| January 9, 2023

NMDOG is honored to have been selected by Mutual Rescue as a participant in their most recent project “Mutual Rescue Moments”! And we were thrilled to find out that ours, “We’re All Pack Animals”, was selected as the debut film of the first series “Seniors Saving Seniors.”

We are so excited to share this awesome spotlight with you, NMDOG Village!

If you’ve been following NMDOG for the past few years, you know about the good work of the NMDOG Home Sanctuary Program, and you will be familiar with these three beautiful faces: NMDOG Home Sanctuary Kiddos Baxter Cape and Raina, along with their wonderful mom, Elena! What a FUN project this was!

We are grateful to everyone at Mutual Rescue for this touching film. It brought a tear to our eye. In honor of our beloved Baxter Cape, who we lost unexpectedly in November, 2022 and miss deeply, every single day.

Click the image above to watch their heartwarming story on Facebook, enjoy….

But that doesn’t end the story: this story was picked up by SRPerro in Spain! If you right click your mouse after opening the article (by clicking the photo to the left), it will give you a translate option.

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