Mana and Tosa

The Story of Mana and Tosa

I’m not even quite sure where to begin this story of heartache, sadness, cruelty, heroism, recovery, LOVE & RESCUE. But I guess I should start from the beginning, so here goes…..Last year, I was contacted by two lovely souls who I now refer to as ‘The Mexican Dog Angels”. They are just a couple of “regular guys” that live part time in Deming, NM & part time in Mexico where they go to sell their handmade jewelry & SAVE DOGS! We received some pups from time to time over the months & were able to coordinate their placement through different orgs we work with. Happy to do so, knowing the unimaginable conditions our treasured Canines endure on the streets of Mexico & so grateful to anyone willing to go the extra mile for them, as these men are! So that is how I know these Mexican Dog Angels & our partnership has proven to be a positive one…working together, one pup at a time.

A couple of months ago, I got a call about 2 Mexican Sister Dogs with a story that rattled me to the core. It was not only the horrific cruelty that they had endured, but the absolutely heroic measures these 2 guys went to to give them a fighting chance & the resilience that these Dogs showed throughout the entire process that provided my answer to the question, “Can you take them?”

…without hesitation.

MANA & TOSA were only about 6 mos old when they were captured by young teens in Mexico. They were already emaciated & brittle from “life” on the streets. These kids chained them up in a plaza in Sonora, where they were held as their personal sadistic victims. They were regularly stoned, kicked & tormented in a sick from of entertainment. One day, one GRAND day….this scene was witnessed by someone that knew who to contact….the Mexican Dog Angels….who came immediately to their rescue. But by the time they arrived, it was almost too late.

What they witnessed, no kind soul should ever have to see. They were nearly lifeless, piles of burning flesh & fur. These kids poured lighter fluid on them & LIT THEM ON FIRE…gathered around to watch them scream in pain, unable to escape their chains & suffer until their death. It shakes the foundation of my strength to even begin to imagine this scene. Our Mexican Dog Angels managed to free them, chase the crowd of kids away & get MANA & TOSA to the nearest veterinary clinic…miles away. They were advised by the clinic staff to end their suffering by way of humane euthanasia, as a full recovery of either dog was unlikely….they suffered severe burns over the majority of their frail, emaciated bodies. (MANA weighed only 16 lbs at the time of her rescue & TOSA…only 12 lbs) Our boys did not retreat…they pledged to fight for them at all costs, & they DID! They gathered the meds from the clinic, took these babies to their Mexican Dog safehouse & began the round the clock care they would need for many, many months to come. During the next month, the girls began to gain weight, their physical wounds began to heal & their spirits began to SHINE! Then one day, they both came down with “Mexican Tick Fever” (still not real sure what that is)…& they once again took a turn for the worse. But that would not discourage their Angels from reaching deep within their hearts & pockets to do everything possible for them. Personal dogs of our Mexican Dog Angels stepped up to become blood donors for the multiple transfusions these girls would need & the commitment to their healing only grew stronger. Weeks of syringe feedings, wet bandage changes, 100’s of miles driven to the clinic for follow up visits & an unmeasurable amount of LOVE went into their recovery!! Then the day came that the Angels were to return to the states. MANA & TOSA were both well enough by then to each receive their own USA passport & clearance for border crossing. Once they arrived in Deming, they became part of the pack & were now learning what it meant to “just be a DOG”. The Angels tried with all they had to find a suitable HOME for them both….where they would be afforded all the care & security they deserved, but that home did not come before they were due to return to Mexico again. That is when NMDOG got the call.

In all honesty, the past few months have been really hard for us all here at NMDOG…with the need only increasing & donations down, we have not been able to extend ourselves in the usual manner we like. But how would I say “No” to these dogs, to these men…after ALL they had done for them! How could I NOT provide them a safe place to be & the hopes of a FOREVER home that will keep them happy & safe always…? I did it as much for these human Angels as I did for the dogs….they ALL deserve a HAPPY ending to this story with such a brutal beginning. I could not imagine them going to a shelter with an unsure future & their Angels not ever knowing what happened to them 🙁

MANA & TOSA have been with us here at NMDOG for nearly 2 months, but I am just now in a place where I am able to sit down & tell their story & I apologize for that. I try to keep on top of everything to the best of my ability. Sometimes….well, let’s just say that sometimes all of the chaos adds up & if it is not a dire emergency, it tends to get pushed back a bit.

Upon arrival, they were settled into a comfy run at our private boarding kennel. Not having much socialization outside of their Angels & the pack…they were both quite nervous about their new surroundings & the new people in their lives. But with each passing day, they began to warm up & settle in 🙂 As we do with all of the dogs that come into the NMDOG program, we scheduled them for an intake vet visit. We administer a 4DX Heartworm test, vaccinations needed, microchips & schedule them for spay or neuter. Well…their battle was not yet won, as both MANA & TOSA tested (+) for Erlichea, a tick borne blood disease that prevents the blood from clotting & can lead to extreme symptoms if left untreated. Requiring at least a month of high dose antibiotics…with follow up CBC’s to read the function of the blood & immune systems. Nothing medical could be done until we knew for sure they could withstand it. A dog with Erlichea could easily bleed out from something as simple as a microchip injection. So spays & chips would have to wait. Because we do not EVER place a dog into a foster or forever home without first being chipped & S/N….our girls would have to go back to boarding where we knew they would be safe & sound (boarding costs us $12/day per dog). Also, it was discovered that MANA suffered an acute trauma to one of her eyes, leaving her almost blind. We are addressing that issue as well & hope that she will regain full sight. If not, her eye may need to be removed. But for now, we are hopeful that meds will fix it…but only time will really tell. MANA’s tail was also broken….leaving it with a funny little “crook” that really only adds to her adorable personality! Once we got back an acceptable CBC report, we scheduled them right away for surgery & they both did FANTASTIC!! “Whew…now we can get them into a foster home”, we thought. We did find a wonderful foster home for them, one where they would be TOGETHER…as it was our hope to not ever have to separate them after all they had been through together. They had been together through so much & really seemed to have a strong bond. Last week, I got the call….they got into a real nasty fight & TOSA had to be rushed to the Evet for sutures & drains 🙂 THANK DOG she was past the critical point of her Erlichea, or we could have easily lost her to extreme blood loss. (they were boarded together & never had a problem) She came through it all just fine & MANA suffered no injuries. I think I will chalk it up to the fact that sometimes…the better a dog begins to feel physically….the more we learn about their true personalities 🙂 Apparently, MANA & TOSA had some sibling based ssues that were not addressed previously & felling better gave them the ability to now do so. Needless to say, we are now seeking placement for them separately. Unfortunately, MANA is back in boarding…but TOSA has returned to her foster home to nurse her wounds.

So….to sum it up, we have taken on a BIG expense with these 2 incredible survivors….& they surely DO deserve it!! But between their initial boarding & vet bills, the expense of TOSA’s late night 911 visit & now the current expense of MANA’s boarding & possible eye removal….we need your help!! Please consider making a donation today to help us recover some of the cost so that we can continue doing what we do best…..SAVING LIVES!!

Once TOSA is healed up, she will be AVAILABLE for ADOPTION ~ & until we are sure what needs to be done for her eye, MANA is in need of a loving foster home ~

To send a mail in donation for the care of MANA & TOSA, please make your check payable to: NMDOG

7820 Enchanted Hills Blvd ste A-112
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Pictures of the girls during their initial months of recovery are not available to us, as the Mexican Dog Angels do not carry a camera. I am sure it was more than we really need to see anyway….& it is their pictures TODAY that speak to their resilience, strength, courage & survival! Today MANA weighs a whopping 54 lbs & TOSA, a beautiful 47 lbs!! Please SHARE this story of MANA & TOSA with all of your friends & ask them to contribute to this important work. It does truly……TAKE A VILLAGE!!