfect ending to a sad beginning ♥ That’s what’s is all about my friends!!


Sweet, sweet MONA LISA was part of nine chained dogs rescued from a hoarder earlier this year. NMDOG was called upon to handle a case in an area with no animal control & we did the very best we could with what little resources we have. All dogs have found loving forever homes….& we saved the best for last ♥ MONA LISA was kept in solitary confinement in a horse trailer after she was “rescued” off a local reservation. She came to us very pregnant & scared to death of everything. We sent her to a wonderful foster home to have her babies. She raised them well & all of her pups found wonderful homes through Colorado Puppy Rescue. MONA LISA came back to us, was spayed & now she has found her DREAM HOME!! I knew this was the perfect home for her the moment I drove onto the property & met her incredible new parents…it was as if I arrived on the set of Green Acres ♥ MONA LISA has her very own goats, horses & new BFF, Skittles the cat! ♥ She is treasured, LOVED & is now one of the HAPPIEST dogs I have ever seen! We LOVE you MONA LISA…..enjoy your new LIFE….you absolutely DESERVE it ♥

WINSTON — WINSTON was adopted from a local shelter as a pup, nearly a year to the day after his adopters were cited for thier dog being on a chain & hanging himself….in the same juristiction. WINSTON “lived” at the end of that same chain, undetected for another whole year, until NMDOG was contacted to intervene. We wonder, “how does something like that happen?” We are thankful to those that came foward to lend their support & helped us remove WINSTON in record time…but we are left wondering how many others have found themselves victim to the same flaws in the system. WINSTON’s story has a happy ending, but let him speak for the many other “shelter alumni” that make up a suprisingly large percentage of NMDOG outreach & rescue ♥ Let WINSTON speak for the value in due diligence when it comes to placing these kiddos in the care of others. And…let WINSTON speak for the fact that a little extra work will always go a very long way ♥ CONGRATULATIONS WINSTON!!! Now PLAY! RUN & BE FREE! You are such a good, good boy!! (Pictured here in the middle — with adoptive Mom & Dad, along with big brothers Harely & Hunter)

REX — REX was one of REESA’s pups…one of the only 4 survivors of the litter. It was a LONG road to recovery for this …whole family from Las Cruces after mama was left emaciated, pregnant & chained to an abandoned trailer 🙁 A road we could have never traveled without the supprt of the MANY folks involved in this rescue! THANK YOU to all of the puppy fosters that fought so hard for them all & to the AMAZING foster family that thought of REX as one of their own until the perfect home came for him! Mama REESA was picked up by the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Dept & taken to the local shelter…NMDOG was notified & got them all out of there as fast as we could! The other 3 remaining pups and mama have all found wonderful forever homes ♥ REX was the last one to be adopted & it was well worth the wait! He is the apple of his new mom’s eye & her BFF. I imagine we will see a lot of REX in the future as he attends NMDOG training & grows up big & strong! CONGRATULATIONS to this wonderful girl that knew REX was the love of her life & CONGRATULATIONS to this family of canines that definitely deserved better! WE LOVE YOU REX!!

COTTON — A Girl & her Dog ♥ NMDOG COTTON found her very own forever Girl today & we think they are nothing less than meant to be!!COTTON came to us from a rural NM town. She was living on the streets for weeks, scavenging for food & avoiding contact with anyone. It was the night the anti-tethering ordinance was passed in LV, NM that COTTON was finally captured….I won’t soon forget ♥ COTTON won’t ever be alone again. ♥ Here’s to all of the amazing times & LOVE ahead for COTTON & Her Girl! This is a MAGICAL day for the both of you! Being an avid runner, COTTON’s mom is so happy to now have a partner & who knew….COTTON is a water Husky 🙂 I just couldn’t LOVE this one any more!!!We are blessed ♥

ELEANOR — Our little ELEANOR is growing up & now she has her very own FAMILY to grow with ♥ “Ellie” & her brother, MEMPHIS RAINS were rescued from a very uncertain, (or certainly bad), future on the streets of a tough NM town. Because of the HEARTS of the VILLAGE & an amazing foster home, both of their futures are now bright!! (Little brother MEMPHIS RAIN is still available for ADOPTION ♥ [email protected]) ELEANOR found a wonderful forever family which includes a new brother Weimaraner, named Hunter ♥ & doggy day care during the week while her human parents fly fighter jet planes…not even kidding 🙂 THANK YOU to all of the incredible ADOPTERS that come into our lives for THEM…it is because of YOU that we have these HAPPY TAILS to tell ♥ Congratulations Princess ELEANOR!!

REESA (03/12/12) — Ok everyone….grab the tissue box ♥ REESA has found FOREVER!!! And not just any forever…..the PERFECT forever!! REESA has her own 2 little human brothers, an ENTIRE soccer team that ADORES her, a new mom that is an avid daily runner & a dad that is as gentle & as nice as they come!! She has an in ground trampoline that she loves to sunbath on, a beautiful cozy home, a large shaded back yard to romp in with the kids & her…..wait for it……VERY OWN COUCH!! From a chained, emaciated, pregnant abandoned dog that was giving birth in a shelter, to a MUCH LOVED, treasured & adored family MEMBER ♥ REESA went on her trial last week, then the family had an already planned vacation, so she went to stay with her amazing foster mom for a few days. Well, her new family was not due back until Wedsnday & last night I got the call….”We came home early, we missed her so much. Can we adopt her tomorrow?” As we say here at NMDOG…YOU BETCHA ♥ Congratulations to REESA & her new family…..she is HOME now!!

ROCKY (01/05/12) — ROCKY really never knew what it meant to be treasured by anyone before. All he ever knew was a lonely existence at the end of a chain, longing for someone to LOVE him! ROCKY’s lucky day came when he was surrendered to Artesia Animal Control. Thanks to Paws & Claws, for letting us know about this INCREDIBLE Dog!! I visited ROCKY today in his new home, where he greeted me politely at the door (until he realized who I was, then he nearly took me down with his tongue! I love it when they do that!!) He is the center of this boys’ world & they are the BEST of buds!! ♥ You are SUCH a GOOD boy, ROCKY! It is an honor to be your rescue!