Spring Quality Mazda NMDOG: Mango

| April 2, 2024

Our 2024 Spring Quality Mazda NMDOG is Mango. Thank you to our partners at Quality Mazda for their generous monthly donation and continued support of NMDOG and our Mission to serve and protect NMs Forgotten Dogs.

Mango is a sweet little nugget! She is a Hound mix, around 5 years old and was rescued after being removed from her chain by law enforcement in a scary part of town. She was completely shut down and covered in scars, waiting for someone to save her. Once Mango joined the NMDOG Family, her adorable little personality began to come alive!

She was tended to by veterinarians, placed in a wonderful Foster home and treated like a treasured fur-friend for the very first time. She deserves all of the good things life has to offer and she longs for her very own Forever home.

Mango has learned to walk with confidence on her leash + harness and Mango’s partnership with her NMDOG trainer tomi dog LLC will transfer to her FoReVeR Human – setting everyone up for success. Even though Mango loves having Dog friends outside of the home, we feel she will do best as your one and only. NMDOG will consider a home with one other resident Dog, on a case by case basis. Cats are unknown, but NMDOG will cat-test with an approved application.

Mango enjoys meeting new people and will often embrace new human friends with a gentle hug and little MangoMango loooves to give puppy kisses. She has learned how to play-bow, do zoomies and how to PLAY with toys!! She loooves taking them out of her toy box one by one, Mango loves snuffle mats and she LOVES sniff sniff sniffing all of the things! “Sniffari” walks are very important to Mango and her just right Family must be committed to them. Mango’s perfect person will take her for a good enrichment walk, at least once a day!

Mango would excel in NoseWork activities, providing enrichment, while bonding and building confidence at the same time!

NMDOG will include a beginners NoseWork class with her adoption + a lifetime of support!

Mango makes ridiculous little squeaky sounds when she’s excited and has the most soulful eyes, as you can see. She is going to make some (very) lucky person a very loyal, loving and faithful friend.

We are seeking a structured and quiet home for Mango who will commit to enrichment, training and keeping her safe – a secure yard is at the top of that list.  

Mango’s adoption fee is waived for her “just right” home….as are all Adoptable NMDOGs, at this time.

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View Mango’s Petfinder.com listing.

View Mango’s adorable @slobbersense video.

Contact us now and join the NMDOG Village!!

Please note: All NMDOG adoption fees are being waived, but you must still submit an adoption application, schedule a home visit/meet and greet and be able to offer everything our pup needs. All NMDOGS go to their new home with all they need to get started, including a Fi GPS collar + one year subscription, crate, food/bowls, bed/blankie, toys, monthly preventatives and more!! #SettingThemUpForSuccess ForLife

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