One of our foster families sent in this picture, which illustrates the joys of fostering perfectly!  Foster pup Sheriff (the brown beauty) is still looking for forever...!

One of our foster families sent in this picture, which illustrates the joys of fostering perfectly! 

NMDOG is always in need of approved foster homes in order to keep saving lives. Since NMDOG does not have its own facility, we rely on our network of valued foster families to house our dogs while we work hard to find their perfect forever family. Upon intake, our dogs land at one of two places: our vet clinic or the private boarding kennel we contract with. We take the time to get to know them individually to ensure we know what kind of home environment they will thrive in and we meet all of their medical needs. With each of our dogs, we take great care in making the right match and we strive to make fostering a very positive experience for everyone involved. 

By becoming an NMDOG foster guardian, you will be given the support of the entire NMDOG TEAM. We provide for all our dogs needs while in foster care: veterinary care, food, Heartworm/flea & tick preventative, training & behavioral support. We also supply a collar and tags, harness and leash, wire crate, bed, toys, bowls, and any extras your foster dog may need need. We will give you an “Adopt Me” bandana and a stack of flyers for your foster kiddo to have on hand when you are out and about. We will also let you know about all NMDOG events so your foster dog can attend and meet potential adopters!

Fostering is a critical part of our work here at NMDOG and without our treasured foster homes it would be impossible to do the good work we do. Join our incredible Village today by submitting our foster application and experience the LOVE that comes only from fostering a Forgotten Dog in need! Please spread the word to your family and friends — there are so many amazing dogs in need…