We apologize for the extreme graphic nature of some of the pictures, but they are necessary to tell Hubble’s story. Do not look away; this is the horror our beloved dogs are facing every day across New Mexico. Hubble was found with likely only hours to live. Despite our best efforts, it was not enough to save his life.

Update 03/19/2017 In short, the update is that there will be none. All charges against both defendants related to Hubble’s case, and the suffering, neglect, and abuse of his Chainmates Brooks, Frankie, Katie, Vanderbuilt, and JJ have been dismissed (again), this time stating “Double Jeopardy.” Apparently, this action took place on 3/15/15 yet we were not made aware until early Saturday morning by an NMDOG supporter who got the notice from a NMcourts website. We are still waiting for a reply from the District Attorney’s office as to how we got here. I assure you…as soon as we receive more information, we will report back to you to try and make some sense of it all.

We are very sorry to have to make this announcement today, but as things now stand Hubble’s abusers will not be punished for their alleged crime of extreme animal cruelty – which ultimately lead to his death, nor for the alleged crimes of animal cruelty against his chainmates. But the good news is that Hubble no longer suffers from the pain inflicted upon him, and his body was finally laid to rest yesterday morning after 19 months spent in state custody as evidence. His spirit and his memory live on in our work every day. RIP Hubble. Custody of his chainmates was awarded to the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico in a completely separate civil case. They were then legally transferred to us here at NMDOG, and these people will never get their hands on them again. Though… there is nothing stopping them from acquiring new animals to abuse, torture and kill.

Village…we are #HUBBLEstrong and we will continue to work together with the AWC to assist in the implementation of proactive programs & law enforcement training in Las Vegas, NM #GroundZero to help ensure the mistakes made during this investigation and the trial never happen again. How can we affect true change and protection for our animals if there are no teeth in our laws and no consequence for those who break them? #NoJusticeForHUBBLE
It is truly a very sad day for animal welfare in the state of NM.

Update 11/11/16 Hubble Case Preliminary Hearing. When we arrived, we were informed that the preliminary hearing scheduled for this morning was cancelled (?!?!)…but we decided to stick around anyway! Here is what we learned. Those accused in Hubble’s felony animal cruelty case and the misdemeanor charges for his chain-mates (round two!) had warrants issued for their arrest as soon as those charges were filed (for the 2nd time!). Upon taking each defendant into custody, they fled and a chase by LVPD ensued. Both suspects were apprehended, while resisting…so that resulted in additional charges being added. Defendant #1 was taken into custody and is currently being held on a $30k cash only bond! Defendant #2 was taken into custody and is currently being held on a $21k cash only bond! Today was to be preliminary hearing(s) on all charges and their opportunity to answer to those charges. The preliminary hearing is also the time when the prosecution presents their evidence in hopes of proceeding to trial in District Court. All defendants are entitled to a public defender, should they request counsel and cannot afford to hire an attorney. Both defendants requested counsel, so the process of assigning a public defender to each began once they were arraigned. Of the 4 public defenders that were assigned, all 4 recused themselves from the case, stating “conflict of interest”. This left both defendants without legal representation. Today at the last minute, a fill-in public defender was found for defendant #1 and they filed a motion for (another) hearing to determine competency. At that moment, defendant #1 was lead out of the courtroom and proceedings stopped. She (defendant #1) will now be evaluated by a state mental health professional to determine if she is competent to stand trial. I am not sure of the time limitations placed on this motion, but I think it has the potential to drag out for some time, if allowed. Defendant #2 is still without legal representation and the task of assigning a public defender that won’t recuse themselves, continues. We are told this process will begin immediately. Once that is handled, the preliminary hearing for defendant #2 will commence. He remains in custody and did not appear in court today. Part of the issue here (as we are told) is that both defendants have been piling up additional criminal charges over the past few weeks, months (not related to Hubble’s case), thus muddling the ability to secure a public defender willing or able to represent them without bias. As an observer…it is clear to me that these folks are very familiar with the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and will continue to manipulate it in their favor and delay the process of justice….for as long as they possibly can. This is an unfortunate dynamic, as it drags things out and takes up a lot of people’s time, but we are not going anywhere. We will not tire or get bored. We will not forget and we have no intentions of “letting it go”. We will always make time and rearrange our schedules and will continue to drop everything on a dime to drive to Las Vegas to support the prosecution of these “alleged” abusers, these “career criminals”….we are not going away. We have WAY more staying power than they could ever fathom = Fierce Determination and that shouldn’t be underestimated. The DAs office has also ensured us that they have no intention of letting this go or of giving in. They have pledged to dig in their heels and see this to the end! For this, we are very, very grateful! So, for now we wait. We wait for defendant #2 to secure counsel and we wait for the results of the competency evaluation of defendant #1. In short, what we seem to be faced with here are 2 defendants that are very well versed in “working the system” and a system in place that, from the looks of things, continues to allow them to get away with it. It’s time to put an end once and for all to these shenanigans and hold these people accountable for their “alleged” crimes against animals and their community. It is time that we see justice for Hubble and his chain-mates. It is time that they are never allowed to be in possession of, hurt, abuse or neglect another animal and it is time to raise the bar of accountability in Las Vegas, NM.
Thank you to our amazing Village for your continued support as we stand our ground in #GroundZero. We are #HUBBLEstrong.

Update 08/03/16 A mistrial was granted today based on “Manifest Necessity.” (a circumstance—as an incurable pleading defect, the unavailability of an essential witness, juror misconduct, or illness of counsel—which is of such an overwhelming and unforeseeable nature that the conduct of trial or reaching of a fair result is impossible and which necessitates the declaration of a mistrial. If there is a manifest necessity for the declaration of a mistrial, the defendant may be retried without violation of the prohibition on double jeopardy.) Judge Aragon made a responsible ruling, despite it being verrrrry hard to hear. The prosecution has ensured us they will do everything in their power to carry this through. Our hope is there will be another trial. We will continue to remain vigilant in our quest for ‪#‎JusticeForHUBBLE‬ by keeping you all updated as things develop and ensuring that things continue to progress. We remain ‪#‎HUBBLEstrong‬ and we will continue to fight against animal cruelty, neglect and abuse across the state. Oh, how we wish we had a better update….but this is the state of things as they stand. Please continue the fight with us.

HubbleUpdate052016Update 5/16/16  Thank you to the honorable Judge Aragon of the 4th Judicial New Mexico District court for her ruling today in favor of justice against one of the defendants’ request for dismissal based on double jeopardy. Judge Aragon made clear that although pets are considered “property” under the law, our legislature has defined statutes related “cruelty to animals” that cannot be ignored. This is a great day for the animals of Las Vegas, New Mexico and the future of Hubble’s felony cruelty case! Our paws are high to the prosecuting District Attorney and the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico for their continued dedication!!! This case will proceed now criminally and we will continue to keep you posted…



Update 3/28/16  Update on Hubble’s felony cruelty case, Las Vegas NM – The hearing this morning was a Motion to Suppress Evidence hearing requested by the defense. The honorable Judge Aragon denied the motion, stating that the warrant was valid and all evidence gathered as a result will be heard. The case will now proceed through the 4th Judicial District Court system. This ruling was an extremely important factor in the case! TEAM HUBBLE will be there every step of the way and we will update you as things unfold. We will be staying in Las Vegas for the upcoming custody hearing this afternoon. This hearing will determine the future of Hubble’s chainmates, stay tuned….

Update 2/16/16  During a motion to suppress hearing in Las Vegas, the Judge ultimately recused himself from the case. We will now have to wait for another hearing date to be set before a new Judge.

KOAT7Sept. 25, 2015 | Las Vegas, NM — The Las Vegas community is coming together to crack down on animal abuse. Following the death of Hubble, an 8-year-old bull terrier, along with several other dogs that were chained and neglected for months, the Police Department wants to make sure something similar does not happen to any other animals. Police issued two arrest warrants Wednesday. Alex Alirez was taken into custody Wednesday evening and remains at the San Miguel County Detention Center. The other is for Panchita Maes, who remains at large. See full news story on KOAT’s website.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 9/23/15 PRESS RELEASE, District Attorney Richard Flores’ Office, Las Vegas, NM
“Today our office filed both criminal complaints and arrest warrants on Alex Alires and Panchita Maes. The complaints include one (1) felony charge and four (4) misdemeanor charges. The more serious felony count alleges that the defendants intentionally or maliciously tortured, mutilated, injured or poisoned an animal, namely, Hubble the dog. District Attorney Flores states, “after reviewing the investigation materials provided to us by the City of Las Vegas Animal Control Division in conjunction with the City Police, we believe that cruelty charges are warranted for both Alires and Maes. The extent of the injuries suffered by the dog, Hubble, were not only extreme, but downright appalling.” From our discussion with investigators, health care providers and a review of the evidence, it is clear, in our opinion, that Hubble suffered from an absolute failure, by his owners, to provide food, water and much needed medical care. In addition to Hubble, four (4) other dogs were seized by the City and are being detained and cared for at this point.
District Attorney Flores states, “our office takes all animal cruelty cases seriously” and notes that his office has established great relationships with various animal advocate groups, including the Animal Welfare Coalition wherein they communicate directly with the District Attorney’s office regarding suspected cruelty cases.”

Update 9/17/15  Breaking News: arrests warrants are being issued for those responsible for allowing Hubble to suffer and for the neglect of the other dogs on the property. Four misdemeanor counts of neglect and one felony count of animal cruelty for Hubble. Watch the story on KOAT7.
Update 9/7/15 We haven’t received any word on the progress of the case, but we expect we will get an update from Las Vegas, New Mexico Animal Control and Police Department soon. Hubble is holding his own, but we are running into some roadblocks due to the severe infection, and our medical Team feels that in order to continue progress in the right direction, we must get rid of it. So, Hubble is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday to remove the infectious lesions that are wreaking havoc on his very frail system. We know this is risky and so do his doctors, but we have no choice. If we don’t remove the infection from his system, he isn’t going to make it. Hubble will likely receive another blood transfusion prior to surgery and he will be monitored by the best of the best under anesthesia. He will spend tomorrow resting and building his strength in preparation. We ask that you, his amazing Village, send him all of the GOOD that you can. He will need every ounce of everything we have to give him! During my visit today, we took Hubble outside for some fresh air, and he did great. He tootled around the yard for a bit, took some treats, then we carried him back in as he gets tired quickly. I spent some more time reading all of your messages of love and inspiration to him. he listens, he really does, and I can tell that he hears them with his heart. He is amazed that so many people care so deeply for him. He’s never known even an ounce of this much love in his whole entire life. I think it carries him and sparks his desire to fight. Thank you to everyone, your support for us and for Hubble has been incredible and we are all so deeply grateful. Check out this short video of Hubble!

Update 9/6/15 NMDOG’s Angela visited with Hubble this evening and read to him the many comments on his album from all of you: his Village. The messages of strength, blessings of vibrant health, talk of the good things that wait for him, and the outpouring of love from you all. He listened intently. Then we stroked his head as he fell asleep—touch that we hope will nourish his soul and sleep that will help heal his body. Hubble’s condition is still critical and we are taking everything day by day, hour by hour, but we are still very hopeful that he will make it. We will know tomorrow if another transfusion is needed. Hubble is drinking, he is eating and he is curious about what’s going on around him. He has walked outside now to go potty. These are all good things. Thank you to everyone that has donated to his care. We can do this work only because of your support. Hubble sends kisses! Please continue to send Hubble your love.

Hubble being read to by Angela

Hubble being read to by Angela

Hubble falling asleep

Hubble’s original rescue story

**WARNING! Extremely graphic pictures below!**

On Wednesday night, September 2nd, around 11pm I received the call from the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico about a seizure that had just taken place by Las Vegas, New Mexico Animal Control and the Las Vegas Police Department. They removed 5 chained dogs from the property. One, a Bull Terrier who we named Hubble, was very close to death. Upon gaining entry at the location, two suspects fled, one with a pregnant Pittie and a Pittie pup in tow. A small house poodle also disappeared from the property. If you have any info regarding these suspects or these dogs, please call (505)886-1PAW. You may remain anonymous. We will be working directly with law enforcement to build a strong case against these abusers—seeking Justice for Hubble and the other dogs that were seized.

Upon receiving the call, I advised the AWC to bring Hubble directly to the Emergency vet in Albuquerque so we could begin 911 lifesaving treatment right away. The dedicated folks of the AWC jumped in the car and drove him straight to Albuquerque, arriving to the VCA Montgomery Emergency vet around 1am. Hubble was hooked up to fluids right away, abx and pain meds were administered and his wounds were cleaned, 100s of maggots were removed, 100s more remain. Hubble’s intake temp was 96.5, his blood pressure was nearly nonexistent, he could not stand or walk and he weighed only 26 lbs. He was barely clinging to life! Hubble is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old. Everyone is in agreement that he would not have lived another 12-24 hours in that condition on his chain. Help for Hubble literally came in the nick of time!! The other 4 dogs seized from the property are now in Protective Custody and all are doing well. Hubble is in the legal care of NMDOG. Now the work begins…..

Hubble Upon Intake

Hubble Upon Intake

Severe infection - necrotic and full of maggots

Severe infection – necrotic and full of maggots

Overgrown toenails

Overgrown toenails

At 8 am on Thursday, I picked Hubble up from VCA and transported him to our amazing Team at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. We seem to never cease to amaze and horrify even the most seasoned vets with our continuous stream of critical, mindboggling cases of abuse and Hubble is at the top of that list. Once we did a thorough assessment of his condition, analyzed his blood work, got a real good look at what we were dealing with the severely infected areas and weighed our options for treatment, we put a plan in place. Many concerns were clearly obvious from his blood work but we had a couple of good surprises too! Despite his severe state of emaciation, Hubble’s kidneys and liver function were both within normal range and his 4dx test was (-)! A true miracle in itself and what a relief! Our plan would include a 911 blood transfusion to address Hubble’s severe anemia and luckily there was a donor on site! The amazing Auki and his Mom, the equally amazing Dr. Atkinson, stepped up immediately. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Hubble’s wounds were flushed completely, more maggots were removed, he was hooked up to IV fluids/abx, more pain meds were administered and we offered him a small bite of food, which, to our dismay, he refused. With everything stacked up against this poor, poor soul, we knew his chances of survival would be slim, but we decided we had to try, we just had to! He deserved at least that chance and he deserves so much more.

Hubble's blood donor Auki and her human Dr. Atkinson

Hubble’s blood donor Auki and her human Dr. Atkinson

Collectively, we opted to provide supportive care and close observation over the next 24-48 hrs; giving Hubble time to decide what he wanted to do. If Hubble responded to care and began to show improvement, we would continue. If Hubble remained lifeless and flat, sadly, we would make the decision to let him go. First, do no harm.

Treatment begins

Treatment begins

Hubble during treatment

Hubble during treatment

Over the next 24 hrs, I visited Hubble, held him close. I told him how much we loved him, how hard we would fight for him and I told him of all of the good that awaited him should he decide to stay. I also told him, if he did not have the fight left in him, that it was ok and we would send him home without pain, without regret and only with love…the choice was his to make. We all hoped he would join us in this fight for his life. Hubble made it through the blood transfusion with no ill effects and slowly, he began to respond! Later Thurs afternoon, he took a small bite of food that was offered, he was able to hold his head up on his own for a short period of time and his body temp began to climb. These are all signs that Hubble made the choice to join us in this fight, bringing joy and amazement to us all! Good boy Hubble we knew you could do it!!

We are now exiting the initial 48 hrs phase, guardedly optimistic, but hopeful. If Hubble is able to reach the level of strength and stability we need, he will require multiple surgeries to repair the wounded and infected area. He is now eating when we offer him food – which is only very tiny portions every 4-6 hrs. Hubble has also begun to drink on his own. This is huge! Hubble is responding to treatment in tiny little baby steps. Every little thing he does is celebrated by the clinic staff and all of us at NMDOG and the AWC! The resilience of these Forgotten dogs never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Just when you think you have seen it all (Cubby, Courage, just to name a couple) along comes another case of unspeakable abuse that blows your mind and makes you question why. I try not to allow myself to get stuck in the “whys” because I will never understand, but rather, I move quickly to the “hows:” how do we right this wrong? That is where we are now: giving it our all once again to right an extreme case of wrong. That is where you come in, because righting wrongs not only takes time, perseverance, dedication, strength and hope, it takes money, lots and lots of money. Money that we just don’t have sitting around. Village: we NEED YOU to help us keep our promise to Hubble and so many other dogs that depend on NMDOG as their only chance. Hubble’s road to recovery will be long (very, very long) but we have promised to walk beside him every step of the way.

Hubble being comforted by NMDOG's Angela

Hubble being comforted by NMDOG’s Angela

Cases like Hubble’s are often times complicated, frustrating, resource draining and always expensive. More often than not, we are under legal obligations and limitations as to what info we can or cannot share. We operate with integrity to our cases at all times. We are very grateful to the good Samaritan who reported the location where Hubble was found. We are grateful to Las Vegas Animal Control for seeing the seriousness of the situation and acting immediately: your courage and the commitment to do the right thing has not gone unnoticed! We are grateful to the Las Vegas Police Department for engaging and securing a warrant to remove all of the dogs and we are grateful to the Judge that signed this warrant late at night to give them the power to do so. We are hopeful that charges will be brought forth and that those responsible for the condition of Hubble and the other dogs on the property will be brought to justice swiftly and we will do everything we can to see that it is so!