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HONOR was rescued the day our dear boy HUBBLE was called home to The Rainbow Bridge. She remains in the Home Sanctuary Program undergoing maintenance care for allergies & cancer. HONOR lives at NMDOG HQ with Angela & the HomeDog pack where she has her own Bull Terrier Diva Princess wardrobe armoire. In her cover pic HONOR is wearing the bandana HUBBLE wore during his time with us. HONOR wears it to court appearances, on NMDOG HUBBLE Day & whenever she goes to see her Doctor. HONOR loves to dress up, have her picture taken & make personal appearances #InHONORofHUBBLE 

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POSH existed for 13 long years at the end of her chain. Enduring the long, sweltering NM Summer days, cold lonely nights, packs of loose roaming dogs & all of the many dangers that chained dogs are vulnerable to. But she got the last word in & POSH was rescued just in time to enjoy her Golden Years. Despite osteoarthritis, allergies & the occasional  weird toe issue, she has found the Puppyhood she was never given & she is making up for lost time!! POSH hasnt stopped exploring her brand new world since they day she came to us…she loves to walk, walk, walk & sniff along the way, more than anything. Her Mama says she would walk across Texas if we let her…..SIlly POSH our little old lady that could #LivingWellIsTheBestRevenge 

RAINA & BAXTER CAPE met & fell in Puppy Love during their time together at NMDOG HQ. Both in their senior years….RAINA was originally an NMDOG Outreach kiddo from way back when she was just a tiny puppy & BAXTER is a Rez Dog from our friends at Blackhat Humane Society. Both of these special babies have expensive medical roadblocks to traditional adoption & as far as other dogs go, they both only like each other! Finding them a loving home together was imperative. Thanks to everyone that supports our important work, they now have the most amazing Senior Home Sanctuary Mom that they adore with their whole hearts. #AdoptASeniorDog